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    I see more than one but then I'm paranoid.

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      Yes and yes. On voat he was gabara and even voaters hated him. But there are other shills out there. Beware, they will try to befriend you. At least recently he's not using 125 pt bold text everywhere, his trademark move.

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            He probably wants me banned.

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            I don't remember seeing your name on Voat. Good to know you were there too! :-)

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            I had a different username over there. I had some good experiences and made some friends but the hate level was so high as I guess you know. Saidit is just right for me so I hope we get over these minor crises and grow as a community. You and I seem to pretty much agree on most things. Cheers.

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            Indeed my dude, cheers. =D

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            Hey, I know that Cher guy from unhappy times on voat. Even know his username.

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            Why don't /u/socks or /u/Chipit comment on these anti-shill posts?

            Perhaps they're afraid to be called out?
            Perhaps they're afraid to be asked how much they make?
            Perhaps they're afraid of other inconvenient questions?

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            Thank you for contributing another .06¢ to poor socks' shill account. u/socks, and u/actuallynot are surely struggling to make ends meet, as is proven by their assignment to these boards. For just .06¢ a day (less than the price of a cup of coffee) you too can help save a starving shill. (Cue Sally Struthers and her sad, fat face)

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            Wow. You've got the memory of a goldfish.

            You think I'm a bot, you feckless slob.

            You don't know the difference between that and a shill?

            Also, in case by position on Israel isn't clear: Israel's foreign policy is unconscionable. Support BDS.

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            I don't think you're a bot.

            But I think you're a well-fecked slob - and a troll.

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            What do you think a troll is, Jason?

            Because your first post to me was:

            Every researcher


            deny the science



            No content. No argument. No engagement. Just "bullshit". About climate science. Of which you were clearly wrong. And any reasonable person would know that you're wrong, so I suspect that you know that you're wrong.

            That's a pretty good definition of a troll.

            You follow up with a long straw man argument about "vaccines have some people who are allergic to them", when what I said was vaccines don't cause autism.

            Again, a pretty clear troll.

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            Of which you were clearly wrong.

            Exactly opposite. You are VERY wrong.

            I'll explain like you are a five year old child:

            Every researcher does not deny the science.
            Every researcher does not support the science.
            Every researcher is a big fucking group with very diverse viewpoints.
            Science is never settled.

            Climate change is propaganda hysteria for the ruling class' global carbon tax scam.

            I used to believe in it until I started understanding how the ruling class' full spectrum dominance tries to control all the narratives and socially engineers narratives to manufacture consent to control the sheeple.

            You're also VERY wrong about vaccines.

            Be skeptical of everyone who holds power over you.

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            Science is never settled.

            Isn't it?

            So either you think that we still don't know for sure if the earth goes around the sun, or you're trolling.

            I'm guessing troll.

            You're also VERY wrong about vaccines.

            They are not related to autism. I know that. You probably know that too.

            Again, probably trolling.

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            If you stop trolling and want to have a serious discussion, I'll be around.

            Until then, double check what you "know".

            Meanwhile, feel free to check these out and wonder why many of them are censored on YouTube...

            Plandemic I Part 1 (22:53) ~ Official Account: Plandemic Documentary Series, 2020
            Plandemic II InDoctorNation (1:16:28) ~ Official Account: Plandemic Documentary Series, 2020

            Who Is Bill Gates (Full Documentary, 2020)
            YouTube or BitChute (2:05:56) ~ Corbett Report Extras, 2020-06-13

            How & Why Big Oil Conquered The World
            How Big Oil Conquered the World (1:11:26) ~ CorbettReport, 2015-12-27
            Why Big Oil Conquered The World (1:53:00) ~ CorbettReport, 2017-10-06

            The Future of Vaccines
            BitChute (41:34) ~ CorbettReport, 2020-12-23

            Vaxxed II
   - Vaxxed The Movement.

            They Don't Wand To See People [Harmed By Vaccines] Like Us
            BitChute (1:15:33) ~ The Highwire with Del Bigtree, 2021-04-30

            Rockefeller Medicine (video)
            YouTube or BitChute (44:07) ~ CorbettReport, 2013-11-02

            For diverse sources to triangulate in on your own truths:


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            If you stop trolling and want to have a serious discussion, I'll be around.

            Okay. Your position is "Science is never settled".

            Do you think that there's some question over whether the sun is at the centre of the solar system?

            Meanwhile, feel free to check these out and wonder why many of them are censored on YouTube...

            Thanks, mate. When I've read all the scholarly literature on climate change, I'll take a look.

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            You call everyone who disagrees with you a shill. It's a tired old trope and I can't wait for you to start your own site so you can stop posting here.

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            It was never about disagreeing. It was about deception, intentional or not.

            I agree it's tired. Yet, IMO your old shtick was even more tiresome. However I have to congratulate you for not sounding so stupid for about half a year give or take (granted I haven't been bothering to keep up with all the good bad and ugly you share), formerly blaming the entire left for everything. Much of the "left" is not represented, not even by the fake "progressive" in the CIA's Dems. I hope you might understand that now and that there's much more to the old-left (and alt-right) than the corporate media tells us.

            Perhaps we can call a truce if you remain rational and reasonable, with or without your conserva-right biases, and if you can continue to sound less bot-like and more human.

            Feel free to fundraise and support the effort for a decentralizes uncensored platform with custom filters that we can all co-host.

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            Wow, thanks for calling me less than human. Coming from you, I suppose that's an improvement.

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            You must know it's rumoured that you're a part-time bot, part-time user.

            Whether it's true or not, I can't say, but it does explain a few things, so I've chalked it up as plausible.

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            Yeah, I'm used to personal insults when the poster can't refute what I'm saying. UR A BOT LOL. I got some other guy calling me a 4chan nazi and he can't refute me either. It's against the Pyramid of Debate, but who uses that any more?

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            The part-bot part-user is about your variety of response styles.

            I can and will refute what's said when it's needed. Before, you were very wrong, and stubborn, repeatedly, with broad all encompassing generalizations without nuance or distinction about "the left". I haven't seen that (nor been looking for it) for a while. I'm hoping you now realize it's more complex than just the tribalist left-right nonsense and that there are diverse factions within both left and right, and that the real struggle is the tyranny of the ruling class vs the people.

            I pointed to the PoD this week. It's not about obeying it, it's about trying to consistently aim high on it.

            Ultimately I don't care what views anyone holds, but if they push misinformation, division, propaganda, and/or problematic agendas I'll call them out when I see it. If they repeat it despite counter evidence presented, and do it on the regular, ignorantly or intentionally, paid or voluntarily, I consider that shilling.

            IMO, socks remains a shill until they get their head straight. Definitively the only one remaining, IMO, unless you relapse. There are others who are obvious trolls and may be shills but I'm not sure yet. Their noise is irritating, obvious, and less dangerous - so I don't yet feel compelled to dwell on them to expose them.

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            Calling people shills is just an easy and cheap way to discredit without engaging with arguments, which is why it's your attack of choice.

            Hurry up and finish your own site.

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            Aw, why did you have to go an do that? I was trying to be nice and offer a truce flag. I was even ready to make out with you.

            Calling people shills is just an easy and cheap way to discredit without engaging with arguments, which is why it's your attack of choice.

            That is a flat out lie.

            I don't use the shill word lightly but only as a signal to others that the shill's words must be viewed with caution. I've only called you and socks shills because you were shilling bullshit. There's no end to my engagement with corrections in discussions. I only attack lies and perpetual liars. People are free to delve into my history to find all this to be true.

            Hurry up and finish your own site.

            Am I talking with the Chipit-bot or the Chipit-human?

            I'm not making my own site. We're trying to seed a federation for our community to evolve to and be more resilient to tyranny. You'd be wise to participate as you obviously spend all day on SaidIt despite hypocritically saying you shouldn't care about it. Maybe you are still a shill after all.

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            They're just butthurt that Mein Furer Netanyahu finally got kicked out of office.

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            Right, but on the Zionist spectrum of politicians in Israel, Netty is not at the Uber Zionist end of the spectrum so a lot hinges on who comes after him: more Zionist or a kinder, gentler Zionist? When does the decision come?

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            Regardless of the leader, things will get MUCH worse.

            Regardless it will all be blamed on the leader.

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            And in his place steps Bennett. A guy that said he killed a lot of Arabs and so what.

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            I'm just naively hoping that non-Likud is potentially a good thing.

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              This is why we can't have nice things.

              Exactly. On voat, if you didn't hate certain racial groups or tribes and keep saying it over and over (Fuck ham radio operators.), you were ostracized like me. Luckily we found Saidit but let's fight for this place—it's worth it.

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              Better yet, let's evolve and decentralize this place - and backup the data.

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              Good idea, Jason. Someone has to pay server fees and whatnot and we can't expect d3rr to take on even more work. He's doing a great job for what I'm guessing is little or no pay, just out of the goodness of his heart. My organizational skills are almost nonexistent but I'll help where I can.

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              Hell, just the BS they gave 80 years ago proovs Isreal can't be trusted.

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              It was 73 years ago. I have a relative born the same year so it's easy to remember. He's not Jewish, but Southern Baptist. 🤦‍♂️

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              The shit birds are circling lower Rand.

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              I just noticed this yesterday when someone made some shitty comment about Odysee being found by two Zionist Jews.

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              As many rabbis will tell you, Zionism isn't even related to the original religion but was added on starting in the 1800s—the weaponization of an originally fairly peaceful religion. Orthodox Jews will have nothing to do with Zionism and regularly organize protests against its aggressions that go unreported know.

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              Zionism is a corporate ideology to commercialize Palestine. That being said making Aliyah to Israel is another def. of Zionism and many Jews on a religoous connotation desired to do this.

              And Talmudism wasn't always peaceful. They rejected Christ and killed 60,000 goyim by tricking the king.