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You should post on a few fetish dating sites and don't openly offer money.

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I already got 11 matches on Tinder in just 5 hours. Waiting for my likes to refresh and see what the deal is.

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Just don’t get burned man. Your probably better off giving homeless men your money.

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Hey jet, want me to do your nails? I'm not offering money.

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I understand your inclination to offer nice things to women. Just look for women that will do free stuff with you. And then you slowly increase the what you give it, but slowly.

Women are like animals. You set the expectations for what it gets. If you start out with nails, and bars; then it expects that every time.

You offer your time, and that’s it.

Like hey, when we’re out, if there’s a good vibe, I ask if it’s hungry. Or if I’m hungry, it can tag along. But don’t start by spoiling it. Make it walk around. Get to know it.

Here’s some big tips:

go to the mall and walk around. Look at stuff and find out where she likes to sho, what she is interested in. Show her stuff you are interested in, things that you want.

Go get some coffee, take her grocery shopping, or take her to do a chore that you have to do. Bring her home and clean.

Do something you are good at, do you have any talents? Do you both enjoy reading? Go to a coffee shop, get some coffee. Go to an outlook, and read.

Get some art supplies, and go do a Bob Ross painting from your cellphone.

The bar may work, like give her some drinks, her standards lower, and you get some pussy.

But I sleep around a lot, and it’s all girls I’m friends with from doing free shit with.

Or whores.