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Was going well till I got to the Holocaust, that was half BS. The Holocaust was just a Jewish fabrication like Kadaververwertungsanstalt

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I hear you. There are certainly issues with revisionist history. What's certain is many people die, but perhaps not the numbers and by whom the mainstream accepted narrative dictates. For example; We don't speak off how the English bombed every German (&co.) factory they could - the very same factories they knew and understood to be occupied & staffed by the 'persecuted few', nor do we speak off the role Stepan Bandera played in said genocide.

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Hold on, the US and UK bombed just about every city and village not just factory's a 1929 Geneva convention violation then after the surrender the UK and US soldiers beat raped and forced German civilians to dig graves and clear roads then raped every woman age 8 to 80 all of witch was again a 1929 Geneva convention violation. Wile I lived in Bavaria from 1973 to 85 the elderly who survived told how the US and UK was worse than Hitler.