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Jason continues to call her a shill, they argue back and forth, and Jason makes a comment telling me to ban socks. I looked at the situation, and it was obvious that both sides were in the wrong, but that it wasn't really banworthy, so I told them to shut up and block each other.

Easy enough. They both were breaking the POD by that point.

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Reddit drama faggots are now hijacking saidit with their soap opera agendas

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Man this is some boring shit

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I have blocked socks for so long. I probably missed it.
Sock has been spreading government disinfo all the time like some other people, and the forum would be a lot better without them.
They have no capability of critical thinking and are a waste of time.
That is why they are on my block list.

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Yep did the same, socks was just too insane

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I found him fine to be honest.

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I am still unvaccinated and still living good, just went outside without that shity mask

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What does this have to do with anything I said?

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    blocked, thanks.

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    airbus must want to infect other people. I hate people like airbus.

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    Don't ban Jason, you were never allowed to. Wait for M7 and let him decide.


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      TAM did you kill M7 ??!?

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      Wait you banned them both? Why? Just ask them to block each other. And how do you know he isn't coming back?

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        There is no m7 he is deep MIA. I vote for a temporary ban myself.

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        Where's M7

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        I don't know. He has been MIA for a month and before than he was barely communicating with anyone. Apparently he's still paying the bills and intends for this place to stay online.

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        I think he is stressed and taking a break. That is my belief.

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        I think, 1 - family needs have taken him away, or 2 - he is being silent because there is an investigation by a law enforcement agency, or 3 - he is in jail. I am sort of joking about #3.

        Did anyone find out why Saidit went offline the last time? I assume there are enough monthly donations that it can stay solvent without intervention, unless there's something the site admin has to do from time to time.

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        I was fully on board until we get to the sharing of PMs. That's a second issue that you've potentially come across. Anyway I'm not here to be a choosy beggar.

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          It's just the "private" part of "private message" that concerns me. But anyway thank you for dealing with the drama.

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            I don't share PMs unless people tell me to, or there's a crime involved

            Can you elaborate on the crime involved? Hypothetically speaking, if Jason were a pdf file, where in that PM did he admit to committing a sexual “crime”? Wouldn’t he know their name, as well as have at least one photo of them (or tried to get one)?

            He never said he was attempting to become romantically involved with them or was attracted to them in a romantic way (all he said was their wisdom was remarkable and he felt close with them- through talking and shared views and ideals); he basically said they were smart beyond their years, and he found it surprising how he had taken such a liking to them. He mentioned they were naive and lacked wisdom when it came to romance (they were innocent), but still felt they were wise beyond their years in other aspects, which he alluded to being the reason why he liked them; they were wise beyond their years.

            It seemed Jason would have been friends with this person regardless of their age, as the “connection” and “wisdom” is what’s constantly brought up - their wisdom being the thing that initiated their dialogues, and formed that connection - nothing degenerate.

            He didn’t mention doing or trying to do anything sexual w/ them.. didn’t say he tried to get her to meet up irl.. didn’t say he showed her a photo of his cock.. he said he didn’t even know their name (which means he didn’t ask), and didn’t even know what they look like (again, he didn’t even ask for a photo, as a pdf file?)

            So what did he do that was a crime, like if we were in real, legal court, what crime did he break in that PM? Also, if you’re banning him due to the socks situation, why even leak these PM’s and accuse him of something without allowing him to defend his name? Shouldn’t your reasoning for banning him due to the “socks thing” be enough? This seems.. extra?

            All he said was he found it remarkable, despite the brief time they communicated, how well they connected despite the age gap (as friends), how they were innocent yet wise beyond their years, and they were becoming what felt like a true friend on the internet (which he even mentions is odd - an older anarchist friends with a wise young girl), to the point he wondered if someone was trolling him or trying to honey pot him.

            And I don’t defend pdfilia whatsoever.

            If this is a crime, then I’m guilty in my 20’s (rn) and so are my irl friends for being like Jason, and for playing apex legends with this squeaker we met in a random match when only one other friend was available to play, who we introduced to the rest of our friend group, who’s based as fuck and super chill. We play with the kid at least once a week, don’t know his age but he says more crazy shit than we ever do lol.

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              Wow, way to show your true colors and avoid my question all together.

              You were always so polite and kind to me. I didn’t insult you, I just asked you to please elaborate. I stated I don’t defend pedophilia. But if those PM’s are all you have, you don’t have much to make those accusations which is why I asked you to please elaborate, explain more and explain how those PM’s where indicative of a crime?

              You didn’t address my question at all.. and wow this is the first time I ever saw this side of you.. we’ve always had polite and cordial interactions.. you just blew my mind, TAM.

              Edit: & oh @ the irony of “protecting” the PoD when you just broke it as an admin and straw-manned me instead of giving me a valid reply...

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              You’re right /u/d3rr. I’m out.

              Peace everyone.

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              Hey Enza wanna join our private chat with Jason and a few others? I'm very close to launching an alternative forum and you're one of the people I wanted to invite. I don't want to lose you out of sight.

              Edit: this goes for people generally. The group chat is reserved for trusted folks (feel free to try regardless). The forum is already online, and anyone's free to PM me for an invitation.

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              I’m speaking with both Jason and d3rr right now, but sure I’d appreciate that greatly!

              Thank you!

              Edit: lol this whole post got AstroTurfed with up votes as soon as I asked TAM to elaborate and she attacked me. She rearranged the comments as this was in the top comment thread. TAM is astroturfing her own shit. Unbelievable.

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              Yep, his arrival sounded the doom of saidit.

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              Of course he is. If there is a no-nonsense user around here, it's u/d3rr. That's probably why he gave up being an admin.

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              TAM, wtf?

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              It's not my ship to save but it does appear to be on fire

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              Bruv, my lungs are black from all the smoke.

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              Yeah this website is toast. This tranny maniac banning one of it's most prolific posters at a stage where there's only a handful left is the nail in its coffin. I'm out

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              I have seen too many users being called shills because they openly disagreed with someone. I have also seen users called trolls for using humor (or attempt at humor).

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                The standard left tactic on this forum is to create fights with plain lies.
                And then ban the people that get angry about it.
                We must be careful not to fall for this trick each time.

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                  TAM you're sketching me out bigtime. Jason is a huge part of this site and deserves at best a cool-down period. Almost everyone loves calling socks a shill and being a meanie to them (boo fucking hoo), because socks exclusively shills the most mainstream of official normie takes on every issue. It's hilarious to me, honestly.

                  I agree with zyxzevn about the exact dynamic at play here. You seem to being deliberately dense about it

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                  Me too. When somebody keeps spamming lies all over a site, completely made-up demented bullshit with half their posts, and in some threads every single post is made up of lies that are made up of lies that are made up of lies, SOMEBODY's gonna get miffed.

                  "being civil" should not include repeating lie after lie after lie to rile people up. Because that is pure, unadulterated toxicity.

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                  Thanks for answer.
                  Comparing Jason from the beginning to Jason now, I think that he started to become far more emotional on the forum.
                  Maybe give him some time to relax. It seems he is on a psychological break down.

                  Personally I think we should check each others psychological state and advice each other to take a break.

                  On reddit, I give people 2 to 4 weeks bans if they insult people. And tell them to cool off.
                  I also delete the post before the others may even read it
                  I leave a remark it contained some interesting information to react on, quoting only that part.
                  That way you prevent an emotional fight.
                  They are free to return if they want. And I ban them again as soon they fall back in the pattern.
                  It seems to work for my subreddits.
                  People now give remarks of how friendly the forums are.

                  I permabanned some people that kept repeating the patterns of insulting and such.

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                  TAM isn't going to be reasonable about this. TAM is ANTI-reasonable.

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                    I think most of use are :D

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                    See? Again posting truthful and reasonable things. DESERVES A PERMANENT BAN!!!!!!!!!!

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                    /u/d3rr you're a champion, thanks!

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                    I have stayed out of it and Jason has told me that he is a shill. I honestly do not know if he is or isn't. The name socks could be in reference to a sock puppet account but that is conjecture. He does post decent posts from time to time and I never thought he was a problem. In fact, I agree with half of the things he posts. His views on the vaccine are very odd but one is free to hold those opinions. He is though wrong about how no EUA experimental covid vax has caused a death

                    [–][deleted] 11 insightful - 7 fun11 insightful - 6 fun12 insightful - 7 fun -  (8 children)

                    From the content he posts, socks IS a shill, albeit a wise one, who will post truths half the time, and then completely demented utterances of delirium. Did you see its list of "shitpost news?" It's utterly bonkers. And that's just ONE of these.

                    [–]Jesus 7 insightful - 3 fun7 insightful - 2 fun8 insightful - 3 fun -  (7 children)

                    Well, he wasn't wrong about most of those SHitpost posts. WND and all those right-wing media corproatiosn are Zionist honeypots. I posted a IfAmericansKnew article on AP bias and he agreed. Keep in mind that not everyone is a shill who you disagree with but I'm not too concerned with socks if he is. There are far more destructive shills.

                    [–][deleted] 7 insightful - 5 fun7 insightful - 4 fun8 insightful - 5 fun -  (6 children)

                    Many of the news outlets were sketchy, obviously. But there were also some very decent ones in there.

                    And THAT is how you discredit good sites, by bundling them with true shitpost media.

                    Seems plenty harmful to me, and definitely up there in shill tactics.

                    [–]Jesus 5 insightful - 2 fun5 insightful - 1 fun6 insightful - 2 fun -  (5 children)

                    I agree, which sites were good?

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                    I forget. The cancer meds and heavy metals are taking a toll on my mind. I am rapidly declining. I estimate that my IQ has come as low as 110 now, from a high of 174 35 years ago or so.

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                    the drama gets deep.

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                    Vaccinated people to date: 100s of millions

                    Number of people who've died because of the vaccination: 0

                    That's an outright lie.

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                      It is not irrelevant at all.
                      It is a big-pharma lie that has endangered many people already.
                      And it is repeated again and again to trigger strong emotions.
                      A common Big-pharma / corporate media tactic.

                      And when strong emotions are triggered,
                      the person calls for banning of the other person.

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                        Why the vaccine issue is relevant in my view:

                        Big Pharma is NOW active in a HUGE information war against doctors and experts and skeptics.

                        One of my favorite doctors's website was today banned from Amazon.
                        Another vaccine expert was 2 days ago banned from youtube and attacked with sock poppet accounts.
                        This means that many people attacking skeptics could be part of the Big Pharma war.

                        I have no idea what sock is, but I can imagine that Jason sees himself as a target in the war.
                        And certainly one tactic in this information-war is to push people over the edge.
                        This is why old people who protest peacefully are smashed on their heads by the police and trampled with horses.
                        This topic was today on lawyer Feulmich's meeting video.

                        Big Tech and the army propaganda teams are getting instructed to fight dissent science.
                        And I suspect that the incidents that we saw with sock or AHS willl just be minor compared to what is coming.

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                        And TAM protects big pharma. Hm....

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                          Very true.

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                          It is directly harmful to people. You know, KILLING PEOPLE. It's wrong.

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                            Jason told me that socks was advocating violence

                            What did he say?

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                              [–]Jesus 12 insightful - 6 fun12 insightful - 5 fun13 insightful - 6 fun -  (2 children)

                              Also, keep in mind the Democrats that align with DNC corporation of Zionist Inc., are all pro-EUA vaccine. The GOP inc Zionists are profiting from the vaccines and pushing a limited hangout disinformation narrative through their alt-Zionist channels (Hegalian Dialectic) that the vaccines are lethal injections when the fact is that the vaccine revolution was a profit agenda planned in 2019 at the Global CoronaVirus Pandemic Drill EVENT 201. This agenda further perpetuates the common democrat view that vaccine skeptics are crazy right-wingers and that taking an EUA experimental vaccine with no long term testing is a great thing and no risk is involved via the use of reverse psycology.

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                              I think front line health workers in the US are still only 50% vaccinated. That's the canary in the coal mine if I've ever seen one.

                              [–]Jesus 6 insightful - 3 fun6 insightful - 2 fun7 insightful - 3 fun -  (0 children)

                              And even more interesting is that they don't mandate they take them though they use Cass Sunstein's nudging theory to get them to take it. They knowthat those who don't take the vaccines are the control group and trials don't end until 2023/24.

                              [–][deleted]  (1 child)


                                [–]Optimus85 11 insightful - 6 fun11 insightful - 5 fun12 insightful - 6 fun -  (1 child)

                                There's a difference between calling someone a shill and wanting someone dead.

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                                Well the quality of this place is going down every damn day, if Jason is gone then I'd say this place is more or less done for, socks is a huge shill, I believe Jason's words that socks is a VERY HUGE shill, I've observed socks and I have to say the arguments are such garbage and yes Jason is emotional but from what I know he is an emotional person, it's going to be very sad to see Jason gone, but I'd say it's just TAM going on another banning spree. and hey, it's only what I think. After reading a bit more: How the fuck is Jason a pedo? Just because he connected with a person hella younger than him don't mean shit, people can talk about loads of topics no matter the age, albeit with some borders.

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                                  [–]Gravi 5 insightful - 5 fun5 insightful - 4 fun6 insightful - 5 fun -  (2 children)

                                  Well yes here and there he did break the rules, but what the hell does him venting out emotionally have anything to do with you suspecting that he is a pedo? Like seriously was that a necessary thing to add in this post? I don't believe your evidence is evidence at all, you just want to make him look bad, but I'd say you failed a bit there.

                                  [–][deleted] 6 insightful - 4 fun6 insightful - 3 fun7 insightful - 4 fun -  (3 children)

                                  If you have friends more than 5 years younger or older than you, that makes you a dangerous, deranged individual. Let's talk about (made-up) "systemic racism" and "transphobia" but never ageism. Oh, no. Dividing people against other generations is a "good thing" you know.

                                  [–]Gravi 5 insightful - 4 fun5 insightful - 3 fun6 insightful - 4 fun -  (2 children)

                                  Damn, you're right, let's segregate the old and the young. Damn, I must be one dangerous individual. On a serious note - TAM's evidence is pure fairy tales without any base of evidence/argument.

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                                    Exactly. And here we have a mod protecting a shill, and banning a guy who cares deeply about this site. Not a good sign.

                                    [–]Gravi 5 insightful - 8 fun5 insightful - 7 fun6 insightful - 8 fun -  (2 children)

                                    The end is near, I can feel it, the tranny tyranny. Jokes aside I never really saw TAM as an administrator/moderator of the site.

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                                      I know.

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                                      people are dying from the vaccine, Carswell, as usual, is correct. fuck this other asshole.

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                                      Your name always comes up when it comes to saidIt recent drama and controversy. So you are banning the biggest contributer on this site but hesitate with obvious trolls like u/airbus. Gotcha. You are absolutely non biased-and a great mod-not. Is u/socks one of your she-male friends because you are clearly kissing his ass.

                                      You are sus to me and I believe that you are playing both sides. You are a moll destroying SaidIt from the inside.

                                      I can't believe that you have banned Carson but let a guy like airbus and other trolls run wild.

                                      I joined saidit because of people like carson, u/Jesus (the real one), u/d3rr, u/horrux and other good minds (even u/socks). I don't neccessarily agree with your viewpoints but you have all taught me a lot.

                                      Carson was the first one I recall talking to. I was in a very bad space (had a manic episode) and our conversation kept me from doing harmfull things to myself. I now have another episode and wanted to thank him for being just kind to me when I needed it most. Now you have banned him. Whose next?

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                                      The thing I got from this is that sock is a girl.