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Came here because free speech, turns out the rest of the website can have opinions I don't like and not banned for that. Fuck it, I'm going back to Reddit.

P.S Don't even try to stop me, people, I'm leaving.

P.P.S No, not coming back.

P.P.P.S Nuh-uh, still not returning from Reddit.

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I like free speech but only when I agree with what's said. Having conversations with people that don't think like me is hard. I'm going back to Reddit because I don't have to think for myself there. Reddit knows what's best for me and will keep me from seeing things that offend me. I'm a snowflake.

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Bla bla strawman bla bla generalizations. Byebye.

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Check VOAT for a week and you will like SaidIt better afterwards

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Seriously. All the people shouting about ALL THE RAYSISM AND ANTISEMITISM when at best I've seen like two users who do nothing but shout racial slurs (fuck em who cares) really shows how sheltered Reddit is.

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As someone who went from Reddit to Whoaverse/Voat and then gave the fuck up, oh man, Voat is so much worse. They actively hunted down and began harassing other users for not sharing their opinions, downvote brigades went nuts. Eventually absolutely everyone left except those who shared the One True Opinion.

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This place is in a good spot at the moment because it seems to be a 50/50 split from the people that got banned from Reddit. 50% raging TERFs and 50% jewish conspiracy theorists fighting it out for the soul of Saidit.

It's entertaining to say the least and infinitely more interesting than Reddit.

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And then there's me. On nobody's side. Just hoping for some sanity like a light in the dark of a cave you're lost in. I think everyone should be free to live how they wish, so long as they're not harming someone else, and in real life that seems to be what a lot of people think. Just not online anymore, for some reason. You can have fun watching the fur fly, but at some point the other shoe drops. You can't laugh at a boat sinking if you're the one stuck on the same boat.

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Don't let the door hit your ass on the way out

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so... you want free speech, but only the speech you want to hear. gotcha, you do deserve reddit

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"I'm going to go read children's books with my autistic friends in a my safe space in some musty dark corner because you guys are meanie faces!"

Grow up and put your big boy pants on. Embrace the vibrant diversity!!!

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Nothing wrong with reading books in safe spaces. I heard they have Plato.

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Back to Reddit.

It's curious: I'm neither a racist nor an incel, yet I find this place bearable. I sure hope that I won't become those things if I stay here!

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You have stepped outside of the cozy feel good circle that is reddit and now are confronted with real life opinions and have become shocked by that fact and instead of making the realization that crying "MODDDDDS" isn't going to help here you go back to the sheltered platform.

I don't blame you, I guess you'll just have to wait until the next dozen banwaves to realize that Reddit is an authoritarian shithole.

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Smells like burning straw

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Oh, fuck off. You don't have to like or read the shit that some people post. Go back to reddit you fucking crybaby.

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Don’t forget to wear your mask while driving alone!

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Freedom of speech trumps everything. You don't get to censor things that you don't agree with over here - either prove them wrong or ignore them.

Emotionally stable grown adults don't cry at other grown adults on an internet forum because they read something they don't like. Also, you can unsubscribe from subs that post opinions that you don't like.

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Reading something you don't like != alt right taking a giant steaming dump on every goddamned nook and cranny of this site

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Ok, see you tomorrow.

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Reddit is more misogynistic than here. This is a baby site compared to reddit. I would suggest you stay and help post content here that is the kind of content you want to see. Create and contribute to female centered subs, create and contribute to to an uncensored space until we have enough users to drown out the idiots with better posts.

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he probably hates it because there is no loli porn here

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I'm gonna miss you! NOT!

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I just realized you're the person that encouraged me to create a new sub with positive content. I'm trying to stick to that, so I hope you also stay and maybe in time this can become better. It feels like there's a total of 50 of us here, and 30 are the crazies.

People are leaving reddit in droves, so the best we can do is post some decent stuff here first.

Edit: spelling

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positive content

"Positive" is a subjective opinion that is entirely dependant on who's looking at your sub and what they perceive as being "positive". Positive ≠ truthful.

It feels like there's a total of 50 of us here, and 30 are the crazies.

No, you've just never been exposed to points of view that you're not used to hearing since reddit hides unpopular speech via the ridiculously broken "downvoting" system that promotes mob rule, and so seeing it everywhere all at once instead of nowhere at all makes it appear that way. That's precisely why reddit is the home of the radical left who enjoy silencing people rather than debating them, they also act this way in real life so it's only natural that they found their way to the most easily manipulated & broken website on the internet that most readily serves this purpose.

Just because somebody disagrees with you doesn't mean they aren't sound of mind, what a poor line of reasoning.

If you think somebody is wrong then you should either ignore them or prove them wrong and back your reasoning with sources (refer to the pyramid of debate); you don't get to hide peoples' opinions here just because you disagree with them, there's a reason we moved away from reddit.

There are a lot more than 50 people here by the way, though I'm sure you're aware of this and are just saying it for the sake of argument. We're currently experiencing the worst DDoS attack since the site's inception, many believe this is due to the rising popularity of the site and the fact that we're now being mentioned in the mainstream. Somehow I doubt that 30 random people shitposting on an obscure website would warrant such retaliation.

People are leaving people in droves

Anybody who doesn't support freedom of expression is in the wrong place and will leave on their own accord, so how exactly is this a bad thing?

The site's purpose isn't to garner an audience, it's supposed to serve as an open platform of ideas. Those are the words of magnora himself. You're either playing dumb for the sake of argument or you really just don't get what this place is about. Silencing people doesn't make them go away, it only invigorates and serves to them as an example of how they must be "on the money", even if they're completely wrong.

You need to stay on reddit if you can't handle unpopular opinions, the whole point of freedom of speech is to protect unpopular speech. That's why you're going to find unpopular speech on a website dedicated to this principle, believe it or not.

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Wow, Prism, that read like Hemingway, smooth.

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Bye bye Karen!

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Good Riddance shill!

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Racist incel? Lolll

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I know OP might seem like a ridiculous SJW snowflake at first look, but some people just can't face reality. She's off to her lala land now and I envy her. I wish i didn't know what I know lol

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I mean, im not, and I still use this place.

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Reddit degrades women constantly. Not sure what Reddit you visit. Go back if you must.

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ITT: people who can not handle a different opinion belittling OP for not being able to handle a different opinion.

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You mean the antisemitism that showed up at the exact same time all the leftist fuckwits showed up? That's awfully convenient, but then I guess Nick Cannon let that cat out of the bag, again.