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my guess is you have blocked several top level commentators. no removed comments on that one.

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How do I block people from commenting in my threads?

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Your personality is usually enough

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No seriously, I need to block people from commenting in my threads. You paid social media influencers are harassing me.

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just click block user on one of their comments. they can still comment on your posts though, you just won't see it. i think.

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Yeah, but I don't want any of them commenting in my threads. They derail conversation - indeed that is their purpose in posting on this site.

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Then don't post on public forums and join a suitable echo chamber. There's also the option of posting your links within PMs that are exclusively between you and the person of your very own choosing. You are the master of how you perceive your experiences, and it's not the site's job or the job of anyone else here to ensure that it's a pleasurable one.

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People comment on my posts with the express purpose of disrupting conversations and inserting disinformation. It's not a joke.

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Just because people disagree with you doesn't mean that they are trolling. And when there is a potential troll, ignore him/her. If a troll continually breaks the Saidit rules, report him/her.

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Never do what a troll commands you to do. Worst possible choice.

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Is there even one saidit account that you haven't yet accused of being a "paid social media influencer"?

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Sure, the overwhelming majority of them.

You sure the Node account isn't a paid social media influencer? It sure behaves like one.

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Would you like some amazon links to products I think are great? I could go through my excessive number of tabs and find some other links too. Have some great links for tea, green coffee beans, and kratom. Probably some other stuff too.

How about some opinions? Have a pretty good stock of those, and they're pretty superior to the others you'll find out there. If you're struggling to get by with one of the inferior opinions, let me know and I'll check in the back to see what I have.

You sure the Node account isn't a paid social media influencer? It sure behaves like one.

Then it would be easy to find an example, right?

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Had the same thing until I unblocked the socks shill. It doesn't just block them, it blocks them and all subsequent replies in the thread.

I see 31/31 comments on that post. Show the comments you see and I'll tell you who you have blocked.

It could be jet199, with 19 total comments in the thread at this point. No other thread could fit your ratio.

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I think I only account for 5 comments on that thread. Could be Popper.

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But yours is the top comment, so all replies in the thread under your comment are auto-blocked.

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In think I may have blocked myself.

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Referring to someone you don't agree with as a shill is a snowflake thing to do.

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I am as unique as a snowflake! :)

But you're referred to as a shill because of your disingenuous rhetoric that promotes the globalhomo, and anti-White racism. If you were to begin engaging in honest discussions, people would stop calling out your shill tactics.

Sure, defend your beliefs, but investigate them to make sure they're based on real life evidence, and not on the ubiquitous propaganda from the cabal. (jews and their associates)

If this is bullshit, you have nothing to fear.

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Think for a second, Node, why would anyone bother to waste their time posting a "disingenuous" comment here on Saidit? That's bullshit. What people say is what they mean. And if not, that's their schizo problem, not mine or yours.

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There are several obvious reasons. Why do you act as if you're completely ignorant?

I know, I know, I'm falling for your trolling again. Your style is more appealing than human corpse and skeeter, so I guess I'm in your particular target demographic.

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Why do you care so much who someone is on Saidit? Don't be so insecure. Also re-read the site Pyramid of Debate, regarding ad hominems.

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They're either removed or deleted, or they're collapsed for some reason (blocked user, low karma, etc.) and you've missed them.