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Pretty slick update guys. Good shit

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that minimize button is very next level

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Thanks! I copied the minimize button design from reddit's /r/starterpacks. Then I got the alternating-color CSS from /s/deutsch and /s/ice_poseidon2. All combined, I think it's about as good of a design as exists for the reddit interface, and now it's site-wide!

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i seriously think saidit is pretty enough now ( or am i the only one with low standards ?).

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Yeah I think I'm going to stop with the visual updates now, I think we're good for a while. I might tweak the vote buttons a little bit, but that's all that's left that I would want to update

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one thing about the 'fun' buttons - i think that having a happy, laughing smiley face helps a lot (on a semi- or subconscious level) with keeping the conversations civil. its dificult to go into hardcore flamewar mode with it on the pages.

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I agree, and I think the same is true of having a calming and organized interface to interact with. I've been thinking about that as I've been designing this CSS

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I truly appreciate all the thought and care that goes into this. Really remarkable.

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Thanks Formosa, I'm glad it's appreciated. :)

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I don't think of it as low standards. I am biased towards simple design elegance, rather than flashy appearance and dense interface functionality.

I'm not complaining about this current change. It's aight.

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It looks good on the main theme but (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ There goes my sunday! :p

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me likey

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Very cool

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I don't know if it was tricky or easy but it was WAY worth it. Looks top notch pro - AND is very useful.

Flawless victory!

The animated fade is neat too.

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I like most of it, but sometimes the voting buttons are shown above the comment and a big blank space is to the right. These comments are way taller than they need to be.

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Glad you like most of it! The comments going below the votes only happens when the viewing area is very narrow, to give the text more space. I'll fiddle with it some more, maybe it activates too early.

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I think this extra space we need is off to the right. Deeply nested comments have tons of right borders when maybe they shouldn't. Yes I'm very particular. Just a thought.

Edit: right padding, not borders

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I just turned down that squeezing thing so it should activate less, only on super-narrow viewports.

The right space is all used up properly, but you have to go below the first full comment chain's end:

Is that what you mean?

I now also see a bug now where when the viewport is under 600px the right border margins get fat for some reason, I'm working on it now

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when the viewport is under 600px the right border margins get fat for some reason, I'm working on it now

yep, that's it, sweet.

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Cool, just fixed it

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Looks good, nice work. I really like the new huge clickable area for collapsing comments.

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Thanks, glad you like it! I'm a fan of that feature too, I can tell I will use it often. Let me know if you spot any more inconsistencies or bugs

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On mobile only, < 600px:

  • It bugs me that the sidebar has weird space to the left of it. It should be as wide as the content below it for readability.
  • .link (home page, sub pages) has way too much left and right margin, we're squishing the content when we need all the width we can get. Also on .link the voting buttons touch the border of the link area. They should have a few px to breathe.
  • we have room to improve on the expando content (image or text) not being full width. long standing issue.
  • we have room to improve on the comment input text areas falling off the screen to the right. I think you brought this up too. It's longstanding and hard to fix.

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Alright good suggestions, I'll play around with the <600px wide mode and see if I can get it looking nicer.

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I think I solved all the bugs you brought up for the <600px viewport width, check em out.

The expando thing is a separate issue, I'll come back to that another time.

The comment input width thing is like my moby dick white whale.... it's getting ridiculous. Your javascript hunch looks correct. I know we can just take out the width definition entirely, and it would work great in my tests. But the code says not to do that in the comments, but maybe that's obsolete....

Option 1:

var body_width = Math.max(body.children(".md").width(), 500);

Change this line to simply

var body_width = body.children(".md").width();

This should remove that 495px restriction?


Delete one of the following lines to remove the width restriction entirely (best option):

//restore original (?) css width/height. I can't explain why, but //this is important.

textarea.css('width', '');

Delete these lines and/or also delete these 3 lines:

var new_width = Math.max(body_width - 5, textarea.width());



What do you think? Can you test out option 2 for me real quick before I try it on the production server?