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i definitely wouldnt resent them as much if I didnt hear them confirm the blackpill all the time

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Nah, only people who were already

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Insane internet feminists sneeding about incels and anti-feminism eventually lead me to discover braincels on reddit.

Today, their opinions tend to be so distinctively retarded that I can clock them from argumentation style alone. I don't even think it's low IQ, but that women are in some sense resistant to logic in a way that even stupid men aren't. For example, they usually aren't able to distinguish between facts and the social status of people who usually say said facts.

So while my opinions before engaging with them on the internet was "hot bitchy cunts who are hard to befriend or sex", I now also think that they are mentally inferior and not worth arguing with, aka giving them voting rights are a massive mistake that our societies will pay dearly for.