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Don't send your money to strangers. Please seek mental health care.

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I think we are the health care, Dr shill.

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It's been undergoing a big spam attack and has been pretty much unusable for a while now. /u/x0x7 posted about it a couple weeks ago:

I noticed the domain was inaccessible for a few days but now seems to be back up. I wonder if something has gone wrong with the backend.

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As I commented in that post, something went wrong with the indexer (backend) very early on in the spam attack, because t/all/new began showing only ~10 new posts and then posts from 3 years ago.

Given that new votes and new submissions are not working, it appears that only the frontend is back up, with the indexer still offline. Notabug is unique in that there is still a view when just the frontend is online, even when the indexer is offline.