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Yes, this should really be improved. People don't realize their posts are being pulled, and it really should notify you. Iirc s/news and s/politics are karma gated at 100, but most of them arent

Unfortunately I don't think this is likely to happen. The source code is archived, site owner Magnora7 seems uninterested in investing any more time in Saidit, and he has alienated the users who were able and inclined to help

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AutoModerator can already send notifications. If you're not getting them it means the sub's mods chose not to use them.

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AutoModerator can already send notifications. If you're not getting them it means the sub's mods chose not to use them.

Ahh interesting, didn't realize that, never actually gotten a notification on my alt accounts. It still seems like a strange thing to allow a sub on s/all to pull peoples posts without telling them its being pulled and why

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I just figured it wouldn't hurt to mention it. It's nice to see someone else has noticed this too.

does anyone know when and why the source code was archived? was it automatic due to lack of commits or was it done on purpose?

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Usually a repository is archived when the owner no longer plans to maintain the code, I doubt it was for inactivity as there is some activity right before it was archived just a couple months ago

I see the last merge/pull request appears to be from a handle I recognize as belonging to admin Vulptex, so he's your best bet if you want more info

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Ah ok. Thanks.

/u/Vulptex? If you want to answer and have information, do you know why the saidit source was archived?

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The owner of the repository quit helping saidit. The owner of saidit itself won't use git at all for some reason. In fact the last few commits have not been applied yet because he insists on copying & pasting everything manually. He seems paranoid about breaking changes, but I doubt any new code would lead to anything super serious that can't be reverted (but that's why you have backups on the VERY off chance it does), and copying and pasting leads to inconsistencies and is actually more error-prone.

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Oh. Thanks for the reply. Interesting. So it's at least a little more active than it looks.

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Not at the moment. The owner of saidit hasn't been on at all in months. I don't know why, he said he's been traveling a lot so maybe he got a new job or something. But he does still use reddit occasionally.

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Oh. Well nevermind more active. I guess I was being hopeful.

We could always fork to a new repos if we wanted to develop it more actively right and work with a repos that isn't archived? Since whoever it belonged to has archived it?

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Yes, but I don't know when we'll be able to actually get the site updated.

Also, my last batch of commits is faulty, and I warned them not to use it. I added more advanced IP tracking, but the only method I could figure out was logging the user's IP on EVERY request. That's going to fill up the database real quick and slow everything down. What I need is a way to only update the IP's last-accessed time instead of adding a whole new entry every time. But with the way it's set up I know of no way to read the logs, only write to them. Another thing that would be good is to drop the IPs after a certain amount of time, but I don't know of a way to do that either.

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Yes, but I don't know when we'll be able to actually get the site updated.

Hm, ok.

You all do a lot of IP tracking huh? Gee. It would be nice to find a way to make things more workable with less of that, just for everyone's safety. I guess you do that for DDOS protection? It does sound hard to be able to read or edit the logs without being able to read or edit the logs.

It sounds like things are under development then? People might like to know how the development is going. Maybe people would even want to help.

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AutoModerator is capable of making both replies and PMs when removing something. If a sub isn't making use of that it's something you'll have to take up with the mods.