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Sounds like you have too many projects. I think you need to make the lenny instance work first and then build around that. If one thing works well then people will enjoy using it. It will grow and volunteer programmer help will come. Do one thing well and let everything flow from that.

edit. Good song by the way. Never heard it. Reminds me a bit of Laibach for some reason.

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I agree. The more I try to focus the more I find that to do so first requires spreading out. (ie. to focus on my animation projects I need a wiki to organize myself but that wiki needs a server and knowledge about wikis, etc etc etc) IMO, the wiki is important to lay down the manifesto, goals, roadmaps, rules, guides, social and data management ideas, etc before we even open up a new forum. I have zero interest in moderating, thus I want a self-regulating community, and we can all figure out how that could work on the wiki. Further, other folks may have other ideas and/or want to co-host their own instance which I completely endorse. Decentralization and options are critical, along with inclusion for all folks from trolls to gurus, from basic beginners to Linux experts. I don't aim to replace SaidIt. I want to branch out from it. I don't want to lead, but I'm willing to seed. The goal: if I can do it on a 13+ year old box then anyone can - and everyone should. By the time programmer help comes we'll already be set up. Sure it would be nice for further things, but I think we need more help setting up. Not just me, but all beginners.

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I have zero interest in moderating, thus I want a self-regulating community

The little subs will moderate themselves. As long as the site itself is stable and can be moved easily if a server refuses to host. How are you going to handle that by they way? Will the community just seamlessly switch servers? How are you going to pay for hosting?

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My electricity is inclusive. My server is an old PC at home. I may try to raise funds to cover the annual domains, a better server box or few for more than just a wiki and a forum (PeerTube, archive, other decentralized platforms, etc), and a dedicated fiber line. I will have 100% transparent accounting on the wiki. Anything left over I would save for emergencies (legal fees, gear, etc) and include the community in decisions and what they want next. It would be even better if I could hire a local I.T. guy or few to get things done on demand and/or code bridges for all the platforms and such.

I don't expect M7 to help. I also don't expect him to get in the way. The SaidIt API can let us bridge things within limits. Perhaps more with his permission and some clever coders. I've stated repeatedly that the goal is to branch out from SaidIt, not replace it. SaidIt can be a troll filter and proving grounds for new users that can find calmer decentralized pastures. My instance will be invite only. As a community we can determine together how all that works. Obviously other federated forum instances would be free to have a different setup. If other instances want to play whack-a-troll they can do that too.

Despite always complaining about scraping by, I've avoided asking anyone for anything thus far and even turned many down. Is the time right to beg for a new-ish server (refurbished $750)?