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    Thank you TAM, very much appreciate your help and insight!

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    Since u/magnora7 isn't responding, and as far as I recall, u/TheAmeliaMay / u/d3rr / u/fred_red_beans are focused on website stability and spam-removal only ...

    Would any other mods be able to add input instead?

    I'm a mod of SUB-A along with u/NutterButterFlutter, and we have other mods criss-crossing various subs also.

    We've all had to be hyper-vigilant for a long time because of Reddit Admins and their ever-changing priorities. We'd like to make sure we're acting appropriately for SaidIt, and not bringing our old Reddit behaviors here.

    We don't know the best approach or course of action when we know certain users are abusing the "report" function.