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    If they're all like that then why do the mods feel the need to silence everyone else?

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      Whatever the reason I wanted to make everyone aware of it.

      And maybe u/magnora7 will decide to take them off /s/all. Not that I necessarily want that, but if other subs are going to be taken off due to arbitrary censorship then /s/LGBDropTheT shouldn't get a special pass.

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      I'm pretty sure they're not on all. As an admin, you can check in the sub settings in the other settings section.

      "allow this sub to be included in /s/all as well as the default and trending lists"


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      I do see it on /s/all sometimes. But only sometimes, so maybe it's a bug. I am not subscribed either.

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      Admins sometimes see more than a regular user. As an admin you can look at the actual setting. The rules just say you can't change it. But looking is fine.

      I checked and the sub is not on all. Regular users can check if a sub is not on all here.

      It's important to know for sure if a sub is on all because the rules for admins state that admins are not allowed to moderate subs that are not on all except advocating violence is still moderated.



      Feel free to reach out to me anytime you have any question.

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      I don't want to look because it wouldn't be fair to everyone else. But /s/all is what I browse looking for things to moderate, and really the only thing I browse at all.

      However, I was able to confirm that /s/LGBDropTheT is indeed not on /s/all because of this page:

      That's a little concerning, because I do see it on /s/all quite often. Not most of the time, but enough not to notice anything out of the ordinary. The only thing I can think of is if they've gone on and off. Unfortunately this can't be checked unless it was done very recently, because the moderation logs only go back 2 months. But I was able to see my own comments in that sub on /s/all today. It's possible they're an exception because they're my own, but I've never seen it work that way before. I'd link the page, but unfortunately since they're removed they won't appear for anyone else. There is likely a bug here.

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      What you see depends on if you are an admin or not. As a regular user I've never seen them on all. I doubt they would ever want to be on all. Moderate them for violence only but other than that they can run their sub however they wish to. They can ban or not ban people for whatever reason they want. It's part of the beauty of Saidit.

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      I do see more from that sub on /s/all in admin mode, which doesn't make sense either. But when I turn it off some of it goes away, but some of it remains. I'll have to check the source code at some point because there's something broken here.

      I can't remember the last time I took action in that sub, if ever, and I don't believe I implied that I was going to now.

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      Shrug it off. It is simple for a fact.

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      I just think that person is stereotyping and assuming they're all guilty by association of being insufferable leftists because they're gay.

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      So you assume leftist to be gay.

      I voluntarily reversed this one to make my point.

      Maybe think about it, as we both know you're more than able to.

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      No, they're assuming gay to be leftist.

      This isn't an attack on you, but why the fuck does everyone always interpret what I say as something completely different? Are my words being altered by powers?

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      Maybe by the Archons ;-D.

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      Drop the LGB along with the T.

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      No, and that's not what they mean by "drop". The T should not be part of LGB because it's not a sexual orientation. The only reason it's included is to appeal to identity politics.

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      I know what they mean but I think the LGB are as illegitimate of a lifestyle as the T. I don't hate on Muslims who commit homosexuality however, so long as they know its a sin and they are doing wrong. But every other gay person, I have no bond with them especially if they are trying to justify their perversion.

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      So only heterosexuals?

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      I love fags. <3 I'll fight for y'all dude.

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      Hey who untied you from the chair and let you out of the closet in my basement?

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      Mama died, she is tied to the kitchen chair... (Me pranking a telemarketer)

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      Idk but ig you better recapture me

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        I just wanted to point it out, since almost no one noticed yet. Also, saidit has a policy that subs which ban users arbitrarily will be removed from /s/all. /s/LGBDropTheT shouldn't get special treatment by being allowed to remain on /s/all despite engaging in blatant censorship. Using shadowbans allowed them to slip under the radar.

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        Play faggot games win faggot prizes?

        Swim in shit, smell like shit?

        You are the average of the people you spend most of your time with? (fags)

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        This behavior should not be tolerated...nor should those freaks even be allowed to have a sub on this site.

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        nor should those freaks even be allowed to have a sub on this site

        That would be more than tolerating the exact same behavior.

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        No it wouldn't. That tranny shit is just destroying lives. If our country had any actual leaders they would put a stop to it immediately. But with your thinking now they have another way(using Saidit) to groom others and destroy their lives.

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        You're acting like a radical leftist.

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        I'm pretty sure the point of that sub is in opposition to the tranny shit.

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        Agreed, i also think the neo nazi behavior on this site shouldn't be tolerated either.The nazi shit led to the death of millions of people and destroyed lives.

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        Muh holohoax wahhh. Never ending victim complex with you human cockroaches

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        It's really funny how y'all deny the holocaust and yet never question any other genocide in history except the one done by jewish people.It's almost like it has nothing to do with actually being skeptical and everything to do with your hatred for jews.If it never happened then explain all the polish and non jews who also said it happened.Why would they promote a jewish lie?

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        It's really funny how you believe the big lie yet you can't provide any proof of a single jew being gassed.

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        I noticed you only bring up being gassed and not murdered.Could it be because any research into the holocaust will tell you that the majority of those murdered in the Holocaust were killed in mass executions by the Gestapo and SS with the aid of local collaborators, and there were dozens of both death camps and work camps, of which Auschwitz was both? The reason we remember it so prominently is because, comparatively, many survived Auschwitz, unlike Treblinka or Belzec, for example, where there were almost no survivors.

        Also,you keep bringing up the six million figure even though most historians show there were more than that.You ignore the five million others who were killed because they were socialists or communists or gay men or Soviet prisoners or religious dissidents or Slavs or disabled or Romani or any other of the out-groups that the Nazi regime disliked.Again, why would those groups promote a jewish lie?

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        I bring up the gas chambers because it's the big lie. I know germans murdered jews. I also know jews murdered germans before and after the war.

        As for the six million number it's another bullshit lie. Read this link to learn more

        Here's a sample

        Jewish prophecies in the Torah require that 6 million Jews must "vanish" before the state of Israel can be formed. "You shall return minus 6 million." That's why Tom Segev, an Israeli historian, declared that the "6 million" is an attempt to transform the Holocaust story into state religion. Those six million, according to prophecy, had to disappear in "burning ovens", which the judicial version of the Holocaust now authenticates. As a matter of fact, Robert B. Goldmann writes: ". . . without the Holocaust, there would be no Jewish State." A simple consequence: Given six million Jews gassed at Auschwitz who ended up in the "burning ovens" (the Greek word holocaust means burned offerings), therefore, the prophecies have now been "fulfilled" and Israel can become a "legitimate state".

        I used to have a picture saved of some of the times the jew York times mentioned the number 6 million. They've been talking about 6 million jews facing genocide since the 1800s! If I still have it I'll upload it when found.

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        You do know the "6 million before the holocaust" comes from cherry picked results?If you look back over the 50 years prior to World War II, you can find similar quotes referring to "5,000,000 Jews," "4,000,000 Jews," "3,000,000 Jews," etc. So of all the references over decades of bad things happening or about to happen or predicted to happen to Jews,you're picking out the ones that happen to match the Jewish death toll in the Holocaust and proclaim a conspiracy. Secondly,once again no one said that all 6 million were killed with gas chambers.Literally,i said that most died via execution by firing squad.The nazis literally kept records of this.EDIT:Also i notice you ignored my question about the 5 million non jews who also died.Again, i'll ask why those non jews would lie about the holocaust to protect jews?

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        Who are these 5 million non-Jews you speak of?

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        Poles,gypsies,sintis,ukrainians, and other slavic groups.Ask yourself if the holocaust is a jewish lie, why would these non jewish groups(Especially the Poles)help create a jewish lie?

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        I disagree. The sub and mods sound like bullshit, but if Saidit is really to serve as a place of (relatively) free speech, that includes acting as a haven for people whose behaviour we disagree with. For sure, keep them off of s/all and criticize them as is happening here, but banning people because you don't like their actions just leads us down the path to the former Twitterverse.

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        Shit dude, when a Saidit admin is complaining about admin stuff to us lowly peons, how fucked are we?

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        At least marginally fucked, I'd say. 😧

        But hey, here's a worm 👉🪱

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        This is a problem with mods, not admins.

        As an admin I could theoretically reverse those actions and even take over the sub. But that would be a blatantly huge abuse of power, so don't even ask me to do that.

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        so don't even ask me to do that.

        You're not a very obedient slave if you don't do as I command.

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        That's odd?I made a comment on there yesterday and it was shadow banned even though i agreed with the thread.

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        I was under the impression taking them off s/all was the prescribed consequence for that? I don't know how far your powers of moderation extend.

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        I don't generally deal with that stuff. But it was able to stay under the radar until now due to not appearing to ban anyone.

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        It's because there's a troll or team of trolls that's dedicated to harassing them so they combed through their subscribers and I guess shadowbanned anyone who hadn't been confirmed to be a real user. The sub was private for months. I'm honestly surprised they're on s/all, my understanding is that they never wanted to be.

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        They can remove themselves from /s/all if they wish.

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        Maybe they had so many issues with trolls and trans-apologists they just banned everyone except for a few core users?

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        Shadowbanned them. And what's even worse is it allowed them to fly under the radar until now so they could stay on /s/all while still engaging in arbitrary censorship.

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        I moderate a few subs. I have never seen a shadow ban button.

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        There isn't one. They configure automoderator to do it.

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        Ok. Stop. This isn't real here.

        I'm quite a whizkid in typescript.

        So either you show how they do it or we all simple blue-collar people stay bamboozled by their methods from the future.


        You got no point to win in this.

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        Check their automoderator logs if you don't believe me. I provided a link.

        I have experience with automoderator and used it all the time to shadowban spam accounts, and powermods regularly use it to shadowban people. All you have to do is something like this:

        author: [username1, username2, username3]
        action: filter
        is_edited: false

        You can also have a whitelist, by removing all posts not made by certain users.

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        Point taken.

        This is actually quite efficient code even when taking into consideration, you torture yourself with this on free will.


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        It's automoderator settings, it's kind of hard to make them efficient or inefficient. Maybe easily readable, but not distinctively efficient.

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        Explain for us idiot's, please.

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        It's like talking about the efficiency of a json config file.

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        I get it. But never liked frond-end anyway, that is why all my subs look like a burning pile of tires.

        Even though I have a lot of ideas and plans and even some "hidden" stuff.

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        A shadow an can be implemented easily if a moderator of a sub runs a chrome extension that can "auto hide" new posts?

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        I'm not fucking with that kind of shit. If they besmerch my sub then I'll ban them for a day. Big whoop. The worst I have ever done to anyone is ban them from /s/1800EATSHIT. I think that makes a clear statement.