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They absolutely do inflate their numbers and use bots to help boosts the numbers and activity way up. Meanwhile Saidit will grow slowly over time as people drift away from Reddit and more communities form on here. Takes time to break habbits though.

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Reddit is the third largest social media* website in the world. The appeal of reddit is great content. Since we are the content, and our numbers are limited, we don't have great content. We attract people looking for freedom of speech, if we were able to attract expert memers then we'd be much better off.

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Sometimes, people may simply forget to post here. I have a couple things which I could post but haven't gotten to yet myself.

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I think we have higher quality content than reddit, by far. The average post on saidit has a lot more information and thought put in to it than the average post on reddit. But we definitely don't have the numbers reddit has

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Reddit has bots and such for when it gets slow, just throw a meme in, aww post. RSS feed a whole sub even. Saidit could incorporate that but better. edit: it doesn't have to make the site suck, RSS is a gentlemans feature.

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If an expert memer is going to make a post, ultimately it will wind up on reddit. r/the_donald is adamant about staying on reddit despite quarantine, cause how else would they make it into the news? Its a nice website and I applaud the effort, ultimately though I have no dreams of ever seeing the same reddit I saw 5 years ago.

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Yeah the old reddit is dead. It's going the way of, aka corporate censorship, followed by exodus, followed by decline, followed by a rebranding to try and save face. doesn't even have comments anymore, and it used to be a reddit-like site lol

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It's a very good theory, like cells multiplying. Critical mass of the cell structure gives the explosion. Wonder what the critical mass is huh.

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There is no critical mass for being a reddit alternative so long as the appeal is freedom of speech. That will just turn us into an alt right forum at best. If they offered tools that made memeing easier, we could have critical mass, but no idea what there is to offer aside from forcing pictures (image boards/4chan) or what reddit does.

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I dunno if I get the point. Can you specify further?