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There are a few old ones here. That's all I can do. I'm sure m7 has a high res picture, and maybe /u/JasonCarswell has it as well.

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That's perfect actually, thanks! I think I'll use this one.

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Thanks for catching this.

Yes, those are the originals, and that remains the best place to find them.

/u/One_Jack_Move chose a faveicon I made for SaidIt but M7D3 didn't use it. The coloured versions were precursors to the Ergonomix CSS, intended to be 2 votes on/off (greenish/purplish rather than political red/blue). I don't recall why I didn't isolate and upload the dark and light grey faveicon versions like the final logo (anyone else is free to do so), but I suspect no interest was expressed, thus no purpose.

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I found this:

But would prefer just the "S" if available.

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Interesting site. Thanks for the link.

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I still like the old stylized S from the backside of "Shadowrun - The Trading Card Game". It surely is copyright protected. Because FASA went through greedy guys hands like a trophy wife, if i remember correctly.

BUT: Somebody could adopt the style and symbolism hidden in this piece of art and put it online under a free license.

I really would appreciate this and propose hereby to adopt this S as a symbol for saidit after a democratically legitimated decision was made.

That only allows users above a certain (to be discussed) karma score to participate in, of course.

Because karma obviously is correlated (maybe even hidden through another correlation) to "mental" age. The principle behind this, i try to apply here is: Only reasonable "enough" saidit-users should be given a vote in endeavors like this.