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Perhaps a new idea: Make our own captcha with a 3x3 or 5x5 grid or whatever. Those 9 or 25 squares each have an image with one optical illusion or visual puzzle that has to be selected by a human.

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Click the pictures related to news items that are censored in mainstream news..

Like: Student uprising China. Tower7. Fake chemical attack in Syria. Fake passports that survived 911. Palestine children being shot.
Collateral Murder, Damaging Hillary e-mail, crime statistics, rape statistics, Actual covid death statistics, Vaccine victim, etc.

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I like your train of thought!
However, it has to be easy enough and not too esoteric to avoid alienating newbies and sheeple, unless we want to make a conspirophile club.

Riffing with a joke based on your premise:
Show a bunch of famous politicians, "Click on the faces of war criminals:"
Correct answer: all of them.

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Order the list on how many people they got killed..

My idea might stop some foreign interference and from some agencies. But we would need to test it.
The Chinese student uprising will stop some chinese manipulators. They are not allowed to discuss some topics.
The Palestine/Israeli apartheid system problems may work a bit, but I think that exposing the warcrimes&corruption will do better. I assume that they care about their own country.
Same with US/UK agencies. Want to improve your country/agency? Why not expose some problems and corruption? Like the $90T debt that the pentagon has created according to the financial expert (Skidmore). Or the weapons and money that were given to terrorists in Iraq/Syria to prolong a devastating war.

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The way you're thinking is interesting. The objectives are educationally exposing power, counter-ops, and security - and were aligning towards a good balance. I hadn't considered the counter-ops.

How much of the SaidIt enemies do you think are just normal "citizens"? Like good ol' 'Mericans who would defend their country no matter what others said - except in this case they just visitors from Israel, China, Russia, even America and Canada - and they don't want to see their nation exposed.

How much of the SaidIt enemies do you think are organized and/or covert ops? Similarly from various origins serving power that doesn't want to be exposed.

How much do you think we could deter either civilians or operatives with a little counter agitprop?

How much of a difference is this signup puzzle to the typical stuff on SaidIt? Focused perhaps, but ultimately not much, IMO.

I like this brainstorming fun and don't want to deflate it, but these are my honest questions, and ultimately: Are we overthinking the signup puzzle?

To your ideas:

Because someone is from China (and thus censored and ignorant) or ignorant of China, IMO, they shouldn't be denied. I like the idea of making them do a little research homework to join (if they don't already know the answers), but wonder if that's too much.

I can't speak for all of them, but if you're a grunt who's hired to kill brown people in foreign lands you don't really care much how the government gets the money to pay your military salary to feed your family. I wouldn't expect it's too different by suggesting these cyber war assets think they're James Bond serving the Queen by hacking and crapping on our news aggregator. In short, it's just a job to them. I would hope that we make their lives hard and stressful and stir up inner conflict and like Facebook employees, they get PTSD, burnt out, and converted to believing conspiracy theories. I just don't think we can do all that during sign up.

Bonus: It hadn't occurred to me before, but obviously, even if these ideas aren't good for SaidIt, these security system concepts can be pondered, theorized, mulled over, and developed for the /s/PhoenixForum (for lack of a better name). The more solid that Next-Gen Forum idea gets, the more likely we are to previs it, and more likely folks are to actually build it.