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If you don't want to see that conspiracies exist, then why not go to a big tech website that's happy to censor such material?

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I don't actually mind the presence of conspiracy subs, but I would like a site that consists of more than JUST said people. General discussion is important.

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If you start a general discussion then you will get one. If you are having problems with people saying things in your general discussions that you would rather have censored because you think they are conspiracy theories then you shouldn't leave Reddit.

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Nobody said anything about censoring people, calm your tits.

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Yes, let us remember to communicate, and to do good, for these are the kinds of sacrifices that please God. I hope you find like-minded people who want to speak the truth.

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like if you want to discuss sports or movies, and not in a controversial way, why not do so at reddit?

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Or games. Reddit is great, they have a sub for every game, and a few for the stock market. Beyond that... No, thanks.

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Nah, even the games subreddits are becoming politicised, or suffer from mods who feel the need to micromanage every single post with a thousand rules.

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Because we're banned from reddit like 99% of everyone who didn't manage to become a default mod. And when we were on reddit the mods didn't ever let us do anything and often banned us.

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why would you get banned from reddit if making vanilla posts

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Because the mods didn't like my post

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yeah must have been a controversial political or conspiracy post then

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Or it was crossposted from a subreddit they don't like, or you got in the way of the mods' karmawhoring, or they don't like you, or they don't like the topic, or they consider it not "high quality" enough. Or if you don't have more karma than GallowBoob and your account isn't older than /u/reddit.

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i know what you mean but all subs on reddit have to follow their strict rules so it might not even be the mods fault and it isn't personal but they have to ban you or they themselves get banned. I'd be like ok ban me but they have the moral failing where they love the power of being a mod too much

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No, notice how all the mods on every major subreddit are exactly the same. And notice how they mod certain subs with admins. And notice how their submissions and comments and subreddits are suspiciously more visible than everyone elses'.

They've also had several "default mods only" chats with the admins, which was proven after someone leaked them talking about editing peoples' comments on /r/The_Donald with spez. The admins even admitted to plotting one of the major banwaves with them, I'll see if I can find it. Some of them are just labor pawns but there is definitely an upper echelon of collusion between certain powermods and admins.

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I don't think it's unreasonable to want a single network which contains all the content, instead of needing to go to a different site for anything that the majority of one site doesn't like.

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Oh, you're right. We just haven't grown to the point where we can have a sub for each game.

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that's reddit

there are subs here, go try to make a post on sports or movies, no one will reply

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IMO, it's fairly quiet as a site overall (compared to Reddit) ... but certain subs are EXTREMELY active. Some of those are removed from s/all though, due to moderator rules, so you won't see them unless you know they exist.

Anytime Reddit has a banwave, SaidIt gets an influx of new users, so you can expect to see more activity then and at least some new regulars stick around. That definitely helps bring a little more life to SaidIt. I look for specific mentions of my sub on Reddit all the time and try to recruit people over also, LOL

Sad to see your demise on Reddit coming already, but glad to have you and the TiA team here! I've already subbed :)

Side question - are you and Hat going to be able to get in on s/socialjusticeinaction too? It was made by another user, but he hasn't been active and may have abandoned ship ... you could probably talk with u/d3rr or u/magnora7 about claiming it.

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My worry for SaidIt is that it may face the same problems as Ruqqus - too many subs without enough users to support them tends to dilute content and discussion. As it stands I keep finding interesting subs, only to follow the link and find that there's been nothing posted in months.

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That is very true, there are a number of subs I follow here where there hasn't been content for months. I haven't given up on them though. Every now and again, I'll even make a post, LOL. If every user makes just one post a month in a sub we'd like to see revived, collectively, we'll grow this site. We have to take responsibility for it though. SaidIt, despite it's lower activity, existed before and after Ruqqus, so that does say something.

What I think is really great about SaidIt is that the users, us real people, can have conversations again. We're getting back to basics, like Reddit was in the good days, so many years ago. Subs like TiA and SJiA can be a real part of that. The internet like it was meant to be, people connecting, not the propaganda machine it's become.

On Reddit, when I first joined, I used to follow only a few select subs where I had great experiences talking to others, even those who disagreed. And along the way Reddit changed, and I ended up subscribing to a metric shitton of subs just to waste some time, and I don't interact with anyone at all anymore.

SaidIt, being a young and in some cases, abandoned, alternative, it's on us as the users to help this site grow. So little by little, we users create or revive subs that haven't had content, just by sticking around. Maybe it's just one post a month. But that's still activity, and it helps others feel comfortable doing so too.

I didn't spend much time on Ruqqus, and I never made an account. From the beginning, it felt like it didn't have a real goal or focus other than "not Reddit". Also its UI was garbage, NO ONE LIKED THE REDDIT REDESIGN. Anyway ... from what I saw, the problem is that they allowed individual users to guide and overtake not only subs/guilds, but also guide the purpose of the site. Which is exactly the problem Reddit has currently, via un-checked brigades and powermods.

By the time Admins pulled up their pants and proclaimed what they were finally going to do, old disenchanted users had moved on, and the few that remained were outraged because the new purpose was a 180 from what they've known this whole time.

I mean, Ruqqus Admins decided to go the SaaS route. How Reddit/Silicon Valley can you get.

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Yet you censor everything you personally disagree with on your sub. Hmm

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You do too

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I got s/SocJus as the SJiA lifeboat.

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People are less chatty over here, I think.
I am also thinking of moving over some (more) subs, and this could help saidit grow.

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The amount of vaccine disinformation is concerning.

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There was a misleading article about Corona vaccines causing AIDs that was popular. Apparently half of everyone was going to die by January. Many of the claims can't be proven or debunked as easily.

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A lie can get halfway around the world before the truth can get its pants on.

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And who is to be the final arbiter of truth? This is how we end up burning heretics. Which, mainstream social media does do in a virtual sense.

There's pro-vaccine propaganda too, the anti Ivermectin camp is quite obviously funded by big pharma. There's absolutely no medical sense to not co administer a harmless drug on the off chance it might help. The response was suspiciously disproportionate.

I read Pfizer is the number one owned stock in Congress.

It's looking like this vaccine is just another flu shot, in that it constantly needs to be taken, and they're probably going to guess the wrong strains.

Not that it even matters because we'd never vaccinate 100% of the population and even if we did we would not eradicate it.

So my point is, why even care so much about the vaccine at this point? If it helps you, great, but it doesn't matter who takes it. Might even be bad. Either way, seems like a pointless cause now.

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And who is to be the final arbiter of truth?

Academic communities of scientists, who publish the results of extensive, thorough research, testing &c.

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Fuck those nerds, dude. Why would you ever trust so much power to academia. These are the same people who flip flop constantly on which side you're supposed to lay a baby. Scientists who often can't reproduce their studies.

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Who else are you going to trust? Believe 1000s of researchers who are working with facts and the scientific method, or a Joe Rogan type imbecile at, or indeed an anonymous person on Saidit who claims he/she saw a video that says the opposite of the professional scientists? Guess who is funding the anti-science propaganda, and why they do this. Consider that so many of the posts on Saidit aren't factual, and what their sources are. If I were to try to influence anything at Saidit, it would be the encouragement of users to look for the facts in these posts, rather than merely believe in them without question.

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Who else are you going to trust?

Isn't that the trillion dollar question.

1000s of researchers who are working with facts and the scientific method,

Antidepressants and cox-2 inhibitors are two fantastic examples of why you can't blindly trust scientists. The science said they were useful. The first one, although we know it barely works and has serious side effects, still is actively being prescribed. People use scientists, they're puppets. And your side believes them selectively. If Dr. Joe Smith from Idaho says the covid vaccine makes your dick fall off, then you ignore him.

Joe Rogan

I can't really speak much to this guy cause I loved him as Joe on News Radio but I'm not into MMA or podcasts. The bit of the interview I saw with Sanjay Gupta, Rogan made good points. He strikes me as an intelligent guy who speaks what he believes to the best of his understanding.

Guess who is funding the anti-science propaganda, and why they do this.

Who, where is the money behind anti-science?

Consider that so many of the posts on Saidit aren't factual

I think the issue is more often that you're ideologically opposed to the posts than their factuality. Not that everything you read on the internet is ever true, but as a long time reddit user I don't know how you would have two barns, one big one piled high with shit and a smaller one with just a little poop, and point to the little barn and say "what a dump" like Liz Taylor in Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf.

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Thank you. I should respond properly, but I have to log off for now. Essentially: I agree it's good to be skeptical. Indeed, the reason I am here is to read posts I normally don't agree with. But I do differentiate between opinions and facts, with particular interest in the facts (which I think aren't ideological). And regarding piles of shit - for what it's worth - I remember my mother telling me (very long ago): if I were told to go to a barn and see what's in there, I'd open the doors, see a tall pile of shit, and would search nonetheless under that shit for the pony underneath. Not flattering, but there it is. I have difficulty motivating myself to hate people (normally).

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They trust and believe Joe Rogan because he's alpha.



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Yep - Italian/Irish Boston 'wise ass' commedian alpha jock who peaked in the mid-90s (I thought some of his stuff was partially funny back then), but has since then learned that he could make so much more money promoting right-wing hatred, fear, trash-talk, and general idiocy that people like and want to hear and identify with. He had of course no proper political knowledge, nor has he read any reasonable books on the subject - if he reads at all - and thus promotes the brainless know-it-all image that one doesn't have to concern themselves with facts, but rather trust loud, aggressive, hostile, dim-witted comments by people like him, which aren't interesting or clever. He lowers the bar on political discourse so that right-wing voters can reach it, and thereby join in a chorus of hatred, lies, paranoia, fear, anger and stupidity that rallies their groups against the 99%, for the sake of the GOP 1%. And yes there are some terrible liberals, but that's not my main point here. He's causing siginficant harm to many in the US, in much the same way Rush Limbaugh and Roger Ailes did, though the latter was not as stupid. They're trash, of the worst kind.

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Well said, no better explanation of the kind of person he is and why idiots follow him.



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You mean where? In the mainstream media?

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On SaidIt.

I'm a doctor. I trust peer-reviewed research in internationally respected journals over some random people on an anonymous forum.

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So many doctors and nurses are losing their jobs because they refuse to take the mRNA injections. And that is why so many hospitals are understaffed or "overwhelmed". There must be something wrong with these injections for so many medical professionals to be willing to lose their jobs for refusing to take the "vaccines".

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Yes, it's better to get infected by whole virus with his DNA and RNA than some part of it in injection. /s

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Maybe you didn't know, but many viruses do not have DNA.... and are RNA only. The COVID shots could be considered to contain a fully formed virus itself, since they contain RNA (messenger RNA) that hijack the host body's cells to manufacture spike proteins, and many people are getting sick after receiving the shots.

'COVID-19, short for “coronavirus disease 2019,” is caused by the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2. Like many other viruses, SARS-CoV-2 is an RNA virus. This means that, unlike in humans and other mammals, the genetic material for SARS-CoV-2 is encoded in ribonucleic acid (RNA). The viral RNA is sneaky: its features cause the protein synthesis machinery in humans to mistake it for RNA produced by our own DNA.'


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I wanted to simplify the example - getting whole virus vs getting just a spike.
Your quote from the study doesn't differentiate between part of mRNA (spike) in vaccine and mRNA of a whole virus. Also, it mensions RNA, not mRNA. Reading the whole article (and hundreds of others), it says that vaccines contain mRNA of part of virus (spike), not whole virus. People are sick after receiving the shots, because they their immune system recognize that spike protein is not a host element.
Also, I feel that overal outcome in article about mRNA vaccines is that they are very good and in many aspects better type of vaccines than traditional ones.
Interesting readings:
Not an expert, just like reading stuff and checking facts (maybe someday we will have actual experts on Saidit :D )

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I'm a student of biology. Doctors understand about 0.000000000000000% of how the body works. Also, your whole microbe theory of medicine is bullshit. Even Pasteur admitted it. Terrain or change your scam.

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He's right, Horrux. Now you've scared him off with your 0% nonsense. It's impossible to develop a reasonable discussion with someone who argues with obviously false reasoning like this:

Doctors understand about 0.000000000000000% of how the body works.

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I like it a lot more recently, saidit used to be more dead, I make a comment and it gets replied to like within 30 minutes and that is good enough for me. It is all politicial extremists and conspiracy theorists though but if you're against htat and only want to make vanilla, mainstream approved posts, things that have nothing to do with politics or theories, you can easily just do that at reddit. This is for people that get banned from reddit.

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A lot more people get banned from reddit than political extremists. I think the default mods and AHS are running false flag operations and them constantly saying our sites are full of nazis and stuff attracts those people & drives others away.

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no it all comes down to politics as for why they get banned

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Or the mods not liking you

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for making political posts they don't like?

[–]Vulptex 2 insightful - 1 fun2 insightful - 0 fun3 insightful - 1 fun -  (1 child)

In my case it was because I discovered their cabal of default mods.

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well i suppose they won't like that lol

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If you moderate your sub in any meaningful way then you won't be listed in /s/all and no one will find the sub.

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How come it stays off?

[–]fschmidt 1 insightful - 1 fun1 insightful - 0 fun2 insightful - 1 fun -  (0 children)

That's the policy here. Ask the management why.

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Looks like it is up and running. If I was the on call engineer I would be pleased.

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I have some really bad experiences with magnora7 and the way he used to admin, around 6 months ago I couldn't sit and watch how magnora7 treated some of the users. What got to me was the prejudice and how he banned people on suspicions of being sock puppet accounts due to their opinions.

I remade an account here during the whole Ruqqus thing, but I'm not comfortable making this my main social news aggregator, I'm currently jumping between and

At least you know where to find me if this comment gets me banned. 😅

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magnora left for months and now even seems to hardly come here, he said something about how he was thinking of making a new site where there will be more censorship, I think he got sick of this site and it's controversial posts, but that is a good thing and the site has grown more at the same time he has stopped coming here and hence censoring as much, ironic.

[–]AlanSmith33 2 insightful - 1 fun2 insightful - 0 fun3 insightful - 1 fun -  (1 child)

I know. I double checked and saw his last interaction was months ago before remaking an account on saidit. Few days later he returns. Oh well.

I was here back when magnora7 said to be careful about this site if he'd been missing for a few months and didn't update the canary. Now he's back after missing for a couple of months and not updating the canary. 🤔

But then again I browse 4chan and I know that's a honeypot.

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I doubt any of these kinds of sites would be allowed to get very big if not being ah oneypot

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I use it sparingly mainly because it's just underpopulated.

I don't think there's inherently anything wrong with it other than lack of traffic.

You are more likely to see political extremists and conspiracy theorists here but there isn't much truly off the deep end stuff.

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Saidit gets 500K visitors per month. If it seems quiet, its only because people lurk X>