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AOU is toxic as hell and ruins that whole place. I guess the other poal guy died so I don't see it getting any better in the future. On saidit you can even link to and

Thanks for the kind words, you saidit.

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AOU is a person?

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Not a whole person. Just the anus.

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Not a whole person. Just the anus.
Thats really insulting to anuses. The anus is needed and useful

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yes, Poal's admin

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Yeah, It's better than most sites out there and it hasn't reached its full potential yet. We have to help by spreading the word and creating interesting content for everyone to see.

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I never even tried Reddit until 2019. It didn't take me long to realize Reddit was a disinformation campaign 4 hot topics then when I figured out that it was cesspool of group think developed by CCP/ CIA Bots developed around controlling the information targeting sources and basically making a list for all big Tech platforms to censor and make more difficult to share it and or find it. I discovered saidit from a comment on Reddit in conspiracy. I came over it seemed like a very small site but big potential and it has grown a lot. I post saidit>Reddit, or Join saidit! in comments on YouTube on bitchute Reddit.

I really enjoy this site I was pretty sad when the site went down for a few days and it was just redirecting to Old Reddit. I thought it was gone for good and then reappeared and it's only gotten better there's a lot there's lots more content now. Read it's good for certain things but not truth about reality.

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/u/magnora7 is the bees knees.

If you take a gander at my posts, that are never racially driven or display any hatred towards another group, rather being a criticism of a subgroup of a certain group who are nepotistic, greedy and refuse to assimilate, you'll encounter that posts of this nature cannot be posted anywhere other than saidit. Twitter I was banned twice but I found that twitter doesn't ban people who expose Zionist crimes or Jewish terrorism anymore. I noticed JIDF and ADL officials on twitter were getting sick of the blatant 'anti-semitism' on twitter mostly comprising criticism of Israel and certain Zionist behavior (excluding the fact that Palestinians are semitic and the most anti-semitic groups are the Jewish leadership in Israel who are pupils of Irgun, Lehi (Stern Gang), Betar, Hagana, etc., who raped, pillaged, plundered and murdered natives off their land; see Thomas Suarez's book How Terrorism Created the Modern State of Israel); that they actually quit their JIDF day job after realizing that Jack Dorsey isn't as aligned with Zionist Inc. terrorism as the ADL would like you to believe.

So, the ban wave stopped on twitter in my case and confronting Zionists and Jewish hypocrism based on Talmud backwardness is a daily occurrence of irony, scapegoating and seething.

Facebook is just a honeypot operation where Zuckerberg plays the role of a 'CEO' hounded by Zionists because he didn't do enough to censor the growing narrative against Zionism, which is masked in the phrase 'do it for the children.'

Ruqqus is owned by three trump supporting Zionists. They are the worst and will ban anyone critiquing Zionism. I have said it from the begining that Ruqqus was a honeypot.

Poal(e).co (ref. to Poale Zion?) is a honey pot and owned by a Bolshevik Jew. Was banned there twice.

YouTube is Zionist owned.

Reddit is Zionist owned (Newhouse is largest shareholder).

MeWe is Zionist owned., it's original name (gabai def. doing deeds for the Synagoge) is Zionist owned, Torba is a Jew who supports Dershowtiz and wants to increase anti-Jewish sentiment against the anti-Zionist Jew to increase emigration from the US to Israel for the settler project. He censored in mass awhile back due to the fake synagogue shooting by a Gab user, which was actually a DHS active shooter drill, who supposedly got radicalized on a site that literally names it self: doing deeds for the synagogue.

Odysee is Zionist owned

Telegram is Zionist owned

Bitchute (Ziochute) with their praise of Avi Yemini, a pro-netanyahu shill and Vahey, bitshits owner, is a self-admited Zionist whose headquarters is a block from 77th brigade in the UK. He is a money hungry shill who allows JIDF agents to impersonate other users' accounts.

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Ruqqus is owned by three trump supporting Zionists. They are the worst and will ban anyone critiquing Zionism. I have said it from the begining that Ruqqus was a honeypot.

They're shutting it down. You didn't hear?

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Nope, makes sense, it was a honeypot.

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Saidit may not be the newest-looking or flashiest website around, but the differences it does have are valuable to free speech, and I'm glad to be here with you all who recognize that!

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Tolerating open dialog among differing points of view in my mind furnishes opportunities for all sides to learn something. That doesn't mean any one side is going to be able to bludgeon its own world view into others.

The problem with so-called "discourse" is that we're being conditioned to see our own respective world view as the only one supported by logic and fact. That's probably why so many attack when their efforts to persuade fail.

Sites tend to foster this contentious type of dialog- favoring certain schools of thought/ideologies and disallowing others.

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That doesn't mean any one side is going to be able to bludgeon its own world view into others.

Which is why saidit doesn't have downvotes, so groupthink can't censor outside opinions via downvotes. A subtle, but important, difference from most other sites.

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Now if only the Android app would get an update, it's been about 2 years.

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i am a gold star lesbian.

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nope, i dont get down with dudes. it aint my thing.

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What does a lesbian bring to a 2nd date? A U-Haul. Told to me by a real live lesbian. She wasn't gold star, though. I imagine most lesbians, at least older ones, aren't gold star due to social pressures and just not understanding that they were truly different. When I was in my 20's, social pressure was for young women to experiment with other women, even if they weren't gay.

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i am a gold star lesbian. /s

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I may be "naive", but I get the joke sometimes.

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i dont mess around with dudes. i am a gold star. i do not own a dildo. i only wear flannel shirts. i drive a truck. i cut my steak with a yard rake and a hacksaw. i have spurs on my boots. i stuff my pants with old bras.

i am legit a gold star.

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So close. The correct answer to what you drive is a Subaru.

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Yeah, it's a Subaru Truck with a four speed transmission and an AM radio.

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I didn't think they made those anymore. You got me.

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i stuff my pants with old bras.

I don't understand this one. Or maybe I do. Why bother stuffing pants?

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youre lower than a piece of trash

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that means a lot to me, coming from an anonymous fag on the internet.


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No, you're probably JIDF shill:

Your beloved Zionist Jew of the World Jewish Congress had this to say in his degenerate book 'Spirit of Militarism' :

The first task of our world revolution is Destruction. All social strata and social formations created by traditional society must be annihilated, individual men and women must be uprooted from their ancestral environment, torn out of their native milieus, no tradition of any type shall be permitted to remain as sacrosanct, traditional social norms must only be viewed as a disease to be eradicated, the ruling dictum of the new order is; nothing is good so everything must be criticized and abolished, everything that was, must be gone. —Nahum Goldman

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That's what your sorry butt is doing, knowingly or unknowingly.

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Poal is an utter cesspool.

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Agreed ^

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Poale zion

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