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Sux derails more often than trains transporting fertiliser these days.

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I think he responds to trainwrecks, restoring a rational train of thought back to its natural trajectory, or tracks.

It's sadly common on Saidit for many to attack the occasional person who disagrees with the hivemind, with a range of dumb accusations.

It also takes two or more to tango, so to speak: it's possible to drag down the pyramid of debate ONLY when others respond to the accused 'forum slider'. Only if there are more than one or two responses can there be an apparent trajectory of dragging down the discussion.

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restoring a rational train of thought back to its natural trajectory

keep dreaming shills

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He literally responded to a post about Epstein with 100 unrelated posts about Trump.

Derailment, and specifically to distract people from child abuse.

It's whataboutery every time. Nothing of value added.

And if a lot of people call it out they aren't also as much to blame. This is just narcissistic manipulation.

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I'll look for it. I have not seen the whataboutery.

I also see Epstein and Trump relatively close friends, or colleagues, within a similar circle of abusive colleagues.

EDIT: I've now looked through his comments and I see no whataboutism. What I do see are good arguments and evidence, in general.

Now as I read the comments here for /u/HongKongPhooey 's complaint, my one comment on this is: encouraging others to join you in bitching about users who have different opinions is bad for Saidit. It's brigading.

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What is an establishment narrative toeing redditor even doing here on an alt-reddit...

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Why do AHS flying monkeys spend hours of their lives attacking victims talking about what happened to them, privately in a safe space?

Because they have that crazed religious zeal which allows them to make excuses for all their bad behaviour.

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Since Reddit has been pretty successful in purging wrong-think, folks like him have to go a-traveling to find people to vent their ideology on. Echo chambers are fun, I suppose, but they don't give you that rush of confronting the heathens directly.

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A goofy way of thinking about social media. We don't know his motives, and there are plenty of idiots still on Reddit. See these dumbass subreddits:







American Pirate Party

New Right



Anarcho Capitalism

Tea Party


Pirate Party


Piratenpartei Deutschland

Libertarian Socialism

People's Party






Radical Feminism

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I rarely wish there was a downvote button, but today I do. Not everyone who doesn't buy into your propaganda is a conservative, and even for the ones who are, they probably don't want to be exiled to only the 23 political subs that are safe.

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We're not discussing exile, dingus. Any other new account will do, unless you prefer to whine like an infant.

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Are you having a stroke, that doesn't make sense.

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re-read the thread

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You replied to this,

Since Reddit has been pretty successful in purging wrong-think, folks like him have to go a-traveling to find people to vent their ideology on. Echo chambers are fun, I suppose, but they don't give you that rush of confronting the heathens directly.

And it's what my reply regards. Perhaps you didn't look at the context before replying?

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Yes, I replied to that.

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Then I don't see how you're making any sense now. Check the mirror to see if one side of your face is drooping.

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I'm not seeing this so-called 'narrative toeing'. Perhaps when you see it next you can add my username to your arguments.

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1) He's thinking about your post and considering previous reports of the same kinds of concerns. I wouldn't take is personally. In fact, it's good to have this additional information.

2) If there are links you disagree with, note which ones. If you think any of them derail the discussion, note which ones, or ignore them. Comments like his help develop discussion and draw users to your posts.

3) My take on this: I should also look at other reports on the $80trillion (because I don't trust the fear mongering clickbait of (Part of what site_rly_sux responds to.) Somewhat of a calmer take is here:

They mention the 3 main issues:

There is currently up to $80 trillion in off-the-books debt held by non-US institutions in the foreign exchange market.

The debt exceeds the stocks of Treasury bills, repossession papers, and commercial papers combined.

The large debt being unrecorded could be bad for policymakers trying to calm the market and prevent a recession.

4) Though we could discuss FX swaps instead of the links provided by site_rly_sux, I think he's addressed some of the other ways in which risky investments have been reported, and we should see this FX swap in that kind of context because policy makers have not yet created the problems noted in those articles.

5) My other view on this is that this is another reason we need better national regulations on Wall Street. The FX swaps are not entirely undocumented. Much better documentation must be required. The pensioners who depend on that money should never lose their money to criminally bad mangement. The Obama Admin added a number of regulations that a stockbroker friend of mine is still whining about. But these are pensions that are partial FX swaps, which should be illegal if undocumented.

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Did you read the entire conversation? I very patiently explained this to him here.

It's posted in conspiracy rather than news, so it's plausible, but its speculative, however the speculation is coming from the BIS which is a pretty mainstream establishment.

My point about the climate stuff was that there were predictions the ice caps would be melted by now, which have not happened. I am sure you have seen the many climate denial arguments on saidit that are along these lines with respect to various predictions and models. I haven't seen you make those arguments with respect to the climate, and you toe the line of the liberal agenda so closely I can't imagine you take those arguments seriously. It surprises me that you think this disqualifies what is being said in the article, especially with it being analogous to climate denial logic. Just because a total collapse from these financial schemes hasnt happened yet does not mean this problem is not something to worry about, just like climate change is still concerning, even if every alarmist prediction hasn't come true as predicted when they said it would or the climate hasn't totally collapsed yet. Surely you are not so dense that you cannot see what I am getting at here wrt to your arguments, and why this is not good grounds to dismiss potentially serious problems. Buying stocks on margin was such a serious problem, and the crash that resulted from this did not happen right away, neither was the 2008 crash a problem that happened overnight. It would have been wrong to say alarmism wasn't warranted because no consequences or crash had happened yet, because eventually it did happen

My point was that this is potentially a catastrophic level problem, and analyzing further whether or not this a disaster in the making is maybe warranted out of abundance of caution - but I posted it in conspiracy rather than news for a reason, yet you accuse me of peddling lies

IF these guys are right, this would be an unmitigated disaster, and there is data that gives us reason to be concerned that this concern is not completely unwarranted. It seems like something that is worth looking into, especially if people have been expressing concern about this in the past ala climate change, regardless of whether the timelines for the predictions were perfect accurate. But if you would rather bury your head in the sand and hope for the best, be my guest

Then he responds with:

No, that's a lie. You just purposefully or accidentally told a lie.

This is fake outrage news generated by the engineers at express.

(I kindly directed to him to the same story by Reuters and WSJ but he wasn't interested.)

You don't care about derivatives or FX swaps I'm guessing (sorry but I don't think I'm wrong)

You just spread it here because you're a panic monger.

This is literally Chipit level discourse he responds with after I wrote a long and reasonable explanation which he completely ignored, as its obvious I am not panic mongering, and he keep applying climate denial logic even after I point out this fallacy to him, and then adds in a few ad hominems for good measure

Can you honestly say this isn't trash tier debating? Literally every interaction he has with people he doesnt agree with is like this, its par for the course for him.

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Correct - I didn't read the entire thread. Yes, he stuck to his main complaint did not think about appropriate responses to the replies to him. Nothing is lower than Chipit or BISH or MightyMorphinfaggot level discourses. Site_rly should have admitted that he had made his main arguments and did not wish to continue the discussion, rather than merely tell you that you were lying &c. This is a good example of him being sloppy. As they say in tennis, you've broken him. 😁

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Yes, by no means is he the only person to ever drag down discussions, I just don't get why he wanted to fight over that article so badly, it wasn;t the first time, and it really annoyed me. I'll admit that I may have intentionally goaded others who dislike him for different reasons into piling onto him.

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I'm not seeing this so-called 'narrative toeing'. Perhaps when you see it next you can add my username to your arguments.

Narrative-toeing is not something that you can show in a single example, its a pattern, and something separate from his bad faith arguing.

What I mean by a narrative-toer is anyone who buys into any ideology wholesale and never has a diverging opinion. A person like this may as well be a robot if their stances are predictable with 100% accuracy, and are not capable of giving due consideration to other opinions. Site's opinions seem to be 100% in line with the DNC/Liberal Media consensus, 100% of the time, and is not engaging in open-minded dialog. Although again, this is a separate issue from his tactics of consistently bad faith arguing. I am simply wondering why one would be on an alt-reddit when one's opinions toe the line of the mainstream so closely.

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I am simply wondering why one would be on an alt-reddit when one's opinions toe the line of the mainstream so closely.

You may have answered your own rhetorical question: because the majority is the so-called mainstream, and they do visit Saidit on occasion, God forbid.

Thus I don't think he argues in bad faith. You know something about where he gets his opinions. Saiditors are the odd ones with the minity opinions.

That leaves an important point that you've made: is he open minded? I don't know, but I'd argue that there are many Saiditors who are not.

The reason I want to support him and why he's not a threat to anyone here is that he has a different opinion to that of the hivemind here and can thus keep discussions or arguments going, even if he annoys users. We can handle it, I would hope.

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The reason I want to support him and why he's not a threat to anyone here is that he has a different opinion to that of the hivemind here

I can deal with people having any opinions. It's the way he conducts his arguments that bothers me

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I've been going back and forth about adding them to my block list. On the one hand, they never add anything productive to a discussion, but on the other I'll be missing out on part of the conversation via replies.

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He does. He was being a dumbass in another thread I posted. Acts like he's a master of the fallacies everyone is committing but he can't even bring basic honesty to a discussion.

Also pretends he has no agenda just so he has rhetorical leverage and doesn't have to defend his assertions. When really, he does have an agenda. People like him have obsessive personalities, so I'm sure he'll see this thread soon.

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Anyone who jumps in here linking to anything to prove a point is a tit.

It's for reference, but if you can't defend an idea with your own words you're a fucking faggot.

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You know what I mean.

This is proof

No, that's someone else formulating an opinion or collecting data so you don't need to use your own brain.

If someone argues with you and instead of using your own thoughts or experiences, you link to MORE, then you're a shill and good day, because you can't think for yourself.

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I think the best thing to do is continue to engage with him, not block him.

From my last go around with Sux, anyone who reads the whole post chain can clearly see the flaws and agenda from his replies. His complete disregard for provable facts as well as an attitude of arrogance.

I'm not surprised to see a tread like this about him. Let him continue to rant as he does and just remember when you do engage with him everyone sees him for what he is.