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What happened when you tried to log in? I have had Cloudflare block my browser fingerprint and IP, but I got around it by using another browser or the Tor Browser. Switch to any other browser for a browser fingerprint ban, and to Tor for an IP ban. If Magnora banned you it would be an account ban, you would be able to log in, but not post.

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Forget about blocking my account, it even stopped me from seeing the site which is fucking retarded. I should have taken a screenshot.

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That is a Cloudflare ban. If it happens again, the first thing to do is just try switching your browser. E.g. Download Brave, or Firefox or Chrome, or whatever, just use a different one. It can block you by browser fingerprint. If that does not work, it has blacklisted your IP address, and you need to use a VPN or a Tor browser to defeat the blocking. They have an algorithm for detecting unusual network activity, and it can end up blocking people for no reason.

This was not the result of an admin, or it wouldve let you log in, just not let you post. Hope that helps you in the future.

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hmm ok thanks

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I don't know about using Tor, that's probably even more likely to have Cloudflare issues. But I can usually still use it, except when it gets entirely blocked sometimes.

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You are correct in general that Tor can set off Cloudflare, but I personally had Saidit's cloudflare block my IP for a few days, and the Tor browser let me log in for a few days when I otherwise could not. It really depends on how M7 set up the specs on Cloudflare. I don't know exactly what he set as triggers, but I have not had issues with Tor browser on this site.

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come at me bro

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To get to the other side