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Reddit has gotten really bad with the censorship lately! This site seems to have saner people than voat.

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That's the problem with a lot of free speech friendly sites - they get hijacked by the crazies with the owners taking the position that any action on bigotry would put them on the lines with the censorship happy places like Reddit. I wish people would realize that there's a line between removing what's needed and just removing everything that doesn't fit your viewpoint.

People don't like oppressive censorship and it's just funny that others seem to think otherwise.

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I wish people would realize that there's a line between removing what's needed and just removing everything that doesn't fit your viewpoint.

So you're advocating for partial censorship?

Who should get to decide what is acceptable?

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I note a lot of folks here talk about 'how they just want a place to talk, and others can be here to, but then go on to cry like little bitches in regards to dissenting opinions'. Good on you Tom!

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I know that I cry like a bitch; when I call foul on censorship!


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ya cuz there's no difference between disagreement, and disagreement of a direct form that ceases the other party's ability to disagree. you're a braindead faggot

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you've got a lot of disagreeing going on there buddy, and strong opinion! Way to go!

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This why Voat died IMO. The first people to use the site were actually interested in free speech and talking about opposing viewpoints, but as reddit banned more and more right wing subs the new users simply wanted a right-wing version of reddit.

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And also the tools of voat reinforced the existing echo-chamber, they had brigades to 'protect voat' that would downvote/censor opposing views, and you weren't allowed to downvote them back until you got 100 upvotes, which never happened because you were always being brigaded. So the most extreme and dedicated people took over the culture and were able to box out other cultures on the site

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i didn't use voat much but i never saw "right-wing" users demanding leftist faggots be silenced. yet i constantly see leftist faggots violently demanding others be silenced

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They never outright called for censorship but the moment any left-wing group (or hell, even moderate-right wing) tried to set up on the site they brigaded the hell out of them and because submission requires 10 CCP they effectively stopped anyone who disagreed with them from submitting, or even downvoting, which is just censorship with extra steps. Downvotes are basically a tool of censorship, and even more so on Voat since CCP is tied to key features like making a submission and downvoting. A system like that made it an even bigger hive mind than reddit, even if it technically had more freedom of speech. This is why I far prefer this site to voat, since you can't downvote and the only way you can express disagreement is through argument.

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I definitely agree. This is why I naturally gravitated towards imageboards, since no tools like downvoting were possible. But I can get behind this site, since it seems like a place to have unfiltered discussions.

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i do agree they shouldn't have limits like 10 ccp to submit however votes are fine, if you get downvoted to hell maybe your opinion is dumb. liberals shouldn't get censored but they should get downvoted (if users are mostly rw and choose to dv). on reddit they just ban but if everyone got to stay and sya whatever it would be mostly rwers cuz most americans and people on the planet are rw at least toward social issues, and if the economy is fine people don't care to move left on economics and just want to discuss social issues online.

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I disagree, if someone's opinion is dumb you can refute it or ignore it. The main principle of free speech should be active debate and discussion, not shutting people out of discussions and forming a hive mind. Downvotes are conducive to a hive mentality that ruins quality discussion. Initially they're useful for hiding off-topic discussion and spam, but they'll inevitably be used as a "I disagree but I don't actually want to refute this person's argument" button.

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nah they're downvoted if dumb deal with it.

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i bet you wanted to downvote his comment, didnt you

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i did do the smiley face one, everyone knows that means the same thing anyway

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They never outright called for censorship

admission here


deranged leftist logic that can't ever admit to being wrong starts here

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I'm literally a republican, but ok. Great rebuttal.

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    Is it too much to ask to want an actual argument against what I wrote instead of literally reading the first sentence and discarding everything else? Just address the argument. How is mass downvoting people you disagree with so they can't voice their opinion not a form of censorship. How will mass brigades and forcing dissenting viewpoints off this site make it any better than reddit?

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    "other slave master bad, i'm way better slave master" fuck off faggot if you don't like words don't read them

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    I like Saidit more than the other reddit alternatives because it seems to be a place that has different types of conversation going on, instead of just refugees of alt-right censorship on Reddit

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    rwers get banned off reddit, I was a true leftist getting banned off reddit's politics in 2016 for supporting bernie and being anti-hillary. This censorship on the internet stuff has me thinking that certain views must be correct if they need to ban it. Racism sucks but I want to keep immigrants out to help our economy and lower crime. I guess on that I moved right. And I feel all the focus on social justice is just so dems can distract from the fact that they're rw on the economy.

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    It's gotta be pretty challenging for all of the neocons/neoliberals to maintain the illusion that the parties are significantly different.

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    I think the media is doing most of the heavy lifting to keep the illusion alive at this point

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    i wonder if it falls on deaf ears. I know polls say one thing but I think they lie. Media harps on trump for asking the ukraine president to investigate biden's son and I'm thinking "yeah who cares, his son did have a sweetheart deal and biden is a neoliberal conservadem so it's a good thing if he gets taken down for corruption" I'd be happy that it'd help Bernie unfortunately he just had a heart attack. So those hopes went down the tubes. House dems keep talking aout impeaching trump but with strongly worded press conferences from Pelosi, I doubt they ever do it. I'm thinking "didn't you guys let W Bush get away with crimes against humanity and you never prosecuted any wall sters?"

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    That would be those politicians' entire job description.

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    bernie was going to get the nomination until the dnc and clinton crime family conspired to ignore the will of the democrat voters and steal it from bernie

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      Say it loud!

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      when dumb faggots with mush brains say they're against hate speech ask why they don't hate child rapists and watch them feel exposed

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      Free speech is FREE. I don't like everything I read here. Which is why it's important I read what I read here.

      See, reading ONLY things you agree with means that your media is de facto censored.

      Any medium that doesn't show things I don't have reactions to ranging from one end of the agreement spectrum to the other is a medium I avoid.

      I think it's a good rule!

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      Fair enough.

      It's kind of hard when you get tired of users on Reddit calling anything that isn't an anarchist/socialist totalitarian governing system "centrist filth", and then going up against people who truly are working for freedom in their lands, such as the Hong Kong protestors. The amount of pro-Chinese trolls on the site getting people taken off certain subs is just what did it in for me.

      I respect your opinion, and I do so as well.

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      get tired of

      it's easy, stop being such a faggot

      i support HK against the chinese commie authoritarian borg too but censorship isn't a solution. propaganda bots are inevitable and trying to silence them causes too much friendly fire and can't scale

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      Free speech is FREE a basic requirement of any free society.

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      top wisdom. sensitive queers that crumble when feeling discomfort deserve rope

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      Hello please no advocating violence against groups or individuals, that's against site rules, thanks.

      You can say literally whatever you want, except for suggesting people be murdered.

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      i didn't suggest ppl be murdered, i said they deserve to be murdered. there's a big difference in law. btw for it to be an illegal incitement to violence it has to satisfy multiple points of a test. none of them were satisfied i'm careful about that.

      for example, child rapists deserve to be murdered brutally in the street by rape by a pack of feral niggers.

      in the eyes of the law (and anyone with discerning language) that's a far cry from stating "find registered sex offenders in your area and murder them" (which wouldn't even be illegal because it doesn't satisfy other elements of the test such as a specific target)

      that clear it up?

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      Saying they "deserve to be murdered" is still advocating violence which is against the rules, sorry. We're not going to entertain calls for murder on this site.

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      it's not a call for murder, and maybe you being so dumb is why you left the obvious source ip hole open to ddos newfaggot. nevertheless i'll respect your rule

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      Welcome faggot

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      That would be a hoot. We can't be redditors and saiditors doesn't sound right. We can just be faggots.

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      A new visitor question: "The Reddit community described themselves as Redditors. What does the Saidit community go by???"

      "The popular response..."

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      Welcome aboard! Most of us here feel the same.. or at least close to. We've got 'some' hate speech, in some subs more than others, but.. we are pretty tamed for the most part.

      Here, on Saidit.. we value anything that incites a thoughtful discussion. No longer will you get downvoted to hell and back for having a different opinion on a matter. Welcome again! And bring your friends!

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      hate speech isn't real. if you think it is you're a successfully programmed golem ape

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      No longer will you get downvoted to hell and back for having a different opinion on a matter.

      The "fun" vote option is being used and abused as a downvote option.

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      No, it is not. Because if you are thinking about using 'fun' like 'downvote' then you should quickly arrive at the interesting predicament that your 'fun' vote will advance the popularity/position of the post - the opposite of what a 'downvote' will accomplish.

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      There is no such thing as hate speech. There is only free speech that offends some people.

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      and by some people it's usually darkies, jews, and faggots

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      Saidit is a great alternative for now, but platforms that are decentralized and specifically designed to be censorship-resistant are unfortunately going to be more necessary in the future.

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      Chapos got dicked though. Or so i've heard. No one is save out there on the fields of reddit. Not even commies.

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      Yeah, I think the chapos got quarantined a while ago.

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      Chapo state of mind really runs rampant on Reddit, especially with mods though. They have a bot that will ban you from certain subreddits because you posted on a sub they may not like, whether hateful or not.

      Quarantined or not, it's the attitude that ruins the fun.

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      So fucking right, it's why I jumped ship, the censorship on Reddit has reached proposperous heights of cuntery.

      It's so refreshing being here and seeing varying points of view with neither being downvoted to oblvion.

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      I dunno man, I see lots of crazies on this site who seem to think reddit is a conspiracy or something.

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      because you don't know something to be true, ppl suggesting it are crazy. that's why censorship can't be accepted, dumb faggots like you would find your way into making censorship decisions

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      you seem like a very discerning person.

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      I left Faggit 2 days ago, after yet another account was banned for 'violence', even tho they refused to tell me WHICH comment was so. It was at least the 20th account in the last the years prior there were no problems. China has invested 150 MILLION dollars in Cuckit, and firmly controls them. REDDIT-SUCKS-DICK!

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      I don't like le hate speech

      Good fuck off cuckmie.

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      Truth eventually leads to third position politics of various flavors because it's fundamentally what human nature requires.

      Where the truth isn't actively suppressed eventually people are forced to accept evolution's implications on humans and the heritability of traits/intelligence/temperament, etc. This acceptance hits former left wingers especially hard due to impossibilities of "equality" it represents. Acknowledgement of the facts in this area render most ostensibly "liberal" and "conservative" talking points meaningless.

      Then you examine the history of the world, not the redacted version - and you're left with a clear picture of how fucked everything is in it's current post WW2/Churchill's War form. This includes all the fuckery of the US government from Total Information Awareness to Operation Mockingbird, MKUltra, etc - and the fact the our "official" version of World War 2 is very poorly put together agitprop crafted out of war era propaganda.

      Even the rantings of mad men contain a bunch of truth. Along those lines everyone should read Ted Kaczynski'a manifesto at some point because the natural direction of "Industrial Society and it's Future" is the reason the neoliberal elite are currently at the helm - and his diagnosis of the modern "leftist" is fairly spot on. Most of these people aren't evil. They are just "useful idiots".

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      This acceptance hits former left wingers especially hard due to impossibilities of "equality" it represents

      don't underestimate how cucked right wingers are too. they drank plenty of the "we're all the same" jewish propaganda too

      [–]gretathroatborg 2 insightful - 1 fun2 insightful - 0 fun3 insightful - 1 fun -  (0 children)

      ppl who "hate hate speech" are usually too stupid to recognize a difference between satire and hate. that's why smarter ppl than faggots who want to tell others what they can/can't say hardened free speech into law after the american revolution was faught

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      There is no such thing as 'hate speech'. That is a term used to silence anyone you disagree with. Either ALL speech is free, or not.

      Our Constitutional right to free speech was designed to protect UNPOPULAR speech. It is my RIGHT to hate certain people or ideas. If you disagree, wipe your tears, and turn the page.

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      There's no such thing as 'hate speech'.

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      A lot of people here talking how there is no "hate speech" and most of them use "faggot, faggots, faggit...etc" as something awful and bad.

      If that is not hate speech...

      Are we gonna backtrack now to "satire"? "Opinion"?

      I am all for these platforms, but c'mon, at least admit it. We don't have to censor it ;) wink wink