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They contribute about 40%, but they also eat up about 60% of the server load.

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I've realized that not taking ads doesn't completely protect a site from being beholden to compromising interests.

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Yeah but the good thing is I don't mind paying out of pocket if it comes to that. It's not like coughing up an extra $40/mo is going to make us go under.

But yeah on larger scales the donation based model does have some of these problems. But it's distributed across many donors instead of it being concentrated to a few advertisers who can then call the shots. So it's less restrictive.

The most important thing is that we keep costs down, which we have done. Because that means we won't get hamstrung if we lose partial funding for whatever reason.

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Yeah, the keeping the costs down model is neat. The donation model is still possible to be beholden to a single large donor. 40% if the site's expenses would be pretty dang significant if the costs were high enough that it was a real consideration and you didn't have an easy backup plan to just pay yourself.

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Right, but also as we scale, it's likely the donors group will become more and more diversified as more different people donate.

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There will probably be a few donors who do most of the donating, just by virtue of the pareto princple stuff. Is this not usually how it is?

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IP2's donations are pretty evenly spread across 7 people or so. Most people donate $7 or so