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Funny you should ask. We were just talking about a new series on Netflix: Cyberpunk — Edgerunners. It's really well done. Also good music and a bit of chrome nudity. Made in Japan with dubbing that is far from laughable. I guess William Gibson is long retired now. I miss his stuff. Oh, also on Netflix is Resleeved that is good too.

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Yes, I've started also watching that show whenever I get a pocket of free time, currently on ep4 ;). I just always read the subtitles though, dubs usually bother me because I keep looking at if its synced to the mouth's movements. I'm really glad the series is pulling new people to the cyberpunk genre too!

William Gibson truly does deserve the title "father of cyberpunk".

Think Resleeved is on my "Watch later" list on Netflix, but I'll double-check.

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Tonight I started Ghost in the Shell (on Netflix) based on a manga from 1995 that was really popular in the US, well, I mean among people who like Japanese manga. It's also good. I'm not really a manga fan but do like these animations. The girl in Ghost has most unusual eyes.

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A few days ago I said William Gibson must be long retired but then I checked on Book Depository and he has a new novel out: Peripheral.

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That’s sick! I ought to read that

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I'm down, cyberpunk was always my favorite sci-fi subgenre. While cyberpunk art is cool, it seems like that is mostly what /r/cyberpunk consists of and I'd like to see more discussion of themes and ideas, books, games, and other media rather than just images.

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Yeah, we can make it consist of anything we want man.