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Don’t worry. I got permanent banned from reddit as well. I can’t use reddit until I change my imei and uo address. So I would have to move and change my phone.

I say stuff like, “ivermectin cures covid. Kamala Harris behaves like a psycho. The 2020 election was rigged, I honestly believe it was. There was no insurrection.” Etc.

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change my imei and uo addres

No need for that, use a VPN like CyberGhost and maybe tor. Always have a new IP address andI was posting comments just minutes ago on reddit even though my other 100s of accounts were banned.

SunPuzzleheaded134, Affluent-Albatross, Stomachlobber, Sandygrist,Miserable-Session798 and Dell7010dilemma with over 100 downvotes.

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Cyber ghost private browser app?

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That will do well.

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Thank you.

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You're a braver soul than I

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Dude permabanned is a snowflake scam, I've had dozens of accounts banned and I still post comments with ease. Use a VPN and done

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Yeah I'm banned too. Ironically in r/banned I mentioned that all MAP's deserve a bullet to the brain and got permabanned for threatening violence.

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When you get banned from all mainstream social media and you end up here, it's likely you'll get banned as well, for you can't really express what the obvious solution is to this conundrum. Just my non-violent two-cents.

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3rd choice? FAIL

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How the hell do you get permabanned from a site that you can get an account for free. I have probably 2 dozen reddit accounts.

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Mods (or possibly just admins) can link your alts even if they’re old enough to not require an email. I assume it’s by IP and device

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Easy to change IP address, use VPN or tor. Devices can be virtual, bluestacks, vms etc.

If the accounts are free, it is impossible to ban someone.

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I am a gold star.

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You are a boring lesbian (bot?) without a cause.

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hey jason,

hey, whats the name of that sub where you guys are working on a new social media system? is it something like calypso?

sorry, i cant remember the name of it.

btw, my web server program(written entirely from scratch in C language using gcc command line c compiler that comes with codeblocks compiler) is coming along nicely.

i scrapped the idea of writing my own implementation of WEBSOCKETS.. i found it to be quite complex and overkill.. the keep-alive function is very interesting because it allows me to open up an http session from javascript in my browser and to make multiple requests..

this is possible because of a thing called "keep-alive"..

in the old days of using a web browser, the browser opens a socket to's web server and it issues perhaps a request of "GET / HTTP/1.0[enter][enter]" and then google will respond by sending the appropriate http header and a blank line and then the actual html and THEN GOOGLE TERMINATES THE CONNECTION.

but with HTTP/1.1, the keep-alive functionality of the browser doesnt close the connection after responding with the initial header and html, but instead it allows the browser to submit additional requests..

My code is gonna be super tight.

i will be able to submit VERY SHORT AND SWEET REQUESTS that contain minimal REQUEST HEADERS, so instead of my browser requesting "GET / HTTP/1.1" and also sending a shitton of useless other request header fields, i might want my browser to be able to say something like this:


or Gflowers.gif

I am a fairly experienced ecommerce developer and have written about half of a dozen fairly good sized backend code(in c on linux mostly) with up to 25,000 lines of source code.

My preference when coding is to cram everything in my program into a single source file, two at the most AND I REALLY LIKE TO PUT EVERYTHING INTO ONE SUBDIRECTORY.. this makes it ultra simple to backup my system to another subdirectory.

yes, i am stoned on some weed.

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/s/Cassy is about solutions ASAP, without investing endless hours into coding. I am looooong overdue for an update.

/s/PhoenixForum is about dreaming for the future.

Draft up a thing about your web server program. It sounds vague, but I'm curious.

I don't know what WebSockets are. I know we've used Docker for stuff, if it's any relation.

The world certainly needs a new bloat-free browser without much but able to accept modular addons.

this makes it ultra simple to backup my system to another subdirectory.

That is always good.

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the good news is that florida WILL. NOT. ENTIRELY. GO. UNDERWATER. because there is one part of florida that is approx 300 feet above sea level.

when florida gets hit with a really ass kicking hurricane and perhaps a few other disasters, it gonna sink.

say goodbye to florida.

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Vice. ROFL. The good news is that we now know where to Pinnochet you to.

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it is neither here nor there if you approve of VICE as a valid news source, it is simply a fact that ground under the state of florida is becoming more unstable.

wasnt there a high rise apartment building that recently collapsed? i am no structural engineer, but it looks obvious that an unstable foundation must have played some role in this building collapsing.

florida is an accident waiting to happen. we could very well wake up and see on the news that 80% of florida just "sunk" into the ocean and that millions of people died.

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That's a more pleasant video than the boy in a Mid-East emergency room without a jaw and nose who stepped on a land mine, looking at the camera with eyes saying WTF.

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hey.. bud.. i am not really a gold star lesbian. but dont tell anybody. lets keep this our private secret.

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Is being gold star an achievement? Can the act of not doing something be an achievement or does it take action to keep that gold star status?

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a lot of lesbians are lesbians, quite simply because they hate men. been around. had many opportunities to chat with em. a whole bunch of em got at least a slight case of "daddy loved me a little too much" syndrome. i am not making fun of the lesbian girls, not at all, but that is simply the fat and the skinny of what is really up.

for a lesbian(or a gay male) to proclaim that he or she is a gold star is their way of saying that they are fully committed to the lifestyle.

my two cents.

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Stale jokes are dead giveaways. Remain creative. You can do better Edward.

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hey. doxxing me is not cool.

strike one.

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Swing away, your strikes are meaningless.

How's it feel to have the trollee on the other foot?

It's not doxxing when you're so obvious and obnoxious. Not the first time either.

On the plus side, d3rr has missed you in chat all week, maybe longer.

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lol, you guys get banned but love using reddit so much you spend money on VPN service to post on reddit. Please, don't lie and say you still go on reddit to troll. You go because you love the large numbers, the discussions. Even though your type of speech is not wanted and got you banned you still want to be part of the reddit community. Funny, and sad.

Look at the bright side, you can now post here about how reddit sucks. A lot of people here do that. They constantly post how reddit sucks acting like a woman who was dumped but still checks out her exbf's instagram account for updates.



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Welcome to the family

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I'm also curious about how that will play out too. With Ruqqus ( and Voat ) gone I would expect many of the users to move over to saidit and similar platforms regardless of how welcome or not they are.

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