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Two words: PeerTube.

Ok, that was one word. Two syllables. Maybe three. Let's call it two-and-a-half. (I'm not good at this.)

PeerTube is a system built on the same framework as Mastodon, GNU Social, Pixelfed, Pleroma…: the Fediverse. This is basically a way of making a sort of Web 2.1; you can make your own "social media" site (the main use so far) and connect them all up together so that you're not reliant on a single provider.

If you decide that the instance you're currently using is "going Facebook", you can move to a different one and still contact people on the one you were using before, eliminating vendor lock-in almost entirely. (That is, if people keep using different instance codebases so we don't get the Chrome effect.)

I could ramble on for hours, but… it's just a thought, but please consider it.

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Ha! ;-)

Great intro, and even better comment.

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I'll take a look. Thanks!

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Having your video have access to YT long tail search results seems pretty valuable. The platform can generate its own traffic. Anyone searching the brand or product will get something.

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Do you suggest making the title a long tail keyword, or just make sure all your keywords and links are in the description?

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Keyword in the title is great as long as it's accurate and reads naturally for the user.

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This is hosted on my home server which only has 5 mb/s upload and it works perfectly, so I think you'll do fine. I have some larger video files there too, but they are copyrighted by others or use copyrighted content therefore are hidden.

It does depend on your demand though, as well as the quality of the videos, combined with the upload speed. It's definitely viable if your load is fairly small compared to your bandwidth, though.