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You're welcome! I'm glad it's useful to people. That's what makes it all worthwhile

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this is not another version of reddit. Understand that and you'll fit in. It shares similar features, but has a fundamental difference in 'voting' and required content. You must debate... reddit style circle jerking gets very short shrift, and bad faith debating gets called out often and loudly.

hope you like it :D

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Enjoy it. These things never last.
We might get lucky and enjoy another year of it.

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Eh we're 3 years in to it and still going along just fine. I don't see us stopping anytime soon. In fact we're probably going to open some more websites soon.

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I don't assume it will be your fault. You're doing quite well from what I can tell. I just think what we keep doing is equal to applying more band-aids.

I'm clearly rooting for you, I just observe the Reddit-model shelf life.

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Thanks. That's fair. I think that's why building more sites is a good idea. Then if one site slowly tanks for whatever reason, we already have others on the shelf ready to start anew, perhaps with slightly different rules even to give it a fresh culture.

I think if we gradually developed like 5 forum websites each with differing purposes and unique cultures, and hosted by different server companies, we'd be nearly bulletproof.

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I like to know more.
What kind of forums do you think about?
Another Tik-tok. Or Youtube?

Personally I am looking for an alternative for Medium, so I can write long articles with lots of pictures, and have discussions around it.
It would even be better if besides pictures, it would allow some interactive elements. For simulations for example. There are some page-design systems that are build that.
I think many problems today are caused by general misunderstanding of some physics, statistics, and other science.

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I really just mean various saidit-like sites with varying rules. For example I'm thinking of launching a new version of saidit with the rule of "no politics" so it develops a totally different culture.

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Haha.. Just Cats, dogs, and other sweet animals:-)

Just giving ideas...
What about no logical fallacies?
That is hard, but more philosophical.
It is step one in my:
"How to investigate the truth"
It is a lot of work tough.

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Yes that's another site idea, to do one that is very very serious about the pyramid of debate. Sort of a "hackernews for things that aren't just tech"

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I'm thinking of launching a new version of saidit with the rule of "no politics" so it develops a totally different culture.


Yes! Yes! As someone who wishes to create an apolitical space here, having an alternate forum would be great!

It would be even more interesting if we could use the same accounts to create a tiny ecosystem but I could see how that could muddy things a bit.

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Glad you like the idea!

It'd be new accounts for a new site, but you could certainly register the same username on the new site if you got to it before anyone else :)

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something something blockchain

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I think this comment indicates I deserve a response about these wild accusations cast against me.

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Why more websites, instead of the focus being on growing this one?

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I have focused on growing this one for 3 years. I think we need a new twist to really hit critical mass

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who woke up on the depressed side of the bed? You think we'll get shut down, or just fade away?

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I'm merely observing precedent.
Hey, maybe you're right. I'm just not confident.

We've been playing Whack-A-Mole for at least a decade (okay, it's been a lot longer than that...). There's a chance it stops soon, but not for a reason you'll enjoy experiencing. Although, I'd be pretty fond of it.

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Biden plans to send an army of narrative shills to sites that 'harbor domestic terrorists', in their thinking. Not that they're not already among us, but the next wave of them is promised to impress.

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I wonder if they'll advertise the jobs. I could get one and then carry on using the site, but get paid at the same time

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IKR? But then they'd probably want to tell you what to say, and how to say it.

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It would be fun while it lasted. They'd have to check up on me to know

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Yeah, this is the best I've found so far. is all boomer MAGA folks. Ruqqus is edgier/angrier MAGA folks. The other places are straight up neo-nazi stuff. This is the only place I've found where the discussion gets at all nuanced.

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I just got suspended on my new account for telling them we should send them all back to Isreal then flood them with tens of millions of african migrants.

I can post a lot more freely here. Seriously though, all those authoritarian globalist jews? They deserve a hell of a lot worse than a gas chamber.