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Ok, but why is he garbage? I don't particularly care if you want to make posts criticizing users (I made a post criticizing him too), but I feel like you ought to have something you are attacking them FOR if you are gonna make a thread about it. If you want to take shots at him at least include his alleged wrongdoings and supporting evidence.

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If you want to take shots at him at least include his alleged wrongdoings and supporting evidence.

What are the odds that jumba_jukiba is a Chipit alt?

Once again, he's telling the reader/audience what to think.

This low-brow approach fits his submission title MO.

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I don't get along with him that well, but this seems kinda shitty and unnecessary.

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can users stop using this sub to air their personal grievances toward other users?

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Free speech or simulation of security. Decide. That easy it is.

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We can have free speech and not have this filth. It is ignorant and superficial to claim that free speech has to allow degenerate, forum sliding, bad faith trash that is intended to destroy the quality of free speech platforms.

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There is no proof-of-concept for troll filtering. You can trust me on this one. I know people who've been "trying" this magical trick for over five years now. It always has some nasty, unwanted side effects, afaik.

No matter what you simulate to yourself what i claimed. The relevance of claims in this context converges to zero.

So except for a miracle happening this stays a decision of the people carrying the responsibility for it.

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Sure there is. If there is nothing else in a comment other than an insult it can be removed without real consequences. Obviously, as we have seen here a lot, any removal of even spam and garbage is used by the anti free speech propagandists to claim there is censorship here. I don't think those attacks are effective.

The proof of concepts are everywhere. You just don't see them because they are back end.

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I see them... young padawan. And they always compromise on some other things that you actually want to have but filter when you start to automatize it. Each and every troll-filter i've seen filters stuff you don't want it to.

So stop fucking trying to patronize me just because you have some toilet-paper in the closet saying that you did something from which you simulate your judgement and baloney ego from.

It is pathetic, actually. And the pathethic part of your simulation you can remigrate to reddit in my simulation.

Or you grow some balls and do something useful finally and start a git. Another decision. On your backend. Literally.

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I don't think auto filters are as broken as you claim. Furthermore I think it is absurd to claim that all filters can't work.

Each filter should be evaluated on it's own merits. So long as they are removed when broken they won't lead to any problems.

But besides that you don't need auto filters to remove this kind of trash until this kind of trash becomes so numerous that it would otherwise destroy the site by burying all the real content.

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But this dialogue is pointless nontheless. Because none of us two decides this.

Are you fucking braindead?

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Public discussion is never pointless.

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So you simulate being braindead. There is no discussion. There is no debate.

There only is dialogue.

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You made claims, the I explained why those claims are wrong. You lost the discussion and that is why you have turned to name calling. Your claim that there was no discussion or debate is also fallacious. Anyone can read through this thread and see that your ideas are wrong, that you are a fool, and that you are a low class name caller and not an intellectual.

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Yes yes, let's allow people to steal my life savings, torture me violently for eight months and just get away with it while censoring any public pleas that I do make.

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An insult is not a public plea.

Tell us how chiput stole your money.

Tell us how he tortured you.

Don't piss on my leg and say it is raining.

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Tell us how he tortured you.

With violent usage of havana syndrome.

Tell us how chiput [sic] stole your money.

With extortion by way of threats of violence.

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The lack of details strongly suggest your claims are lies.

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This is just gratuitous slander at this point. Proof or GTFO.

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Never had any problems with Chipit myself.