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2500 users or so. Or, infinity percent growth in our female userbase.

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Now theres cat ladies on Saidit lol

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Hehe. GC is more diverse than that. I am a dog lady.

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But how do you get along with the cat ladies?

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Since I'm not radfem (I'm more trad, and gencrit) not always great. There are also plenty of young women fleeing woke SJW culture that bit them wrong. Still, as a woman love the community, the discussions, by a large majority they are frank, smart, take no shit ladies.

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Radfem? How do people come up with and handle all these labels? Can't people just be people?

Woke culture is quite sad it is the end result of Soviet programs to disrupt American society from decades ago. Victims are merely tools to a now dead foreign power. China though is pushing on it again and is likely the cause of some increase. The foundations though were strongly laid in what are now many of the "professors" at academia.

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I'm eastern european so I was suckled on tales of Societ oppression. Save the lecture. I agree about the left. I consider myself politically homeless. Take care.

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Most people are politically homeless. In America a leader gets only 20% vote support leaving the other 80% asking WTF.

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I’m cool with it. Censorship has gotten so bad that cat ladies are having to deal with the same issues as angsty conservative young men. 🤣

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Now it's time they started posting cat pics so that a major reddit attraction gets some competition!

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congrats such a solid increase in users! makes me happy to see the site grow, very well deserved and i hope to see more users come around :)

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I'm one of the 2500!

Always searching after every reddit banwave, but never heard of saidit until this one. Was won over by the stated principles of debate.

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How the usual 90/9/1 rule apply to saidit currently? Is the increase in people who lurk proportional to the increase to users who post?

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Yup, for every new 100 visitors, about 10 make an account, and around 1 will post a comment or post. That ratio seems to hold from what I see

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This sounds so weird to me. I would have expected a smaller, more niche community to have a higher proportion of people who create content.

Any idea what causes this ratio to be so consistent?

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No, I don't know why it's so consistent. It does vary though, sometimes with more niche sites like saidit it's sometimes 150 lurkers = 10 accounts = 1 post

More people lurk than post when it's niche. But I don't know why it's basically so relatively consistent. I guess it's just a feature of human psychology on a mass-statistical level.

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Well tanks for working on saidit. I really hope that this place will not go the way of voat. Among the "alternative reddits" I've seen so far, this is the most promising.

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What is so wrong about Voat? Genuinely curious.

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I started out ok, but it got completly hijacked by absolute bottomfeeders. Voat allows downvoteing, so anybody who dares to say that "cucked nigger faggot" is not a valuable contribution gets hounded off the site. The admins never made any attempt to promote high effort content. Voat uses a bizarre .NET based software stack that makes the hosting cost absolutely ridiculous. My theory is that voat made itself dependent on rightoid/incel donations to keep going.

Essentially they never managed to have any OC and became a wasteland of very predictable incel/rightoid circlejerking. The pyramid of debate on saidit at the very least shows a commitment to encouraging high-quality content. Based on what I've seen so far, it is believable that saidit manages to establish a steady stream of content beyond the endless bitching about reddit, so I'm optimistic.

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On top of all this, voat also made a voting system where if you're a new account, you can't downvote others until you get 100 upvotes. And you can only give so many upvotes per hour before you get 100 upvotes. And only post and comments so many times per hour. And if you get downvoted at all, that gets even more limited.

So basically if you go against the hivemind, the established culture on voat downvotes you in to silence, and then you can't even downvote them back. So this karma-limited account system made the echo-chamber culture feedback loop go exponential. So when the extremists actually got a hold of the site culture, there was no coming back from it

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Woah, that's actually pretty interesting, and stupid on their part.

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Voat uses a bizarre .NET based software stack

That is the most absurd and offensive part of Voat imo. Nothing on that website bothers me as much as their use of .NET

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they may actually be incels but they pretend at least to hate them, and larp about having beautiful white women.

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Voat uses a bizarre .NET based software stack


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I did a little investigating yesterday. One of the top posts on the main Voat page yesterday was someone claiming 99% of all porn is posted by the Jews. I clicked to see if anyone was going to challenge such obviously made-up bullshit. No source. No evidence.

Nope. Everyone was happy to agree with how bad those damn degenerates were.

Further investigation (not on the page after that) showed the echo chamber effects on the site are really bad. Like downvotes get you put in time-outs and such. Just a bubble reality where people believe whatever they want to believe.

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I have no reason to either believe or disbelieve. But since you do, can you provide me with the part you are sure of?

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But since you do, can you provide me with the part you are sure of?

I take it you are to talking about me doubting the claim that 99% of porn is posted by Jews. If you are asking something else, let me know.

First of all, when people are concerned about the truth, they are open about their method of coming up with their facts. This means linking to an article or study, sharing how you came up with your data, something like that. When people are allowed to just karma farm by saying things they know their audience wants to hear, they'll abandon the hard work of being transparent. They'll even just make stuff up. On Voat, since no one doubted the claim, it's clear that we're not dealing with an environment where people feel comfortable asking someone to back it up. It's clear what the audience wants to believe. So, yeah, the burden of proof is on a person making a claim.

But showing this is false is a simple matter of either math or common sense. Are you going to pretend you've never heard of a white person with a pornography problem, past or present? I've seen Christian help groups for the problem -- look, here's some White Mormons talking about it, and here's another white guy. . .. Jews are less than 1% of the world's population. So even though it is known white people look at porn, even some Christian White people, and even though there are other races with larger populations than Jews, Black, Latino, Asian, you still think Jews are 99 times more likely than anyone else to post porn?

Edit: I had the wrong quote above.

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So the real issue with voat is downvote? Any attempt to promote content other than their preferred narratives get shunned. I never liked the idea of downvote anyway -in the sense it comes with penalties. Such as losing karma or being sidelined. If one wants to disagree than surely the can but that shouldn't come with penalties.

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I think it's all tied together. If they didn't have the downvote system they had, it wouldn't have gotten so out of hand. But out of hand it is.

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So the real issue with voat is downvote?

The issue is not the downvote but how the system reacts to down votes. Down votes combined with up votes are a really good measure of a post. If a post has nothing but downvotes it is near 100% worthless but if it has lots of up and down votes it could be really good. Have a look at posts on Notabug where anon can vote as many times as they like.

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that's actually true

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Suffered from being the new kid on the block.

Much like the internet, when reddit was new, it had a random sampling of people coming together to chat, which is what led to a great atmosphere. Voat was founded as a free speech bastion in response to the first major ban wave of reddit, meaning it wasn't a random sampling, only the most extreme folks. Obviously this caused the atmosphere of the site to be ...biased.

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Saidit has this issue too, but we have the good luck of having voat to draw away most of the super extreme people. This is another example of why having more forum alternatives creates a more healthy social media ecosystem. The long-time monopoly of reddit has created a warped monoculture, and even voat is a reflection of that like you point out

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Voat is a shit show now. It's like a star trek reverse mirror universe reddit. If you poste something even remotely moderate or God forbid liberal you are either banned or downvoted to oblivion.

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Literally impossible for discussion, 1 comment per's pretty shit

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What is so wrong about Voat? Genuinely curious.

Go read it! I think many people are just larping, or at least I hope so though.

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Lots of people don't give a crap about posting on sites. There are a bunch of sites I read with comment sections, and I'm just not interested in what they have to say. I rarely look, and definitely don't go to the trouble of creating an account to post.

Some are dumpster fires of posters, some are hugboxes where people go to get their hit of social approval, some are uninteresting, some are full of spam, you name it. There are lots of good reasons why people don't register or post.

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definitely don't go to the trouble of creating an account to post.

Sites that allow anon comments have some of the best I find. The hassle of so many sites and making accounts stops most centrists that are already too busy living from posting.

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I'd assume a lot of people are clicking through the list of Reddit alternatives and looking what suits them best.

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So that would mean a 200k person influx? That is pretty good. I'm starting to see much longer comment chains here as well.

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I switched the r/WRD automod to list saidit along with its Android app first. I think I should have hitched my ride to this place over ruqqus and its lack of servers. I'll probably push this site more in the coming weeks.

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Hey thanks a bunch. We're ruqqus supporters too and hope they get their shit together.

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Aye ladies...let's chat.

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We aren't those kinds of ladies.

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Not the chatty kind?

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lol nice name!

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Yah I noticed a ton of users from the actual feminist subs posting. Guessing a lot of the trolls or more hardcore right are more down with /pol/ etc than some of the other demos who got swept up in the purge. Either way, cool with me.

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Isn't it ironic that feminists, who freely use censorship, got censored? And once that happened, they made a beeline for a free speech platform, the kind that they regularly disparaged? Oh, the thick, rich irony.

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You can go down the line with this one. I'm all for platforms giving people the boot for dropping N bombs and such, somebody farther to the right could claim my own "PCness" eventually turned on me.

But yeah, censorship has become a huge part of some feminist circles, but it seems to be more on the progressive feminist side, the ones who aren't really fighting for feminism, rather, the whole church of woke / intersectionalism whatever you'd call it.

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0 multiplied by infinity is still 0...

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Yes, but if you go from 0 to 1, the increase would be more than infinity percent. He was just giving the closest approximation.

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Or, infinity percent growth in our female userbase.

The female userbase is over 9000!

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All combined, about a 1.5x - 2.0x growth burst in the last few days compared to normal

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Interesting, given that from my point of view, posting and commenting has literally MULTIPLIED... By, I would guesstimate, five-fold or so.

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By some estimates like highest vote count on a post, we could say 3x or maybe even 5x. But I'm just talking bare traffic for the 1.5x-2x. Also there's always the question of how long the increased activity will stick around for, so I'm interested to see that as well. However you slice it, I'm still happy to see all the new people here on saidit!

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When can you make names copper, silver and gold-colored for donation tiers? With the increased activity are going to come increased costs... ;-)

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Yes, introduce classic award based revenue model! It will help the site grow.

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Increased activity means it's easier to browse the site and stay there, so I predict it will grow more rather than go back down. I've certainly been browsing SaidIt a lot more lately myself.

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That actually makes sense. For N users, there are O(N*N) opportunities to interact, so the comments should grow far more than linear.

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I hope it grows more. Perhaps it's because you guys share a lot of my opinions, but I have found the "omg extremist alt-right neo nazi's!" to be more much congenial when compared to the fun-loving "tolerant" leftists over at reddit. Granted, not all of them were bad. I like the hobby sub-reddits!

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i agree. most subreddits were obnoxious and just annoying to be on, but some were alright. and yeah lol, us alt-right neo nazis are way more fun than whiny reddit leftists.

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I've been here for a while but I appreciate all the new users. More people means more discussion here instead of r*ddit

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same, it's gonna be a year since i joined next month and the difference in activity is amazing.

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Agreed! Loving it!!! :D

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It was a ghost town a week ago compared to what it is today. There was a huge surge in users since Monday.

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registered just now

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welcome to saidit! you made a good choice :D

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i like it here so far, havent been banned,

i got banned at reddit for saying black people have the lowest IQ and called a fat girl fat,

ive been banned from many many subs,

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i got banned at reddit for saying black people have the lowest IQ

what were you - suicidal ? lmao in a place where you get banned for whispering you were shouting

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Would Obama have a lower IQ than a homeless white person?

[–]justjoggin 1 insightful - 7 fun1 insightful - 6 fun2 insightful - 7 fun -  (1 child)

Without a doubt! Every single black person has a lower IQ than every single White person! Not one exception!

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Username n shieet

[–]Canbot 1 insightful - 1 fun1 insightful - 0 fun2 insightful - 1 fun -  (0 children)

Not likely, but maybe. But either way you would be misusing a statistical average. What IQ studies are used for is explaining population level discrepancies. So all of the things that IQ has an effect on such as educational attainment, income, health, criminality and wealth need IQ studies to be understood. With IQ having been demonized, blacklisted, and denied every one of those things gets explained with racism. This is extremely devastating to our culture and our country. It is responsible for more hatred, violence, and division than any other single act, if you could call IQ denial a single act.

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Why are you so... obnoxious? Are you autistic?

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Fair bit. I'm actually seeing non-political posts on the front page, finally.

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I just quit reddit completely 6 days ago, other then visiting the geopolitics sub as they are pretty chill. I'm trying my best to poste and contribute here. I think there are a lot off people like me. I made a saidit account about a year ago, but this recent ban wave set me off to totally stop using reddit. Reddit will go the way of digg I think. It's just not a cool place anymore.

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Same as you in that regard. Reddit is over for me. So to have an alternative I must contribute... Like I am now :-)

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I would think 10000. 2500 seems too small...

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He means new registered usernames, I assume. The total number of new visitors was about 10x that, we had 55k unique visitors on the peak day compared to 27k normal

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I just watch the subscriber count for /s/SaidIt. We have shit for metrics, for your privacy!

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Since d3rr is one of the founders of the site, I think they'd know...

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Almost as big as muh dick.

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i think we grew a little more than that ;)