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An interesting link to read to be sure, though I don't know how well it will stand up, and I doubt (((they))) will honour our demands to not be fucked over.


The Facebook blurb I got the link from:

URGENT: JT [Justin Trudeau] is NOT PM until October 18. We have just 10 days to garner 5 million signatures that will take down the Government of Canada and return Sovereign power to the people and end the tyranical and corrupt NWO-CCP rule of our country. PLEASE SIGN and SHARE NOW:

“Her Excellency the Right Honourable Mary May Simon,

I hereby give notice that I do not have confidence in, due to an ongoing breach of trust, lack of good faith actions, and failure to provide good governance I hereby revoke, rescind, withdraw, remove and deny my consent for you, any man or woman, any political party, any parliament, premier, prime minister, member of parliament, member of a legislative assembly, city council, municipal board, school board or any other alleged government agent, department or agency to have authority over my actions, choices or property. I do not consent to be governed, having lost all confidence in said governance.