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    By extension, we could call Africa a ghetto continent: the smart people leave Africa while the lazy or stupid stayed in Africa. Africa really is a terrible place, with malaria, predators, hot all the time, rivers that rarely meet up. It really is a giant ghetto.

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    Diseases like malaria are a problem because of the low IQ of the population rather than the existence of the mosquitoes. Any advanced civilization would develop effective treatments. That goes double for predators. Humans are apex predators in every environment. There is no animal we can't hunt to extinction.

    Hot all the time is not a hardship but a luxury. Year round farming, consistent temperatures, no need for insulation.

    Africa is one of the most abundant, fertile places on the planet.

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    There still no sure cure for malaria now with all out tech so that's not a great point.

    African societies did adapt to lessen the effects of malaria, having small communities away from water sources but that then also limited how much civilisations could grow.

    Why do you think the charity films always show kids walking miles to get water?

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    There still no sure cure for malaria now with all out tech so that's not a great point.

    1.Because it is not a problem for people who would solve the problem.
    2.DDT could eradicate mosquitoes if it was used responsibly. 3.topical bug spray would solve the problem.
    4.bill gates has genetically modified mosquitoes that can eradicate the population of mosquitoes.
    5. Malaria can be treated.
    6. Secondary infections are milder indicating it is possible to create a vaccine.

    African societies did adapt to lessen the effects of malaria, having small communities away from water sources

    A more intelligent society would treat the water, build better homes that prevent mosquito incursion, wear mosquito repellent and protective clothing, and use other techniques to prevent and treat it.

    but that then also limited how much civilisations could grow.

    So it was clearly a foolish thing to do. Not that I agree with the insinuation that thier society would have significantly advanced if not for this.

    Why do you think the charity films always show kids walking miles to get water?

    1. To pull on heart strings
    2. Wells are a thing. But, according to stories I have heard from people who went there to build wells for them, the steal pipes are ripped from the ground to be sold as scrap metal.

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    What tech? African tech?

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    Hot all the time is not a hardship but a luxury

    It's 109F in Faya-Largeau, Chad rn. Now, the humidity is lower, which lets sweat cool people off, but that heat can kill people.

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    One place in Africa had an average IQ of 59. How do they even have a functioning society?

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    By White standards, they don't.

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    Actually it is because traditional IQ tests have partially used identifying established brands to determine IQ. Black people used generics and off brands so they didn't know the established brands. Look up why it is illegal to give black kids IQ tests in California. Radiolab did a podcast on it.

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    IQ testing is illegal because it proves the claims of "racists" and disproves the leftist narrative that inequality can only be explained by oppression.

    Any claim that IQ disparity is the result of flawed testing is disproven by other IQ tests that don't have those flaws but show the same results.

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    Jews and the Asians have higher IQs than us. Do you believe we are lesser than them?

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    No. The concept of "better" can only be applied to specific traits but becomes subjective and essentially meaningless when applied to people as a whole.

    That is why the left uses it to attack race realists whenever they lose the argument over racial disparities. They accuse the race realists of thinking they are better as an ad hominem attack.

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    What’s interesting, is that we would be much better off if we noticed the racial disparities and adjusted society towards those disparities.

    Like admit different races have different abilities. And literally have a pipeline for each race.

    We have A pipeline for kcalbs currently. And it’s fucked. We could fix it.

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    There are a lot of social factors that can hold people back. Poverty, being surrounded by stupid people, bad luck, etc. We could use IQ tests to easily identify the diamonds in the rough and empower them to become incredibly productive people.

    Currently all those efforts are squandered by racism. All those funds are dispersed based on race and nearly all of it is squandered on people who simply lack the ability to ever perform at a high level.

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    Jews are only good at finance and subjects that can be broken into number. When it comes to moral integrity, justice and maintaining a society, they just can't do it due to inbuilt castration guilt (see circumcision). When they are left on their own, they need can't run their own shit without getting subsidized by foreign entities (see US - Israel relations) and falling into petty dictatorship and genocide. Israel just just your average banana country that resembles high society just because they have unending budget. The Jew intelligence is generally a variant from Khazar genealogy from pre-agrarian autistic cro-magnon population that practiced cannibalism and interbreeding. They have highly probability of schizophrenia and other mental illnesses, and they usually go crazy without abusing animals or pestering other human beings. This is one reason why they can't stop killing Palestinians. Jews are practically mental retards with autist savant financial fix.

    The problem with Asians is their tendency to cheat in test scores, and nightmare living conditions. They have higher spending and work load per student compared to EU, but it doesn't correlate meaningfully with the results. Japanese are probably more intelligent than Europeans, but their society is perverted, and their social values commit to their own downfall. Their style of capitalism will deplete their population irreversibly in 100 years.

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    You have really thought this out. I’m not sure I agree. But holy heck.

    So what do you think we do with this information. Are you like, “well, we need to purify the continents”.

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    In practice, it matters little how much if this you accept. The thing you probably agree is that all cultures, religions, and societies have their own survival strategy. This is the only concept Jews have mastered. They have no honor or morals, only interest of self preservation regardless the cost. They fund both sides of war if it suits them. Arms terrorists, or blow up their allies assets if it is productive for their own good. Even today, Mossad funds Palestinian Hamas because they will give them reason to overreact every time they do something. In the Jews mind sacrificing their own citizen in Hamas rocket strikes means nothing if it gives them excuse to blow up arabs.

    So, keep in mind that Jews are never white, their interests are their own. They understand no good nor evil, only their own interest of self preservation and political gain. Also, there's a Russian proverb: "The jew will always tell you what happened to him, but he wont tell you why."

    So what do you think we do with this information.

    Understand that the world is a struggle for existence. Those who forget this truth will forget their history, abandon their religion, lose their culture, discard their way of life, and the next thing you know, they cease to exist. All these will be replaced for something else. Internationalism and multiculturalism is nothing more than replacing morals with market value, and culture with consumption patterns. This is the inherent jewish plan. Destroy everything except their own judeo-capitalistic financial matrix.

    The first pillar of self-preservation is to understand there is no "we" unless it is your family, your genealogy, your people. The society might acknowledge human rights, but only the people you share ancestry with, can truly sympathize with you, help you in time of need, and so on. Society is just as good as the people it is consisted of, and in multicultural societies it begins to crumble, as the ancestral "we" ceases to exist.

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    I can relate to this comment. I took the time to read it all throughly.

    Tell you they have been hurt, not why.

    Work both sides if it furthers their interests.

    Similar ancestors and culture are the people you can trust.

    I honestly agree, so much as it makes a lot of sense to me.

    Thank you for sharing.

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    It doesn't mean you are lesser.

    Just you will be on average less success in life.

    IQ is the ability to problem solve so obviously people good at that will tend to do well in both work and relationships.

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    Many high IQ people suffer through out their lives.

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    "On average"

    Unfortunately not being able to understand a simple sentence orv how stats work does not bode well for you.

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    I think you don’t know what it’s like to have a high iq. People fantasize about it. You don’t know.

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    A very unpopular researcher in Psychometrics, Dr. Arthur Jensen, concluded that blacks are equal to whites in some specific test subjects but had lower g scores (Spearman’s g) and therefore g heavy subjects like math are very difficult for blacks. They’re brains are not wired for abstract reasoning at the same level as whites and East Asians.

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    Which is why they can’t understand murder.

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    No it’s not. It’s because black people are stupid. Ethiopia is like a nation of retards. In the US, we don’t recognized half of their population as able to be tried for crimes, because they are so fucking stupid.

    You don’t know what you are talking about. There are differences among the races.

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    Not that I've seen, but isn't IQ based partially on general knowledge, anyway?

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    No. While there are different types of IQ tests the most consistent ones filtered out any questions that can have that kind of bias. There are no real IQ tests that require outside knowledge.

    Claims of implicit bias in testing are unfounded politically motivated lies.

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    No. IQ tests for intelligence. It uses words and math that all third graders can pass. It’s about how quickly you can adjust to the question and answer it correctly.

    IQ is a test of the mental capacity to adjust. So, when placed into a foreign situation, how quickly can that person adapt and thrive.

    It’s how society can identify a special child and place them into programs that help them excel. So they can give more to society.

    It’s all about what you can contribute.

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    Partially, and they don't fail at that part. They just bomb the part of identifying products thus giving them a terrible IQ score.

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    IQ tests are robust but only compare a person with their cohort.

    Sir Francis Galton tried to remedy that (and any other problems with the test) using Reaction Time Testing. In modern terms(Galton is 19th century), a computer that calculates faster is more advanced than a slower computer. The correlation with IQ tests is weak but IS there.

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    You guys realize whites have a lower iq than Chinks and Kikes?

    Different races have different IQs. We ALL are better at different things.

    Whites are like the all around average. And that’s why we are so prevalent. Cold, fine. Hot, fine. Rainy, fine. Dessert, fine.

    You know where we can’t go? Africa. We get sick with disease there. Blacks are good at shit too.

    Please shut up with the race differences unless you are just discussing differences. Not why one race is superior.

    We can all work together if we recognize race bias, and account for race differences.

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    Work together to overthrow the Zionists? I'm in.

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    you couldnt overthrow a trash can.

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    This post and the comments are among the reasons that Saidit will continue to be ridiculed as a place for incredibly dumb people. This topic has also been discussed extensively in DAR, using research from one incredibly racist academic who didn't bother to provide the appropriate evidence for his research. The scholars here on Saidit think they know how to test and identify intelligence, and that they have a grasp of world history. What's happened here is an analysis that has no basis in types of intelligence, or history, or genetics. Yes, you can say that this is just your opinion. But you and others seem to think you are discussing facts.

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    Smart people leave ghettos if they can. The people left behind are too low IQ to leave the ghetto.

    How is that in any way disputable? Who here wants to live in a ghetto?

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    IQ arguably measures one type of intelligence. It's a completely meaningless measure of overall ability. Lastly, you don't even distinguish between inherited ability and learned ability. Hard to say how much of one's "intelligence" was hereditary and how much was due to nurture. There's a lot of hidden assumptions in your original post that you don't address at all because I think you lack the will/ability to think deeply about this topic.

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    This is complete BS. IQ is the measure that correlates the most with success in life. Now, which ethnic groups in America have the highest tested IQ? Ashkenazi Jews, then East Asians, then Whites. Afroamericans get the lowest scores. As to life outcomes, I guess we all also know what the picture is.

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    lmao no

    The real answer is that Africa (and Australia for the Abos) is really easy to live in.

    Like REALLY easy.

    They didn't need to develop farming because there was always an abundance of food.

    They didn't need to develop large scale militaries because there was plenty of land and ruthless, small-scale, primitive battles (and genocides) "resolved their issues" so to speak.

    This is the reason that blacks are generally more athletic.

    While Europe had 2 to 3 thousand years of evolutionary pressure towards organisation and order (resulting in a noticeable difference in intelligence and discipline), Africa was still operating under the primitive, 100+ thousand year old evolutionary pressures of manual labour and aggression

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    Either way, blacks are behind.

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    Ghettos are not fenced in breeding grounds. Those who live there have every opportunity to fornicate outside thier social group. So it is not where you live that creates that selective pressure, but personal standards. Smart people prefer to pair up with other smart people. It is a class issue.

    As for racial disparities, those clearly predate civilization. Logically small brains and low IQ are the starting point and the question is what caused whites and Asians to develop higher IQs.

    The most convincing theories I have heard are: selective pressure from harsher climate and selective pressure from conflict.

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    Yea. Or were a zoo. And none of us were meant to develop together.

    There is something missing in our story. Something they are not telling us.

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    How are we a zoo?

    And none of us were meant to develop together.

    This implies everything was meant to be a different way, that this intention belongs to an entity somehow creating or controlling the world, and that some force has thrown that intention out of whack.

    None of that seems reasonable to me.

    I don't see any "supposed to" in any of it. It simply is the way it is because that is how history has unfolded.

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    Women have 28 day cycles. The moon has a 28 day cycle.

    The moon lines up perfectly with the sun. So when we observe them together, they are perfectly the same size.

    There is some rule of 365 or like 370 or some hundred number. It applies to our circumference. It applies to the moons circumference. It applies to the suns circumference.

    It applies to our distance to the middle of the earth. It applies to all of our pyramids. It applies to the distance between our pyramids. And it applies to the stars in the Sky, and how they appear to us.

    Our universe expands at a speed faster than light. So if we started to travel to another planetary destination, we would never reach it, because it’s moving at the speed of light, away from us.

    I was discussing this with some one else. Recently on Saidit

    But from all observations, it appears we are in a simulation. That is the proper conclusion. And aliens are simply people hopping in the program they created.

    I’m talking about a larger picture.

    A simpler explanation is that we are some kind of refuge gone wrong.

    Either way, we are in a situation together, where we have to work together.

    Things are better if we don’t murder all of us.

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    No, wrong. In the Baghavad gita, it is expressly stated that a war is just when relations have grown completely skewed, which is the case here.

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    Only 15 points?

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    American blacks have clearly benefited from living with whites, Jews, Asians.

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    Wouldn’t we need to run an experiment where black babies are brought up in middle/upperclass homes to see if it has to do with culture rather than genetics?

    Two aspects are inherited by everyone, genetics and culture.

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      It’s true then.

      Culture is the learned behavior that a people inherit to adapt to environments, which most anthropologists would argue is more important then physical adaptions. That’s why I doubted at first.

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      Is Saidit a cultural ghetto? Am I losing IQ points?

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      Why yabbit's average IQ is 100 points above the average saiditor

      And also iq is useless unless you're in the top 1%, most of your success in life will come from looks and ability to interact with other people

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        We need more than smart men to survive. Yes, electricity was a big deal. We had to have masons to build the houses Tesla lived in. He did not build his house.

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        You can't change genetics, but you can feed the kids. So it is stupid to object to the 2% improvement using food because there is a 15% disparity caused by factors you can't control.

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        No, it's just how they are. In Africa for example, the "smart" blacks still can breed with anybody, and yet, that continent's IQ levels remains dreadfully low.