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I was at the grocery store with my husband yesterday, and we chose not to get a basket--only there to get ONE thing, afterall. Well, several items and a couple with their arms loaded down later, we decide to head to checkout. While I love my husband dearly, he's clumsier than I am (an actual feat for someone that routinely trips on her own legs while walking) so when he began reaching for a drink on a higher shelf with already burdened arms-- I asked him if he really felt like tempting fate. Mutual smiling eyes were shared, and lo, a few steps later he scrambled and dropped shit.

You took this one kinda far, friend. No one wants to be threatened, but you probably should have messaged Magnora about it.

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I did, but heard nothing back for hours. So it is what it is. If saidit is no longer a valid commenting site, then this would be a good time to know.

I don't know if I'm the oldest account still here besides Magnora, but having admins threaten to report users to the FBI should be pretty unacceptable, no matter how mentally ill they are. I would miss all the good people still remaining here who haven't been banned yet. doesn't seem too bad so far. Bobby went to the site I left because of admin fuckery, but those admins haven't changed, and the other 5 sites I have accounts on don't have the great user interface of saidit. I've been heavily neglecting my game library, so that might be a fun way to spend my time. Plus now that I have two working arms again, I have some gardening to get going.

It's been awhile since I've been to stores, because the only open businesses are run by maskers. Just got a $365 delivery from Instacart yesterday, which is the only way to get food (and alcohol!) for people not in the mask cult.


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You could have made your points without going for shitty personal attacks though.

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Hi Jason. Can I get your thoughts on this recent shut down? Who am I to believe?


it was just an accidental shut down by the host and I was doing family stuff while it happened

or TheAmeliaMay (TAM)

(I was able to remove the death threat SaidIt was allegedly taken down for. I banned the user (one of Loki's iron right alts), but it's only a matter of time until he makes another account

I'm trying to determine if saidit has a future or if it's wiser to just move on to other projects.

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Thanks for asking.

You are right to be in doubt. Despite both meaning well, M7 has proven himself a liar on occasion and TAM is unreliable on a few levels.

I don't think I'm out of line repeating what d3rr shared with me, in summary: M7 forgot to pay the bill. Typically I don't like sharing private details but the content and the source are important and credible. to join the chat for developing the next step, though there's not much happening there now. Regardless, hang tight a little longer. Stay tuned to /s/Cassy and /s/PhoenixForum for new stuff. I haven't been good with Linux since 1998 and I have very limited means, but we're trying out some stuff, painfully. That's why I've been quiet/busy. If I can set up an old home indie server, anyone can.

You are one of the good ones, so I hope you'll weigh in when we start posting stuff in /s/Cassy regarding how we want to branch out as a community. There's so much more to discuss than just technical stuff. I can't speak for everyone, but personally I don't want SaidIt to fail nor flounder, even when we evolve - and I think SaidIt still has a strong central role to play. It is what it is, with strengths and weaknesses, to be respected and learned from. We're still all on the side of resistance to tyranny.

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Thanks for the information.

M7 forgot to pay the bill

Sounds plausible. I'm going to go ahead and trust you and d3rr on it.


I've followed. Thanks for the recommendation. I've been chatting both with online groups and some of my IRL friends about the desperate need for a truly decentralized ranked choice reddit/saidit style platform. Glad to see something is in the works. I'm going to follow it closely. Seems like it will need to be guided by people that truly believe in the idea and then people willing to sever the cord so to speak and let it truly grow independently. If the original team that designs it allows too many backdoors or could become a future vector of subversion/takedown. Seems like a successful 'cassy' would need to be anti-fragile in it's design parameters and the initial community will need to have an antifragile philosophy as intelligence services, government, companies, trolls, and bad actors attempt to subvert or destroy her in cradle. I wish you luck on the project and will do what I can to support you! I think that if the core design makes sense you will probably be inundated with anon donors quite quickly...

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My frustrations with my old tech has me on the verge of shouting out for funding assistance for a newer server. I'm not anon, nor a systems IT guy, but I can host the first instance of our federation for testing and for others to join. I understand why many chose to be anon and we need to accept, embrace, and utilize them. So part of our goals are to have ways for anon folks to also participate, securely for all involved.

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I could have, but it was still on the extreme mild end considering the circumstances. Others might not have been so restrained.

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What is that picture? Is that the creepy pedo talkshow host that was getting inappropriate with his child guests? Are you trying to make a political comment regarding the FBI?

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How do you know it's a teenage boy who thinks they are girl?

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He claims himself to be an 18 year old male who is a "trans-girl".

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Too late. I just reported myself to the FBI for this very website. Absurdity²

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You replied with the wrong account. How many alternates do you have?

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Is it just a great way to effect demographic-change on saidit

A demographic change to no actual people left lol. Sadly there aren't many options for people with moderate views any longer.

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Would you even recognize moderate views?

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I don't know what to make of that. If you think I have extremist views you'd have to tell me what they are.

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Would you Could anyone even recognize moderate views anymore in these strange times?

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Apparently its communists who dont openly advocate the killing of all whites. That seems to be the working definition

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TheAmeliaMay is not a friend of saidit as far as I'm concerned. Nor of freedom. Keeping company with shills & wielding power inappropriately.

That stretch where M7 was MIA TheAmeliaMay turned this place into a complete dumpsterfire overnight. Then bragged about all the clean up they did... Also, wasted that supposedly 'swamped' time bickering over petty shit with regular users and trying to instill new un-thought out policies without even handling the dead day to day basics. Total shitshow.

I am not surprised it is a snitch too.

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The temporary Texas Freeze Dumpster Fire was short lived and is long over. No one died or was permanently banned (besides asstrolls). Dwelling on that drama it is infantile. Not having a better fair, open, accountable, consistent, and honest system is also infantile - but that's not on TAM. Also claiming that TAM is not a friend of SaidIt and dwelling on TAM's dysphoria is also infantile.

The clean up report was fantastic and was more update communication than our "leader" M7 bothers to do anymore.

Node advocating violence, brazenly or in code is stupid. TAM threatening to engage the FBI is more stupid. Three rights make a left but two stupids don't make a smart.

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I obviously agree, but at the end of the day it's just some mentally ill kid with power over a website. It wouldn't survive long in the real world.

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Yups. Perhaps why it is here so often.

In any case, threatening to report things here to the FBI is about as funny as it gets - I'm sure they or the CIA has us covered with a few 'patrol cars' cruising through saidit on the reg. Gotta keep tabs on us conspirators.

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In a world dominated by ideologues, the hero of the underworld are there to come to the rescue. Cops, armed with coffee, will hunt down the conspiracionist forum post with their slippery quick fingers, typing 45 words per minute. FBI, soon in a theater near you.

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Agreed!! And agreed on the use of that last pronoun too!

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We can expect nothing less from the alphabet people. Bickering over mundane things is their entire lifestyle.

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u/Jasoncarswell manipulated him too

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How so, shit disturber?

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This is utterly unacceptable. ABSOLUTELY. Once again the insane child tranny admin demonstrating it is more fit for a mental asylum than for a position of influence in a community. Admins need to be held to a higher standard but TAM is simply unable to reach that high, let alone stay there for any length of time.

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Now who's being childish?

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TAM, who else?

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Agreed. With M7 missing in action, the future here doesn't look good.