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That's a little harsh.

Women aren't shit, girls are. Now, there may only be 12 women left, that's the real story.

Grab a helmet brother.

Fuck cloudflare

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As your parent im trying to think exactly what we did to get you there maybe it was moving into a dying town with nothing much going on socially and a small workforce being most of the economy surely if you took a train and saced up a bit youve move to the nearest boom town and youd meet plenty of single work minded women. Untill then we will enjoy our peace and quiet on our porch while you seeth

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I literally couldn't describe how well you see reality right now with this post.

A woman is a satanic beast, the embodiment of why you yourself have to be as cruel as possible in a dog-eat-dog world.

She can't be allowed anything. I would love a clip of someone being handshook by a woman, then she hugs another guy, and the guy who got the handshake immediately turns into Jon Jones when he was shoved during a staredown.

If she isn't perfect towards you, she is an enemy. Not even someone to be punished, downright an enemy.

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you are a very wise man sir