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One of the funniest videos I ever saw was this white couple trying to have a peaceful, romantic picnic in a quiet park in India but getting interrupted by a horny local. They're just sitting there relaxing (I think she had on shorts and a bikini top) when this abo-looking Dravidian lummox emerges from the bushes, stark naked and masturbating with great enthusiasm.

They just furiously started packing up their blanket and picnic basket and shit, and the truecel is advancing toward them like a self-gratifying zombie while the woman loses her shit.

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loses her shit

she literally asked for this (just from her chad bf)

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Now I am imagining if a Chad had emerged from the bushes. "Dear Penthouse Forum..."

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why fight this battle? Chad will always win in the cultural sphere .. Choose your hill you want to die on wisely

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I still value fixing things in the smaller scale, plus public intimacy can provoke you to where that doesn't matter anymore.

I wouldn't be the one to initiate a fight (only provoke, and then if that leads to a fight I could claim self-defense), but standing up to the cruelty of public intimacy feels good.