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See, this kind of thing would be more convincing if it had sources for the rider story and such. Why wasn't the fake messenger put in prison? Who would be such a trusted person? How could some random messenger get admitted before the King?

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why don't reporters lying about iraq wmds get put in prison, same principle

the messenger probably just said he made an honest mistake, oops

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Good questions, I wish I knew a source to find more specific details about this event. I'm sure there are some long books about the Rothschilds that have this story in great detail.

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    Is Ferguson's book on Rothschild a decent read? I understand that the Rothschilds allowed him to search their archives. Napoleon fought against the British plutocracy. We can critique his blunders and warmongering but what were his options? Peace, slavery and usury or war for peace?

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    Well then cite them. The Rothschilds are already bad enough, when you make up unsourced stories about them you just injure your own cause.

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    I'm not making up stories. I just don't know every detail of this story, obviously. Nor can anyone know all the details of any story.

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    When you provide a crazy-sounding story like that, you need to cite your source. Otherwise it sounds fake. And the Rothschilds are bad enough without people being able to point to supposedly fake news and defend them.

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    THANK you. Please bookmark that and use it when you trot out that story next time. We need to look credible, and it makes us look serious and sober when we do this.

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    Mira Wilkins also has great info on all Rothschild holdings in the US from its inception.

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    The Rothschilds funded Soros originally, so I'm not surprised. They funded at least 25% of his famous Quantum fund. These two are often not associated in people's minds, and there's even that the whole myth or half truth that Soros is anti-Israel.

    Soros on the left, Zionists on the right, here I am stuck on planet Rothschild with you.

    (edit: this connection got scrubbed from Wikipedia 2 or 3 years ago)

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    Yeah I guess I've heard that too, but not some of those details. Interesting, thanks. It just really clicked that their techniques are exactly the same. Nothing has changed in 200 years

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    This topic is the exact opposite of boring.

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    Are you really interested about how they make the money???????

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    Yes, are you not? Billions of people are being tricked out of their money, don't you think it's important to stop that?

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    You are so cute. 😃

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    I see, but after they used 1 trick again and again in 200 years...

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    Yes the problem is that the trick is still working because people are still largely unaware of the trick

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    They can do that by buying the mass media, it's a software vulnerability of most human mind. I didn't see a way to fix it.

    This "bug" is for united a group of monkeys to fight another group of monkeys long long time ago.

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    If we all learn the bug, then it no longer works sometimes.

    Like a magic trick. If you know how it works, you're no longer fooled by it

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    Most of the minds are not such "programmable" as ours.

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    That's what culture is for. And media shapes culture. And saidit is media.

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    Hi chipit

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    I think the Achilles heel in the US is the stock market. If the stock market fell 30% in one day, which there are a few big banks that have enough sway to do that, people would lose their minds because culturally in the US we are very attached to the stock market as a general indicator of economic health. So there would be mass selling. Then they could make it go back up that 30% to normal, publicize it in the press as a 'glitch' and then all the stocks bought during the cheap period could be worth almost double. I wouldn't be surprised to see something like this happen in the US, as the stock market seems increasingly fragile, and it's clear there's very little regulation or enforcement in the US financial industry, as banks like JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs basically literally run the US financial regulatory agencies, which are supposed to be watching over and limiting those very banks.

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    Agreed. The stock market is tied so deeply in every facet of society, just as the credit system has eased it's way into the faith of the American people.

    Banks and US politicians have nominee accounts in Chinese investments. They are hoping to eventually sell us out to China but not in the way people think they will. In fact, it appears that the hard-China stance is merely a facade to sell out the US.

    Trump got the nod to attack China for one reason only, mind you, he has nominee accounts in China's markets.

    That is.... what?

    Evening out the playing field. Trump says China is devaluing their curreny making it hard for bussiness to compete. So, we invite bussiness to come back to the US, under the auspices of LOWER WAGES.

    We lose.

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    How does the system collapse....

    Very easy. People lose fairh in man's system.

    Why do we see all these stupid commercials about voting for your life, or the reverse psychology narratives that Trump wants us to not vote; FOX news says otherwise; or that trump wants to bring down the whole system or is attacking it or that Trump was mad because foreign policy wasn't mentioned in the corporate sponsored debates, sonhe couldn't talk about Iran and China... it's obvious.

    Pence said he trusts the American people.

    They are using Trump, he's most definitely in on it, as reverse psychology in order to increase Trust in the system on a partisan level.

    It's so damn obvious at this point.

    Trust is the mainsprng that keeps the cycle going. Not trusting is what they are scared of.

    I advise you to actually message and email these politicians and bluntly tell them how you feel. They will squrim sooner or later. They don't like when a large swath of people do not trust them and actually tell them how they think.

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    Here's an animated map of the rise and fall of the Napoleon empire in 3 minutes:

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    shock doctrine

    obama's mom dunham was one of their agents doing this in south east asia and africa

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      Well... if the billionaire had friends in the right places in the finance industry, then they could cooperate to create more than just a nudge, but the public would still believe it's due to the (false) crisis

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        And when you have freemasonry buddies who are judges, there's no worry about being prosecuted for insider trading. How convenient.

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        Freemasonry and Zionists but what's the difference.

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        A thin veneer of Christianity lol

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        Boring tricks...used too many times...

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        Global Warming is part of this crisis. The bonds related to oil have dropped dramatically. Main European bank, Deutche Bank has no more money. All "solutions" are also destructive, like CO2-tax. Now we are burning our own forests (CO2-neural) as a pretend solution for a fake crisis.

        Soros is also sponsoring and pushing immigration in to Europe and the US. I don't know what crisis it wants to create with that. Big countries in Europe are really breaking down. The far left has become violent crazies.

        The man who saved Europe
        Blackpilled about a movie about the Rothchilds.

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        When you take a profit on every dollar or pound printed through partial ownership of the bank of england and federal reserve, plus control most of the world's gold supply they have way more than that. Likely the world's only other Trillionare family, the House of Saud (1.2T) look like peasants in comparison. Of course, they hide it in such a labyrinth of holdings, trusts, and companies that there is no way to know how much.

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        Government securities and government held bonds by foreigners or banking houses either publically or through secret nominee accounts is the rabbit hole that exposes the world we live in.

        Anyway, awesome post!