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I don't care for the tabloid articles, but I do like your comments and some of the other stuff you post, for example on PoliceMisconduct, which is why I haven't blocked you. NGL it is frustrating to see the front page filled up with silly & weird sexual stuff, which could certainly turn people off from Saidit.

I don't think your article should have been removed, nor do I think trident should be censored, though I strongly disagree with their take. Moderation of a site, especially one with an emphasis on free speech, is a very difficult task and one that I think m7 has handled very well overall despite a few disagreements on my part. Running a site like this is a wearisome and often thankless job and I appreciate all the time and money he has invested. I'm not as familiar with Soundsituation but I don't see anything particularly egregious here.

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Maybe you should set up your own sub and post your stories there.

Then people could block the sub but still talk to you and see your comments on other stuff.

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I like your stories. I know they call it forum sliding, but why don’t they let people block you? You could be a shill. We all could, couldn’t we?

I don’t know man. I like your addition to the community. And your comments are great. If I’m not in the mood, I quick scroll through your posts, upvote them, and refresh. It’s not a big deal.

Take a look around, the real shills are here. We’re going to have to move within 3 years.

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Two posts on the same topic in the same day, crying about your unfair treatment. This right here is bringing down the quality of the site.