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If it wasn't them it would be someone else. The history of the world is a history of despots I'm afraid. Just last night I watched the youtube vid on mao, that chinese psychopath who murdered millions in the name of his own ego. He was a real cocksucker, a total fucking dog! I wonder why the intimates of these pricks don't put a bullet in their heads early and save their people a lot of misery, but they never do. Then in the end the intimates get murdered too an many cases.

The jews are an odd case in many ways, after 2000 years of persecution and diaspora they get back their own nation, then win an amazing 6 day war to cement their position, and now as you say OP, they control media and money flows across half the planet. That's sort of like picking the winners of every race in 7 race meet. And don't forget the western christian churches. They all hold Israel in high esteem, the roots of their own religions are based there. It's certainly a nation to keep a weather eye on, and I don't the story of its over, not by a long way.

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na, other religions don't treat outsiders as cattle that god put there for them to abuse.

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Edit. Oh, i just saw your username... bye