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Step in the right direction. I always wondered if we could have a decentralized tribunal system, where lets say x amount of random people get selected to review a case were a user has been reported (past a threshold). Now to help prevent bad actors, when you report a user, you have to stake crypto, if the jury deems the reported user a troll and the case is in your favor, you and everyone who voted correctly gets crypto from all the user who voted in the other direction.

Idea stolen from the Colony DAO, how to deal with conflict resolution. We could totally have this system on our Web3 based forum.

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Great ideas, though initially I felt like the crypto could somehow be gamed, the excellent demo video squashed those concerns.

Reposted the video: /s/PhoenixForum/comments/7i2q/how_to_build_a_dao_decentralized_autonomous/