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s/news and s/politics are currently doing that, it seems you need 100 karma to post in those now.

The spam is obviously annoying, but the lack of karma gating was one of the primary reasons I ended up using this site. After getting banned on reddit for vaccine information, I wasn't going to farm karma to be able to post here, I would have just left. On a site with low membership, I am not sure about this tactic.

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21:19:26 @HongKongPhooey Eds daughter likes to sit on my face
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21:20:25 marbles my daughter would slap the fkng turds outta you, and she is married to a gangster so he would probably cut your neck and shit down your throat.
21:20:47 @HongKongPhooey She says he cant please her like I do
21:20:47 marbles believe what ever you think.
21:21:56 @HongKongPhooey ????
21:22:26 marbles i have never met the man that can stand up to that mafia group.
21:23:03 @HongKongPhooey Im willing to risk it to taste her sweet marmalade
21:23:04 marbles they do things like hold you on the ground naked and let a pitbull eat your genitals.
21:23:09 marbles keep talking shit.
21:23:16 marbles cuz that is all that you are doing.
21:23:24 marbles you are talking booshit.
21:24:02 marbles they would take you into a room and cut you up for talking like that.
21:24:04 marbles for real real.
21:24:14 marbles you aint nothing but a punk ass big mouth.
21:24:22 marbles they are my friends.
21:24:25 marbles you aint.
21:24:36 @HongKongPhooey ??????
21:25:04 marbles enjoy your moment.
21:25:30 @HongKongPhooey She likes when i slap her titties around
21:25:42 marbles suck a  clown dick cupcake.
21:26:00 marbles daddy is not impressed.
21:26:15 @HongKongPhooey I'll send you one of our videos
21:26:23 @HongKongPhooey They are very kinky
21:26:32 @HongKongPhooey Just filthy
21:26:44 @HongKongPhooey She is a dirty girl

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Yeah, I get that which is why I was thinking it would be opt-in / only for individual subs. It wouldn't even have to be 100 karma, just requiring 10 karma to make a post would get rid of a lot of the new account spam.