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I'm d3rr and I approve this message.

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We need more comedy such as yours! Times are tough.

Also, thanks for all that you both do,

But be careful because work can be rough!

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on our 1 main server. So it would basically double our CPU power. The open source code used for saidit is great, because it's natively designed to be deployed on many servers like this. So it should be a straightforward upgrade when the times comes, and d3rr is already doing some testing to ensure our upgrade goes smoothly. But hopefully we can optimize the CPU loads caused by that recent bug fix, so the hardware upgrade is not necessary for a few more months, and we can save a little money. We're really trying to make each dollar stretch as far as we can! Having a financial buffer is

thank you homie

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Can someone invest? I would love to help pay for monthly bandwidth in order to help with the site.

Let me know.

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Anyone is welcome to donate through the donation links in the original post, but we don't have a way to invest to gain a stake right now. In the future we might have a saiditcoin cryptocurrency that could be used to invest in saidit.

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We upped this limit to 50k

This seems needlessly excessive, that 1000 item limit in reddit has always been there to keep performance manageable and while increasing it probably wont be catastrophic, it will make things harder to scale.

The 1000 item limit per listing never bothered me too bad and I replicated this limitation in the design of notabug also with the goal of keeping performance managable and it feels like an acceptable tradeoff to me. It’s more necessary for nab’s design though as the clients fetch these 1000 id lists and build listings from them clientside, with the server only calculating/sorting things in response to changes, never in response to requests for data.

Also, is ready to run. “yarn setup && yarn start” should get you a peer running on port 4444 now. I’m still polishing things but it’s in a good enough state for mirroring. Running your own indexer/tabulator could still use some better documentation but the mirroring case should be pretty solid now.

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The 1000 item limit bugged the heck out of me, because it meant I couldn't go past 5 pages on the /new tab, and it meant that I simply could never view my full post history either. It's very important for that data to be as accessible as possible, imo.

Wow that's fantastic news about the mirroring software, /u/d3rr and myself will have to give it a try soon, and I'll make an announcement that both sites are mirroring each other's data and our cross-site federation is formed and operational. Very exciting! Nice work, good going. I think this will be great for both our sites.

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The 1000 limit bugged a lot of people:

I think we're arguably 50 times better than reddit now. Assuming we can keep the number that high.

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congrats on notabug being shippable again! MNABGA!

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with this site I have to hit thew backbutton twice to go back a website page, if I hit it once nothing happens

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All the time or just sometimes? Is it because you were in chat? Hmm...

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all time. do you mean if you use chat just once it somehow infects your browser so you can never hit back once on this site? Doubt it. It is not the end of the world just kind of annoying.

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Yeah, this has to do with chat. When I disable the chat, I only need to hit the back button once.

And no, you don't need to interact with the chat.

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so the chat iframe steals your focus/cursor on page load? Maybe we can disable that part.

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Seems to act like if there's a second page that loaded, which results in having to hit back twice. Not really knowledgable on HTML and such, so I can't provide anything that makes sense other than experience.

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Oh thanks for reporting that bug, I've never experienced that before. What browser? Both Chrome and Firefox don't have this issue, so it's probably something to do with the browser, or a plug-in to the browser, I'd guess

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For me, I use Firefox. Could be either an ublock or no script issue, but not sure. Never bothered to play around with that. Normally I just find a work-around and stick to it. :P

Sorry if this doesn't fix the problem.

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Could be either an ublock or no script issue, but not sure.

I use firefox with adblock plus and have never ever had this problem even once. So it must be to do with ublock or no script. Could you try an experiment and temporarily disable those plugins and see if it fixes it for you? If it does, see if you can figure out which one in specific it is. That'd be super helpful.

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OK, so I first disabled Ublock (BTW, I use to use Adblock Plus) and enabled chat, and the behavior started again. After I re-enabled Ublock, the behavior disappears without disabling No Script, which was the next step. Now I don’t get that behavior even with both addons enabled. Quite weird, but not sure if it’s fixed since I can’t reproduce this right now.

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haha /u/d3rr look at this weird behavior from the software.

Thanks a lot for checking it out! We had some other issue back a while ago where the 'subscribe' buttons to subs were being hidden by ublock, so my suspicion is that it's the real problem. If you ever figure out how to re-enable the double-back thing, let us know!

Maybe it's some ublock cache thing, and what you did cleared the cache? I can't reproduce the issue either

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Absolutely nothing other than turning the addon off. I had no idea there was even a cache for the addon.

I'll report back when I get around to testing it again, but normally I don't use the chat. I think I used it once in total, not that it's useless, just no one is around when I start posting which is normally at night.

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hmm super weird. I'm still gonna try to make it so you have to click into chat to start typing.

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Dang I kind of don't want to disable chat cuz I like to use it in some subs

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Tbh, I've always experienced this too but I assumed it was due to DDOS attacks or load times or whatever other possible logical reason.. I only really started using IRC chat recently, around the time you fixed that issue for me, but even before that, for as long as I could remember, SaidIt has always had that problem with needing to hit the back button twice.

There are also sometimes when I click a link, and the SaidIt site itself just times out. I'll refresh and everything will be back to normal, but I'm assuming that's part of the burps you guys are talking about?

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SaidIt has always had that problem with needing to hit the back button twice.

Haha this is the first d3rr and I are hearing of this at all, because neither of us have experienced it. But apparently it's a fairly widespread problem! I'm glad it was brought to our attention.

There are also sometimes when I click a link, and the SaidIt site itself just times out. I'll refresh and everything will be back to normal, but I'm assuming that's part of the burps you guys are talking about?

Yeah that's what we're talking about, exactly.

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Thanks for the report. I made a real bug out of it:

I can reproduce it if I actually use chat, and that part probably can't be fixed. But it shouldn't screw you by default.

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IP2 thanks you! :)

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Oh, you can see me upvote myself now?

Thank you Magnora and d3rr! :)

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you can add a gold feature so we can give post and comments gold that way you can make some money to fund the servers

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Not a bad idea. We don't have any gold features though. Not sure if that matters too much though?

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I don't think it does. People buy and award gold to show appreciation, probably for both the comment and the forum. Charitableness is its own reward. They don't do it to get gold privileges, I don't think.

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There's the lounge subreddit on reddit, but it's basically full of rich morons talking about stuff "Us poor people" just wouldn't understand or a mess of random stuff. I would prefer if saidit avoided making an /s/lounge reddit parody. Thing was sad to look at.

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Yeah, don't even bother with stuff like that.

If that is the same gold lounge people were allowed in when someone gifted gold, then it was much ado about nothing, anyway.

The first time, I made a few comments for a few days but got the impression it was basically other people cluelessly checking it out like myself after being gifted gold, but nothing of any substance was being discussed.

I didn't bother going back after the first few days (of the 30 allowed) and not at all on subsequent gold awards.

I perceived it as a non-serious token effort. Here, if they do the award thing then just don't bother with that aspect of it. Keep it very simple and straightforward — Reddit's award and membership system is too complicated.

Just thinking out loud, but maybe 'put a spotlight' on a post or comment (fitting with the 'lightbulb' upvote icon), rather than gold.

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but maybe 'put a spotlight' on a post or comment (fitting with the 'lightbulb' upvote icon), rather than gold.

I love that idea. Something useful and interactive rather than a static token.

Might be hard to code though...

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add it, doesnt have to be gold it can be something else to make a post/comment stand out

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It would be an easy way to generate income to run everything. Being able to see that someone was willing to spend money to show their appreciation for a comment or post makes it feel more personal and encourages users to keep using the site.

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What measures do you have in place to prevent the US meddling in Saidit affairs as it grows... We know they're going to try more and more to get their dirty hands on this website.

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We have a canary at /s/saiditcanary to report if there is a problem, at the very least. We also have no ads, so that removes that influence. We also have very low operating costs that we've spent a lot of time streamlining, so we won't need an "angel investor" to save us one day in the future when our financials get out of control, as happened to On top of all that, we're again thinking of moving to Switzerland, or some other non-US and non-EU server setup.

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Thank you....... <3 You know they're after you. I love this website.

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Thank you. :)

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25K visits a day....really? So they are mostly lurkers here so to speak.

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Yeah, overwhelmingly lurkers. On reddit there are about 10 lurkers for every participant. On a small/new site like this, there's about 20-50 lurkers for every participant

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Even if that is including the IP2 section, that is one hell of a number for a startup. So the challenge now would be 'how to get the lurkers to sign up'....My thinking is the UI overhaul plus some sort of a welcoming popup that would elaborate the value of 'no censorship' in this Orwellian age...You guys might have different plans though based on your research of the competition and their strides to raise the value of the forum in users eyes......This is all very interesting to me, a very cool thread.