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That's not cool. Tell me/us more. We need a serious review/discussion outlining whatever criteria are being employed to ban users. Are they ex-Voat folks who prefer to troll? Are they humans who occasionally dive in the gutter but don't dwell there? Who, what, why, how?

The fact that we don't know these things nor have a place (ie. town square) where we can easily find out this kind of thing is a travesty. My new seed ideas address these, and perhaps we can build a better forum.

It was in my forthcoming plans, but maybe it's already time to create /s/PhoenixForum™, /s/PhoenixUtopia™, /s/PhoenixRules™, /s/PhoenixGUI™, and/or /s/PhoenixDev™ to plant some dreams, build on ideas, and start making the next big thing, openly and democratically.

A better name than "Phoenix Forum" might be in order. Perhaps we should have a SaidIt contest for the best next-gen forum name?

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"Amelia has banned like 10% of the active users though."


That's not cool.

A simple review of the mod logs of the subs he controls shows him only banning 2 users for spam/porn. Am I missing something here?

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Sort of. Musk stated fake news for some reason. I haven't gone back to familiarize myself with all of last weeks SaidIt drama, or before. I was deep in pain or my long posts or family drama. So I don't know what Musk is referring to specifically.

My comment had dual meanings. It's not cool if true, it's not cool if fake news.

If I'm not mistaken /u/TheAmeliaMay had admin privileges to deal with spam. During M7's Texan Winter absence Amelia was trying to deal with the mounting problems the best way possible under the circumstances.