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    This sounds like a pretty one-sided story to me. Kind of like how North Korea constantly complains about the "American Imperialists" for asking that they not nuke us or send biological and chemical warfare our way.

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      Where are the screenshots?

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      can you post the [removed] contents of this thread from your message history? would love to hear the other [censored] side of the argument. Have never been able to see it

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      Oh wow they did remove it. I don't remember what it said but I know it was troll alt account for a mod of /s/ironleft, and they were blaming u/magnora7 for everything. From what I saw it seems they originally got banned for repeatedly putting their sub back on /s/all after they were told not to, because they censor opposing opinions.

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      Yes, and then they also started robo-posting across several subs. And then made literally 200 alternate accounts, and then posted spam, and then upvoted themselves to the front page, and then did that every single day for 2 full weeks. They've broken almost every rule we have.

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      I say they deserved the boot then

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      I disagree but they should've been banned from moderating subs.

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      I found their explanation, and it sounded innocent: they were genuinely not knowing why the page kept disappearing from s/all and kept putting it back on before m7 talked to them about it.

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      It is in the rules but I do agree they should've gotten a warning first. I think admins and mods are just too used to reflexively permabanning for every petty rule violation they even suspect nowadays. The insanely harsh legalistic culture has rubbed off even on free speech sites. I also think admins and mods often forget that everyone else doesn't have access to as much information as they do, I've even seen reddit admins expect people they de-modded to still be able to see modmail for that sub.

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      There was unneeded escalation then.

      This looks like an admin team stretched too thin.

      But I agree.

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        Then post them, or if you don't feel safe posting them here join ruqqus and post them to +general or something. Otherwise that's just your convenient explanation for why there's no screenshots. And even if you did have them they are not at all hard to fake.

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        Actually, that would be a reasonable technique.

        The problem is these LXXX/MoronLeft guy(s) are liar STABs.

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        I figured, that's why I cornered them with this

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        Yes, anybody making 200 alts and spamming and upvoting themselves to the front page is more than just a normal dude supremely annoyed at a site. There is something thoroughly suspicious about that behavior, beyond normal annoyance and a desire for vengeance.

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          Sounds legit, a short spat with the admins requires 1000 screenshots

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          so, i complained to fred_red_beans that all of this conversation was censored by him. He basically told me 'tough' and that if I wanted to communicate with a removed user i had to do it elsewhere (how, who know?)

          Looks like saidit has the reddit cancer, but with far fewer people in charge. so 3 admins, all on a dark path. oh well.

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          Wow, Fred wrote that? Oh man... Here I was, hoping he would be more of a solution than a problem... :'(

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          Talk to magnora about it