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I cited which rule it broke (which you are pretending I didn't do):

And it broke 2 rules. Both of which I explained and cited.

Maybe if you weren't spamming very low-quality memes 10x a day (that clearly drag the quality of saidit downward) I wouldn't have to remove it from the front page. Also you and your group are clearly doing this to bypass a previous sub ban, which also isn't allowed.

And it's not even banned, just removed from the front page.

If you want saidit to succeed and grow, then try submitting quality content.

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"Why can't we spam racist garbage memes and hijack saidit with "altright" labels on the front page 20x a day?"

LOL get lost. It's not working. The saidit front page isn't yours to hijack.

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Yknow that these posts are sorted by upvotes, right? You're just mad that people find our shit insightful and funny.

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You know upvotes can be easily faked right? And because an upvote brigade of the same 4 mods who are running this sub upvoted it, doesn't mean it's popular. Just accept you broke the rules like a man and deal with the consequences instead of crying like a snowflake.

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You know upvotes can be easily faked right?

Post proof or GTFO. Are there new accounts with the same IP address as mine or any of the mods'? No, then STFU.

And because an upvote brigade of the same 4 mods who are running this sub upvoted it, doesn't mean it's popular. Just accept you broke the rules like a man and deal with the consequences instead of crying like a snowflake.

Upvoting shit on your own accord isn't against the rules, none of us ever exchanged a single message about upvoting each other's stuff.

Your jewish schizophrenia is kicking in, it's quite pathetic, but oh well, you will always be a small jew nerd, nothing will ever change that fact.

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If four people that like content on a sub can 'manipulate' the saidit front page that's a saidit problem.

hijack saidit with "altright" labels on the front page 20x a day?"

So you're saying that 'altright labels' are bad for saidit somehow? Isn't the goal here on saidit to allow organic free speech? If alt right content, i.e. labels, memes, debate are popular they should be allowed. Getting rid of shit that makes you uncomfortable is censorship. Saidit is just become a micro version of reddit where the sensibilities of admin dictate the content of the site. Which makes sense why this site isn't growing. If people want a liberal safe space they can just go to reddit.

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Jews posting wild conspiracies to fuck with mentally ill people on this site so they become lunatics obsessed with nonsense that alienates them from friends, family, society, and makes them a danger to themselves = good for saidit

Normal people posting memes that tell the truth about power, help people improve their health fitness etc = bad for saidit

Perhaps Menorah7 wants his userbase to be broke, dead, raped and brainwashed, mentally ill etc, perhaps he also thinks it's funny.

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Jews posting wild conspiracies

Could you be more specific? Are you talking about covid stuff or what?

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Yeah that's probably the most popular

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No. The problem is saidit is really tiny and menorah7 doesn't want us dominating his shitty little website so he just bans us from the front page.

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The government astroturfs are on here posting anti-black shit to discredit the website. Notice how they all push mainstream narratives, but are racist af. Look at them below complaining about COVID conspiracy theories.

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Fuck 'em.

There was a lot of racist content on that sub, and I really object to anyone trying to equate "right" with "racist."

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    Survival instincts and in-group preference is fine, being a fucking douchebag and making everyone who looks like you look like a fucking douchebag by association is very much not fine.

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    Exactly. This "everyone does it" justification is how sociopaths justify doing stupid/evil stuff.

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      I was talking about shit like shouting obscenities or posting a dozen provocative and derogatory memes in a day, specifically not anything that derives from loving one's own people.

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      There is basically nothing in here that I disagree with, except that I would point out that women of all races have exogamous tendencies. They have an atavistic desire to commingle their genes because of the advantages of hybridization.

      That is nit-picking, though. I agree that racism is natural, and that if it is a sin it is an extremely venal one. In fact, love for one's tribe and one's ancestors is a virtue.

      Where we differ greatly is in your willingness to step on obvious landmines planted by leftists, which I do not share. Maybe you're so young that you don't remember the history here, but "alt-right" began as a movement against liberal, do-nothing Republicans like the Bushes, McCain, Marco Rubio, and their ilk. This movement was perceived as a real threat by just about everyone else, and it has been rapidly and effectively demonized. Running a sub that seems to confirm the narrative that "people right of Mitt Romney on the political spectrum are by definition racist" just exacerbates this. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

      So we can laugh at race realist memes, and I think they'd make for an OK sub, but when you file that stuff under "alt right" you're playing right into the hands of the left. And it's unfair to the minority of black people who do see how the political left wants to park them on a latter-day political plantation. Where are they supposed to go? Practically, do you not want to make a home for them on the political right?

      And FWIW none of your attempts to categorize my politics came particularly close. Libertarianism in particular bores the crap out of me.

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        There are various ideologies under the tent of the alt-right, but what all of them have in common is a desire to preserve homogenous white homelands and a future for our white children.

        To the extent that this is true in 2022, I think it's a sad example of a phenomenon that's developed as the latest generation of adolescents has gotten access to the Internet. In short, some term or identity comes to prominence, and it gets twisted by fucking 12-year-olds making shock memes on unwholesome little message boards. We've seen it with terms like "incel" and "neckbeard," and it's really a really dangerous and depressing thing.

        And I don't want black people removed from where I live. I want them to act like what they are: 13% of the population, not 90%. I'm sick of this outsized impact on our culture and frankly on our lives that they have, as are you. But we have to be a little bit more mature about it. You're not going to "barrel over landmines" by shitposting. You can't barrel over landmines, unless you're in a tank or something anyway.

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          Black people aren't going to overwhelm the White race. If you're really concerned about the survival of the race, advocate for immediate, brutal subjugation of China and India. For White people to survive in any meaningful way, that must happen while it still can. There is nothing in the culture of China or India that will let them preserve us as anything more than curiosities in a zoo.

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            I'd prefer an honest fight for survival to this Hebrew cuckold life we're living.

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            Where are they supposed to go?

            Back 2 tha Motherland.

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              why not take their based black ethnonationalist politics there and start fixing the place up?

              It should be easy for them to do considering the fact so many of them are 'rocket scientists, doctors and geniuses.'

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              Not if China as anything to say about it. And who knows, that will be better for the africans.

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              Well... good luck. You're going to need a bigger boat.

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              Alt means alternative to the right, something normal people can actually be a part of away from the anti-social libertinists, zionists, capitalists etc like yourself.

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                Obviously, if you're a jew that hates white people and are paranoid and fearful they might throw you out of power so you can't genocide them anymore.

                But for ordinary people that want to not be genocided and have a healthy society it's the best.

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                  Only Golden Dawn is alt right and they've not done anything actually criminal, the rest have literally nothing to do with alt right principles. Nobody is confused, you're just trying to do the confusing. Obvious jew sock account is obvious.

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                    Sure thing socks

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                    You really like to talk about things you know nothing about, aren't you?

                    Fyssas was known as a brawler, his own friends said that he liked to get into fights and in one case a bunch of antifas thought he was a "fascist" and drove him through a glass pane. He died because of a football brawl that escalated and his murderer was known in the area as a member of KKE (which is not the local branch of KKK as your little brain might think, but the local branch of the Communist Party) and somehow mingled into the GD crowd.

                    Let me know if you need further education on the matter.

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                    vagina left long before your comment

                    vagina provided arguments and links to back up the arguments

                    what you got - just a brief note about Fyssas


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                    He (you) provided links to false or misrepresented "information".

                    Even the link on Fyssas doesn't say the truth. His "rap songs" were about violence and rape and pretty indicative of his views. Wikipedia says half the truth:

                    Giorgios Roupakias worked in the cafeteria of the offices of the neo-fascist political party Golden Dawn

                    Roupakias was an organized member of KNE and KKE, where many have speculated he learned to use the knife.

                    Fyssas' father said that his son didn't belong anywhere politically, which we know is not true. His father has been photographed with symbols used by some conspiracy groups about "El". Samaras took orders from AJC and David Harris to act against GD unconstitutionally.

                    Even the list of his "discography" is false and states songs written and recorded by others. The songs written by Fyssas himself are definitely not something you want your children to listen to and for obvious reasons (((they))) don't want people to know about them.

                    The Guardian and Al Jazeera articles have been proven false. They talk about supposed murders of pakis by "fascists" that have never been proven and usually it is found that the murderers were other pakis. But they claim they were victims of "racists" so they can demand legalized status. Not to mention the large number of racist crimes committed by pakis against the natives, like the case of Myrto who was attacked by the Pakistani illegal immigrant named Ahmed Waqas who even claimed he was not an adult:




                    The Greek state that claims that pakis are "victims of attacks" has abandoned the poor girl in that condition.

                    Do you have any other questions?

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                    After you're done reading that article and taking it as a fact you should go over to the covid 19 vaccination wiki page and follow its recommendations.

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                        Have you ever checked the veracity of a Wikipedia article?

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                        happens all the time - important to check the footnotes and look at those sources

                        the biggest errors are usually missing details or paraphrasing from sources written by non-specialists

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                        Lol. Yeah, it's totally not completely biased moderators and article writing and sourcing quotes from "specialists" expressing their political opinions as fact and getting away with it because it's not a primary source. Any establishment paper or institution can write an article full of false claims and it can be cited. It's a completely circular, fraudulent system when it comes to any article that's of any political importance or has controversy.

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                        I bet you would never dare call a tranny or a black a goober. Pathetic.

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                        i laughed out loud thanks

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                        Manual front page curation was the beginning of the end for Ruqqus.

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                        This website won’t last.

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                        For whatever reason, m7 is trying to kill it by driving the user base away. Sad to see a site that had so much potential be systematically destroyed.

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                        If you hate it so much, then why do you spend all day every day here? Just to try and destroy it? Sure looks like it. Leave if you want to leave. I support that decision.

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                        Seems to still be here. Perhaps people who don't like it should go.

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                        You guys should make an AltRacist Memes sub, and post memes of multicultural success stories.

                        For example: A Thanksgiving feast with the pilgrims and indians.

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                        I am so confused.

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                        What are you confused about?

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                          Oy vey, I'll just call these chuds latent homosexuals. That will devastate their psyche! I'm so sneakY! (Rubs hands)

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                          What are you calling civnats "nazis"?

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                          The entire thread. And pretty much how all this works.

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                          There's a group of alt-right people here at s/debatealtright who took refuge here after Reddit banned their sub. Now the site's owner, Magnora7, isn't a right wing dude. He's okay with them being here, but he doesn't like them dominating the front page.

                          So they keep getting their subs set to not appearing on s/all, which is how a lot of us browse, and then nobody sees them unless they know about the sub. So they aren't happy about that.

                          Also at play is Socks, a liberal who was recently banned again, who appears in this thread under several other names. He doesn't like DAR one bit, and he's salty about his ban.

                          Interpersonal drama makes for the most active threads here.

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                          Definitely all very confusing for sure. I tend to lean more right than left although I get fed up with my own party all the time. So I guess I'm not sure where I stand. But watching the political fighting gets kind of comical at times as we all know no one's arguing will ever win others over to their side. Especially with the name calling I've seen here in my short time. I'll have to keep trying to navigate this site and see if I can make heads or tails of it. Thanks.

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                          uh oh

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