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He just proved what we believe. As a low status man you shouldn't ever open up, and never try to be outgoing/social with anybody, otherwise you deal with coward two-faced misandrist human garbage like that. Don't try to prevent the impendable; they are going to antagonize you wether you attempt to be friendly or not.

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honestly I find it hard to believe unironic IT posters can contain their "power level" IRL. You should be able to smell the soy in their breath once they start talking, but I don't have friends which could passably be undercover soys so maybe I'm wrong

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considering he's a suicidal loser I bet his entire story is a larp. how convenient he labels himself as the '' funny charming women magnet'' through all his post. i bet he made the ENTIRE history up just to get upvotes and pat himself in the back punching the air just so he can cope with his depression by dealing with imaginary enemies.

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Look what this loser posted 5 months ago lmao I absolute wish the worst to this human garbage.

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he can be sentient during the rare lucid moments

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Sounds like a larp