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    Agreed. We should at least combine 'all' and 'subscribed'.

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      Yeah it's kinda weird, the channels you are connected to start to pile up.

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        Yeah but if the sub chat isn't showing when you view the sub, then they might as well not have sub chat. My hacky fix is just start quitting channels once they get to 10 or something, quit the last used one first.

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        Is visiting the site logged in with default settings enough to join IRC and reveal a user's ISP and general location?

        If so I suggest that it is a bad thing for privacy and should be changed.

        Edit: also if I'm automatically joining channels for subs I view that's even worse for privacy and should require informed consent.

        Ideally someone's presense in a channel (and ISP) should only be revealed once they want to send a message if at all.

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        I agree. /u/d3rr is there anything more that can be done to hide the users ISPs?

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        Fixed! Everyone now has anonymous stuff based off of their ip, and we can still ban individually. e.g.

        guest73 (guest@A63F8FD.F85D24B1.E91E0EF2.IP): guest

        And this will also apply to real IRC chat clients once we open that up.


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        I just finished an update of the voting button appearance. I think tomorrow I might try placing them side-by-side instead of above each other, as many users have recommended. I think I figured out the CSS for it

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        cool! that'll be a fun experiment.

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        Yeah I think it'll help drive home the idea that we're not just using the old up/down system, and it's something fundamentally different

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        Awesome! Great work! I'm sure everyone will appreciate their privacy being protected. This is sweet

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        once upon a time on freenode IRC I was talking to a guy, and he mentioned you can decloak users on freenode. I asked how, and a freenode admin jumped in with "anyone that wants to discuss decloaking users can be removed from the network" and that was that on that conversation. A different IRC admin told me that was a problem with the specific version of IRC that is run on freenode (and many others) but not on the network he ran. So.... my question is do you know if that's a problem with the version of IRC you run?

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        Good concerns. I don't know exactly how secure it is and can't guarantee anything. However we are using the latest stable version of unrealircd so I imagine that this issue no longer exists.

        We are very open to IRC tips and don't have much experience with it ourselves.

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        Sweet, glad to hear it.

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        I'll do some more digging but I can't think of much, aside from the old setup where everyone has the same ip address and our ban ability stinks. Maybe there's some kind of dirty hack I can do.

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        aside from the old setup where everyone has the same ip address and our ban ability stinks. Maybe there's some kind of dirty hack I can do.

        Could you make this read-only, and the default until someone tries to actively chat? That would mitigate the problem pretty elegantly I think.

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        That'd be cool. I can't think of an easy way to do it right now but I'll keep that in mind.

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        Idk, if this kind of banner animation is a good idea. Maybe animating snow for this time of the year would fit better. I think there is a good example for it.

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        Thanks for the idea!

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          Yes, sometime soon you can use a real IRC client. We're breaking in these changes before we enable it.

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          Chat disappears when the screen is under 600px wide, we might change this behavior. Try turning your phone sideways when visiting /u/d3rr has the IRC client info, if that's open yet

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          Yep, I hid it on purpose. The 'chat in new tab' link still shows. Until we have collapsible sidebars on mobile CSS, I think it's okay to hide it and speed up the page.

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          If you open your 'chat in new tab' link on a mobile browser, it's pretty usable.

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          Tutorial on changing the color scheme?

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          Click the black/white square in the top-right corner, right before the word 'preferences'

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          Oh and to change the color scheme of just the chat, you can click the hamburger menu in the top left of the chat (the 3 horizontal lines) and then click the gear at the bottom. Then scroll down to 'themes' and pick your selection

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          Is there any way to have chat in a separate window but not have it open on the saidit page itself?

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          yes click 'chat in new tab' above the chat box, and then go to your user preferences and disable chat.

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          Huh, I thought the server was still in Europe.

          Referenced the foreign servers in a comment today.

          Found this thread when looking up SNOW droppings.

          What are the odds?