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Admin activity is shown in the moderator logs just like moderator activity. People are banned because they either advocated violence or dragged discussion down the pyramid of debate, almost always. Here are the site rules:

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There was no logs of any removals of any posts by u/Voldesad and he was never given a warning or had any previous bans. He just got perma-banned, can you provide me with the reason for his ban to relay to him. This guy has been an original part of IP2 since 2017 has a 7 month old saidit account and 80k karma. Ive looked though his profile and nothing stands out for me as to a reason why he was banned.

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Okay after further review I unbanned him, but in return I please ask that the pyramid of debate be taken a bit more seriously.

We're giving you all a home, so please respect the home a little bit more. I will from now on always give a warning to older users before doing any banning. Thanks

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Thanks for listening, we appreciate you.

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Thank you. I appreciate the mod work you all do as well.

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Apart from he being subject to targeted reports and threats from anti-IP2 brigaders, people are making up false accusations and then presenting them to you in an attempt to get our most active users banned.

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I removed him based on his post history alone. Not on any accusations by any third party.

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How was it that your attention was brought to this account may I ask?

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Really? The first two posts I see are:

How much you wanna bet this whore will make an onlyfans the second she dumps ice piss. I bet she's saving for a pair of fake tits too


Think about it. This faggot is afraid to do IRL in Austin because of dope district. How much of a pussy faggot can you possibly be to only do desktop streams because a guy streams you in public? Ice is more pussy than twitch cucks and that's saying something.

So... not exactly doing the quality of this site any favors and is basically constantly dragging discussion in a downward direction. Where do you think posts like that fall on the pyramid of debate?

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Are you serious? 90% of the posts on IP2 are in the same vein, how is this worthy of a permanent ban? We keep ourself to ourselfs on IP2 its not like they are coming in to saidit subs and saying that kind of stuff. There is obviously 1 or 2 people who hate IP2 with a passion and will do anything to get rid of us and those fools are messaging you and trying to get people banned for the tiniest things. Also if that was the reason he was banned then why didn't you remove the posts? This is exactly the kind of shit Reddit would pull, no warning, no reason, no chance to appeal banned for expressing his opinion. This is a step too far for me. Look at the account that made this report to you probably a 2 day old account with 0 karma.

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He is causing problems that are causing us legal trouble because he's constantly making accusations towards people which causes us to receive DMCA notices on a regular basis.

We have some standards on saidit and I've let a lot of things slide, which you should be thankful for.

We do have standards here, and I am going to enforce those standards. And this user was slinging a lot of shit and causing a lot of problems, and also dragging down discussion on the pyramid of debate. All combined, this is worthy of a ban.

I could communicate this more, but every time I do you get upset like you are now, so it's a lot easier to just remove problem users. I've cut you all a LOT of slack, so how about you do the same for me once in a while?

On the main site users get 3 warnings, but on IP2 they don't because I don't have time to deal with the volume to trolling and complaints that every action I do generates. I'm not going to spend all day arguing about petty drama when I see clear rule violations, and users causing us lots of trouble.

However I will make a policy going forward that if a user is older and has lots of posts on IP2, I will give them a warning and cite a specific post when I remove them after the 2nd violation. I will do that for you from now on, you have my word.

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Those DMCA's are fake and abusing the system, this has been their tactics for over a year (making false DMCA claims to reddit, youtube, clip sites like streamable). To see you capitulate to that is not what I expected, once they know you will fall for stuff like that they will send more and more. I want you to give this user a legitimate reason as to why he was banned, which post or posts was it that got him banned? What the DMCA say? How are other users supposed to know what is and isn't ok if you are selectively enforcing those rules. If this user is banned for "pyramid of debate" as you previously claimed then half of IP2 should be banned because those comments are nothing out of the ordinary. How can you possibly justify banning a user without giving them a reason, I know the account that was reporting this user was u/walters a 2 day old account with 0 karma, because he was also sending threats to the IP2 moderation team telling us to ban him "or else" also the same with burgerbroyo account.

DMCA notices dont cover "accusations towards people" they protect peoples copyrighted works. This is an absolute abuse of the system and you are playing into there hands, honestly if this is how you intend to do things in future I dont think this is going to be a viable place for IP2.

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We've gotten like 30 DMCA notices over the last 6 months, and they're about revealing personal information, and advocating violence against those users. As well as spreading nude images of people who don't want those nude images spread.

Some DMCAs are valid, some aren't. It's a pretty big burden on me to have to sort through which is which. And I do this all for free. For you all.

I'm giving you guys a place rent free. I'm trying to work with you all... but we have rules to enforce. I know that rubs people the wrong way sometimes, but that's the reality of it.

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Isn't IP2 one of the main financial contributors to SaidIt's (minimal) monetary operating costs?

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They contribute about 40%, but they also eat up about 60% of the server load.

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I've realized that not taking ads doesn't completely protect a site from being beholden to compromising interests.

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DMCA requests only cover copyrighted images and content, It can't be used for something somebody wrote. I hope you have read up about it.

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How are other users supposed to know what is and isn't ok if you are selectively enforcing those rules.

yes, exactly.

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I understand you need to have a certain standard, when it comes to following rules etc, but is it possible that you could give Voldesad one more chance, he has been part of this community for a long time, and it would be really appreciated if he got to come back,if he calmed down his shit posting.

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Voldesad alt

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Never had an alt, never saw the need for it to hide, i stand for everything i have said or will say

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    How much you wanna bet this whore will make an onlyfans the second she dumps ice piss. I bet she's saving for a pair of fake tits too

    How is this insult bannable?

    Think about it. This faggot is afraid to do IRL in Austin because of dope district. How much of a pussy faggot can you possibly be to only do desktop streams because a guy streams you in public? Ice is more pussy than twitch cucks and that's saying something.

    That's a question and not a threat?

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    MOD ALT confirmed, lool, salty

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    Oh look another 2 day old 0 karma alt, better take everything he says as genuine and without ulterior motive. Wouldn't be surprised if this was a u/Walters alt u/d3rr mind checking that out?

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    w/e Karen

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    Where can I find the list of bans and reasons made by admins?

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    some accounts that have posted content which drags discussion down on the pyramid of debate or which advocates violence have not been banned.

    The ToS do not state that advocating violence is not acceptable content, only that repeatedly dragging discussion in a downward direction on the pyramid of debate is not acceptable content.