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There are other ways of funding than advertisements. Sheesh, think out of the box.

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Y'all need to put in some work. Post shit and reply. Even if you're not feeling up to it. Also, go to other platforms and nonchalantly namedrop saidit as a form of thinly veiled advertisement. Getting the word around can actually be easy if more people actually participate.

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If Voat can more or less do it, then SaidIt can too?

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Not to mention we don't have $6k/mo azure licensing fees like voat does, our costs are way more streamlined than some of the other sites

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The real answer here is a reddit federation. I hope to see one soon.

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A post-reddit federation perhaps! Notabug, ieddit, saidit, and xangleborp.

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And Lemmy.. even though the dude is going to hate every single other instance in the federation.. hahaa. he's very sensitive about fringe content even though he's building a federation.

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Lemmy? Not sure I've heard of them. Is that the poal guy or something?

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Nope, it's an independent project and one of the newer ones. It's the newest one that's federated for sure. I think he just might be first to federation... he's moving pretty fast and has some decent interest in it.

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Ohh okay cool. So it's like a mastadon thing? Sounds nice, I hope he makes progress on it.

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Yes, it uses the same protocol as Mastodon, ActivityPub. How much if any integration there will be with the existing Mastodon fediverse is yet to be seen. From a tech standpoint, it's easy to do all sorts of weird shit.

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There are like 3 deployments of the saidit architecture, so technically that's like a kind of federation haha

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Heck yeah, it is. We're helping people to saidit without the corporate overlords. Once there's a 'reddit clone' version it's gonna spread a bunch more too.

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I think the main issue is the fact Saidit is not known outside of here. I’ve mentioned to people about Saidit, and their response always is, “WTF is saidit?” I do point people here, though not sure if those people come. :P

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I try to point people here but they don't even care, they just continue to use sites such as Reddit. It's nice that we have an app but it's not exactly as nice looking as other platforms, it's to be expected when there are only two guys working on the site but normies won't put up with that shit. I've tried already lol. I guess we should target those who have used Reddit back in 08. I suppose those people would be more inclined to make the switch and would understand the purpose of Saidit, but to a lot of outsiders its probably known as a clone/knock-off Reddit.

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True, the followers will only follow the leader.

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So lots and lots of re-posts??

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Or it could go the CS:GO route and run on money paid by the users in exchange for cosmetic bonuses. In this case, users can pimp out their username font, text color, vote icons, etc. Basically, make saidit cosmetically customizeable for small transactions that will help the site.

To keep the money rolling in, maybe make the uses limited. Like, $3 for 60 comments in green color, $5 for a colored username for 7 months.

If anyone here has ever used FunnyJunk, they have a similar system I thought was cool. It incentivized people to keep posting and showing off their swag. Some people can opt out of the colored text system if they get annoyed with the chaotic colors, but they will also give up being able to swag their own posts.