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It's the same old theme, since 1916. In your head, in your head, they're still fightin'.

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[irish sex noises]

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You're a good man Zom, I'll selfishly miss having you around. Best wishes friend. 🙏

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he is a fucktard, forget about it.

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But why

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Married. He should occasionally talk to her.

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What, beyond the necessities like "where's my breakfast/lunch/dinner" or "I'm horny, get naked for me?" That sounds like some namby-pamby modern relationship where a man surrenders his balls!

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They just got married, he should be making her walk funny.

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I don't think posting endless Daily Star and Daily Mail stories is a big turn on for women.

Unless they are about beautiful celebs who got fat.

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Truth! It's the spider posts that are the real panty droppers.

Speaking of beautiful celebs who got fat (then thin again), Kirstie Alley just died, cancer.

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Why are you leaving us?

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See you next week.

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ok retard

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Saiditter for 2 days. It's probably Ed.


Edit: /u/Zom deleted his account. I think this is for real. Don't leave us, Zombeh. Or at least give an explanation.

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Here's the thread that made him delete his account

He posted that last one then within seconds went thru deletion.

If you follow the convo, he made some weird claims, then when pressed for proof of wtf he was talking about he suddenly got really tired and had to delete it. Weird how that lined up

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You ran off Zom. Damn dude, he's under a lot of stress from his new job and he was trying to tell you that, but you wouldn't let it drop. A pox on your house.

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It was a thread about antivax lies, not about how stressful his new job is.

I would have thought that a new job would be stressful enough without also pushing a fake antivax narrative. Maybe if he was that stressed, he might have laid off posting fake antivax narratives online.

Also - you haven't checked yet how stressed my job is. Maybe someone would wish a pox on you, if you don't confirm that with me before going on the attack

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fake antivax narrative

Being against the covid vaccine is different from being against vaccines that actually work.

Also - you haven't checked yet how stressed my job is

You aren't running off, Zom has a habit of that.

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Being against the covid vaccine is different from being against vaccines that actually work.

Do you know which ones work?

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Polio, smallpox, tetanus, hep A & B, rubella, hib, measles, pertussis, diphtheria, and mumps have all been virtually eliminated in the US because of vaccinations.

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all been virtually eliminated in the US because of vaccinations.

What if I told you that fatality of all of those illnesses had already dropped by more than 95% before the vaccines were available?

That would be strong evidence that vaccines are not the miracle medical advancement that they are alleged to be, right???

Dissolving Vaccine Illusions - Roman Bystrianyk - Oct 22 2021

Here's a link to the graphs and trend lines from the interview.

Scroll halfway down the page for the charts.

Actual medical history is very different from what we're taught in school.

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^ And like these vaccines, the COVID vaccines have helped people build immunity to the virus so that it is now for many more like a flu than a horrific bronchial, fever and headache disaster for 2 weeks, with the minor potential to die.

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That's not immunity fool, that's lessening symptoms (which the 'vax' maybe have done, if your heart could handle it), like an immunotherapy product.

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You can't use that dumbass 100% immunity strawman argument for ANY vaccine. ALL "vaccines have helped people build immunity," thereby reducing the SEVERITY AND spread of viruses. We've been over this, many times.

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It should give immunity in at least 90% of cases to be called a vaccine? That's how it was pre-covid. I will grant you that demanding 100% is a fallacious argument.

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No, the vaccines I listed actually work -- unless Bish is right. The covid vaccine has always been for the wrong strain than what was going around, and it's those mutations that reduced the severity of covid, that had nothing to do with the vaccine. It is questionable whether the vaccine itself actually helps reduce the already greatly reduced severity, but even if so, it was foolish to mandate covid vaccinations and doubly foolish to ever suggest children get it. The only people who should get a covid vaccine are at risk populations.

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No... none of this

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being against vaccines that actually work

No idea what you're talking about. I'm telling you that zom was sharing a fake antivax narrative - no need to take it personally.

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No, he was right. You were just defending your ideology against reason and logic.

it's trained and qualified medical professionals.

You're saying that because trained and qualified medical professionals can make expert judgements about their field of expertise, then you should be allowed to read a headline containing the word "two" and be allowed to fill in any number that you wish. Do I have that right?

I spent all morning writing a letter that I plan to send out to doctors in my area because I am having trouble finding anyone competent. To be fair, I do have something fairly unusual, often faked, and untestable, but it's 26 years of this and dozens of doctors, and it really can't be ignored any longer.

There are some really competent specialists, don't get me wrong, but most doctors did not graduate top of their class, and they all practice medicine too.

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Why don't you keep that topic in its own thread. I pretty much have zero idea what you mean.

But it could be related to the issue you told me about before in the duckduckgo where your mom comes down to your basement some nights after her and your stepdad drink. I think mental trauma can manifest in weird bodily pains, so perhaps you ought to consider a shrink if the doctors aren't working

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Hahaha, got the libtard mad. Blew his mind out with facts.

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You wrote quite a sad post about your troubles with doctors. It was more sad than maddening or factual. If you want some honest feedback: no, I don't think you should send a letter to all the doctors in your area, because that would be fucking deranged

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It's difficult to find a doctor for anything besides simple obvious stuff. Most people never have to deal with it, and even if their doctors goof, the patient doesn't realize. I'm like the OG fact checker on everything doctors say. It's disturbing how often they are full of shit. It's not unlike mechanics, many people cannot judge their work, so you have to believe whatever the mechanic says, or hope you can get a better mechanic.

So when you say, we must listen to the Medical Professionals, I think why would anyone put too much faith in that pack of jokers.

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Zom was obviously wrong. It's not an ideology. Antivax disinformation is obviously not supported by facts, reason or logic.

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You're just misinformed. You just wrote you thought the covid vaccine was why the severity of symptoms was reduced. 😂

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Simply look it up, ffs, before making false claim after false claim. (Yes, when vaccines help your body respond to a virus, thereby building antibodies, the virus symptoms are less severe if you get the virus. Almost anyone can understand this.)

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the (vaxed person's) virus symptoms are less severe if you get the virus

maybe fair, but you have to put this on the old pro/con checklist with the risk of dying without the vax, and the risk of the vax's potential side effects.

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Dear Diary, today Socks was a nigger.

Multiple lines of evidence from various parts of the world suggest that the Omicron variant causes a less severe form of COVID-19. In South Africa, where Omicron was first detected in November 2021, a private health insurance administrator reported in mid-December that adults with Omicron were 29 percent less likely to be hospitalized, compared with adults infected several months earlier. In the U.K., the rate of hospital admission among people who went to the emergency room with Omicron was a third of what it was for Delta, according to a summary of research from the U.K. Health Security Agency released on December 31, 2021.

Each new strain has been less deadly than the one before it.

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His job is to be here.

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It's sox, don't take him so seriously. He's paid to do this shit.

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Yes, I remember this very clearly. It was pretty much EVERY DC they could stick it to.

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This is another crafted piece of fake news engineering.

First of all the story is dated April 2020. Think back to April 2020. Do you think you had full understanding of the virus barely a month after you first heard of it? Do you criticise officials for not knowing everything about the virus in April 2020?

Let's go through the claims in this article.

First is that the two doofuses in the photo have been told by, uh, some people, that they're pressured to add covid to death certs.

They say, ‘You know, it’s interesting. When I’m writing up my death report I’m being pressured to add Covid,’” Erickson said

Who is 'they'? Does that sound like compelling evidence to throw at me - after you should have had two full years gathering more evidence if this was real?

Here's the second charge cited by your dipstick article.

The state of Illinois, during early 2020, was carefully reviewing deaths to see if covid was killing heart attack and stroke victims.

Read that sentence again, because it's a sentence that state officials cannot say without conspiracy propagandists turning into: they're writing covid on heart attacks.

Read her comments because they were totally spun by your stupid article.

What's their third piece of proof. Look at this. Their third item of proof.

As Minnesota lawmaker and longtime family practitioner Dr. Scott Jensen recently observed, hospitals are incentivized to pressure physicians to include COVID-19 on death certificates

A fucking family practicioner said "huh why not".

Which family practicioner? Why only state lunatic republican Jensen who thinks climate change is a plot against trucks. Only homophobic disgraced politician Jensen. Funny they didn't mention that in his bio. Yeah, this guy thinks, "huh why not" and you cite it to me as the third piece of evidence.

Come off it, shill. This is the quality of the information making up your worldview. This is the world of shitty narratives and con artists you chose to live in. And any moron who upvotes you

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I don't know, the CARES act seems pretty real to me, making this whole scenario pretty plausible

That's funny about Jensen, nice.

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It's a strawman to point at a real piece of legislation and say it proves your conspiracy. Actually it's a stone man? An ironman? Because the legislation is real and your conspiracy isn't.

But again you're looking to change the topic which means I think you're conceding that you were wrong about the death certificates. If you want to talk about other things like the quality of different pieces of law, then maybe you should just indicate so by saying "I was wrong to believe an article citing those two dipshits, some misrepresented comments from Illinois state, and a weirdo qanon state senator"

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I'm not sure how widespread misreporting causes of death was during COVID. I admit it. These few doctors seemed concerned enough to nuke their careers over it.

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You called it evidence a minute ago, now you're not sure. Yet you seemed so certain. I wonder how much of your narrative bubble has equally shoddy foundations

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Evidence != proof

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Oh, I see. You didn't think it was proven, you just wanted to pitch in with an article from April 2020 with some misrepresented comments from an illinois official and that minnesota genius guesswork. You didn't think it was proven, you just thought we needed to consider a 2020 fake news blog about two seinfeld character clinic owners who heard a guy at a bar telling a story about a guy he heard about on the bus who knew a doctor who was pressured to falsify a death certificate.

Got it

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Yes! Prove anyone mentioned isn't a real doctor and I'll apologize and delete all of my comments.

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the only fag on here making weird claims is you

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You are the epitome of DIPSHIT.

Ahem, IMHO.

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Thanks for the info. My theory is that, periodically, he doesn't want to spend too much time on Saidit, though he's been here for up to 3 years as several different usernames. He'll be back.

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You should go with him. Wherever.

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Get Don Lemon to tell him to leave and he will. Otherwise, the fat fuck will just continue to obfuscate.

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I'd be sad, but I have a feeling you'll be back. Have a good holiday, Zombee.

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That's really unfortunate but I respect your decision mate. Take care, fellow humanist. You'll always be welcome to come back.

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We still have David

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Damn straight!

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My nigga

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Who are you?

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Come on bro, for real? :(

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Enjoy Voat. ^

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welcome back!