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We're all staring at our screens right now. None of us are active.

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Don't you have traffic stats?

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not really, just whatever cloudflare tracks for us.

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Probably 200-500 people who are active at least once a month, and about 20-100x as many viewers. We get tens of thousands of pageloads a day, the overwhelming majority of people are lurkers. There are also some subs that are active that aren't shown on the front page like /s/LGBdroptheT

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Based on the number of people who viewed an image I posted I'd say about 115 although many are lurkers.

It's small but not dead. Browse by s/all, that's the best way to see everything.

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115?? I have seen subs that number in the tens of this sub... what is up with it?

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Users were auto-subbed to a default list of subs when they made an account. May still be, IDK.

As for the current low numbers, I think that's due to the censorship and PoD issues. Saidit is known as a censorship site on other sites where I've brought it up.

The tranny admin and unfair bannings have had repercussions. The troll feeders are also having an impact, with a large percentage of the comments being from reddit trolls they've attracted.

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How appropriate you explain that. My account still says 1 year.

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Can you please help me understand what some of this means?

censorship and PoD issues. Saidit is known as a censorship site on other sites where I've brought it up.

What are POD issues? I thought saidit was known for the opposite, free speech alternative to reddit?

tranny admin and unfair bannings have had repercussions.

Who is a tranny and who was banned unfairly?

These are sincere questions. I am looking for an explanation, not argument.

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PoD = Pyramid of Debate

u/AmericanMuskrat was one of the banned, and one of the only two (I know of) who returned from the dead. RIP bobbobbybob. Jason is the other survivor. Saidit is definitely not a free speech site, although it has less censorship than reddit.

TheAmiliaMay (TAM) is a teen tranny, and was made an admin sometime in 2020. Times were turbulent during his rule, which only ended a few months ago.

As it coincidentally happened, TAM assembled a list of what he called my "illegal death threats" (Ex: "Trannies should be shot") in an attempt to get me banned, and less than 12 hours before the first cutoff by saidits host, TAM posted what he called 'proof' that saidit admins (him being one at the time) were: intentionally violating the hosts TOS by hosting violent death threats, and deliberately overlooking those same "violent death threats" in violation of Federal Law". Perhaps thinking that might not be enough, he then notified the public at large in that same comment that he planned to call the FBI in to investigate both me and saidit users in general. Less than 12 hours later, saidit went offline for 3-4 days after the host company pulled the plug.

(I suspect the single major troll we had back then - Loki88 being one of his main accounts - saw TAMs evidence against saidit and just forwarded it to the host. They must have been thrilled to see one of their customers [claiming to be] openly defying their TOS and Federal Law, while threatening to get the FBI involved in their business.)

[The official story is that after three years of no problems, the card the host had on file suddenly stopped working, and the TAM incident was a total coincidence.]

TAM is back to regular user, m7 has rejuvenated during his months of not looking at saidit, so hopefully perceptions will change and more users will stick around.

The biggest negative now is size of the 'troll community' compared to legitimate users. It's not good when a huge percentage of comments on a site are simply troll bullshit. Feeding bad faith users with reply prompts is a losing strategy, because why would they leave?

Does that work for an explanation? I kind of skipped the specifics of the bans because it won't help to rehash all that at this point.

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That is very helpful and kind of concerning. I might have to find a new site to use.

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I think that's behind us now. As for literal free speech, it's in pretty short supply out there, and saidit compares pretty favorably.

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I'll play your game... how many?

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at least more than five

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Active enough. IMHO reddit has numbers yet leans too left. I come here for the quality, not the quantity.

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I think it would be more active if someone would fix the app's push notifications so people know they have replies to respond to.

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No thanks.

Comment and run.

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Nah, there is hardly anybody here. Except us.

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It has me. Hasn't it?

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Not many. A lot of posts make it to the front page with only a few upvotes. Some don't have any comments at all.

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my estimates say about 20