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No, notice how all the mods on every major subreddit are exactly the same. And notice how they mod certain subs with admins. And notice how their submissions and comments and subreddits are suspiciously more visible than everyone elses'.

They've also had several "default mods only" chats with the admins, which was proven after someone leaked them talking about editing peoples' comments on /r/The_Donald with spez. The admins even admitted to plotting one of the major banwaves with them, I'll see if I can find it. Some of them are just labor pawns but there is definitely an upper echelon of collusion between certain powermods and admins.

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reddit is done, I mean it is just for talking about on controversial stuff now. Maybe you can post on r/conspiracy but they ban you quick there too, it can be interesting to read posts there tho sometimes. So that'd be my recommenation if you still want to make lame boring vanilla posts, can't here as they get no traction, but make a new name and do that at reddit, then discuss high IQ important topics here.