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"I guess that it's not how it's done so much as that it gets done."

I also did not realize that it would look exactly as it does now, I was shocked at a couple of things here and there (such as the BLM riots in answer to the anti-lockdown protests). The psychopathic mind is a hard one to track with, especially if you avoid their psychotic delusions with a ten-foot pole like I do. To fully understand it, you must be able to put yourself in their delusional reality, and this is dangerous for most people, myself included. My better nature is easy to obfuscate, and my lesser nature is easy to sway.

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I agree that some of the hypocritically obvious spin and BS was actually masterfully executed and foisted upon the simple minded sheeple. Most impressive is how so many aspects of this authoritarian COVID religion support each other in there twisted logic loops.

I'm no longer afraid of their spells as my knee-jerk gut instincts and mind-calluses have developed X-ray powers to see through their propaganda crap. (Kinda ruins all pop culture now, though I don't mind that as much as I used to.) What's most difficult for me now is trying to empathize to "put [my]self in their delusional reality" in order to help them out of their logic pretzels. There's a huge difference between patiently typing and talking to emotional people.

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"Logic pretzels" yes, this is a good phrase lol